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    Goa sets

    Finally got my lazy ass around to look through my collection. And yes danny rampling1- 00:00 and forward is Floor Essence. Track 2 here : Discogs Peace and love to you and you new family.
  2. Indeed a very good track. Totally forgot about this one, It is indeed a VERY GOOD track! Peace
  3. Sorry to sound like a cliche, but: Land of freedom Peace
  4. No problem I just didnt get what you were writing. Peace
  5. I understand you completely, as I said for ME it was more of a moral choice. Truth to tell I dont give a flying f*** what others do. I simply stated my standpoint and why I dont do it. Yes people can choose. But: and How do you consider this stealing? Compared to the above? ? Peace
  6. Hehehe yes I know but I dont live there. No, my version is that stealing is stealing no matter what. Sorry I honestly dont understand what you mean. Peace
  7. Excuse me but is without a doubt the lamest excuse I have heard yet. My version: Its like you know in your town shop X is a long way to go, you dont want to walk so you pick up you trusty screwdriver and steal a car. I mean it has to be good for something right? The car manufacturer get to sell another car. Bottom line, it is not legally yours, and still you take it for yourself, I think that comes pretty close to the definition of "stealing". Peace
  8. I dont download. Never. For me it is more of a moral choice. No matter what excuse you use it is still stealing, and I dont steal, period. One question for Journey Man, DETOX and others that dont download: Have you paid for all the software that sitting on your pc now? Just curious. Peace
  9. Ktrance

    Goa sets

    Spaced out2 around 33 minutes and forward is: Juno reactor - hign energy protons I know the track in spaced out1 18 min and forward, cant remember the name maybe Total eclipse but not sure, it was a big hit at its time. Know I got it somewhere will post when I remember. Peace 2 more(guesses). Alien trance2 20 min forward. KoxBox - Fuel on(i think maybe insect, KoxBox for sure) Deep trance1 32:30 Z to A - next stop oblivion, I think but cant hear if there are vocals in it. Defo smell like synchro though.
  10. Ktrance

    Goa sets

    It is not Vavoom, the track is from Moment of thruth. I think the name is Floor Essence, but cant be sure I remember the name correctly. Peace
  11. A very good act for sure. Wellenbad und raumgleiter are my favourites. Try listening to Lava before and just let the tracks slide into one another. Peace
  12. I'll cast my vote on 91-94, then one a year. However I must say that I liked the old system better, easier to find what you need and all that. Dont care much for the search as it is today. But I do understand the time/effort needed to implement such a system again, and I think that you boys and girls are doing a fine job. Better that the reviews are back in the current form than not at all. Peace
  13. Seconded! But that'll be a bit hard to find I think. Have you checked out any of seb taylors(kaya project) sideprojects? If you havent, then try to find some samples of a project called Angel Tears. Maybe also check out Aes Dana which is half of H.U.V.A Network. Samples can be found at saikosounds. Else there is a new Biosphere album out I think, havent heard so cant recommend it, however it is normally top notch stuff imho. Peace
  14. About a month ago I saw a program on discovery channel, it was about the international spacestation I think. Suddenly they played Atmos, very nice, the track was Atmos and friends - three orange lights if I remember correctly. Peace
  15. Just listened to the tracks, and I must say Im a bit dissapointed. Very generic full on sound, however I'll hold my final comment until I had a chance to preview the whole album. Peace
  16. Ktrance


    Unconscious Collective - fluorostani trancendance Is one of my favorite thacks from that era, kudos for making it. Peace
  17. True, but buying/selling mp3/flac and doesnt solve it. The thing is that if you just sell mp3 or flac it'll be shared just as fast. Some just dont want to support the artist/labels because they can get it for free, they doesnt give a flying fuck if it was ripped or what. Almost everything I own is the originals, I dont copy or share, UNLESS its a extremely hard-to-get one. In this case, yes I have copied music that impossible to get to people who really want it and I have in my collection(ex: technosommy, jaia). But anyways we have had this discusion many times before. Peace
  18. Takker! Thanks man. Edit: Do you have a link for his site. Peace
  19. James Monro album??? Got any more info on this one? New Human Blue, excellent!! Any release date? Peace
  20. Seconded! True, but if they are using the old name we can only hope. Welcome back Transient! Peace
  21. @Charlie: You can listen to samples at Saikosounds I wouldnt go as far as to call him a geniuos, I do like some of his stuff when Im in the "superhectic" mood. One thing I cant stand is the production on the tracks, way to muddy IMHO. About psyring test, hmm I must say I like his first album best, but each to his own. Peace
  22. @kaa: Thanks for the info, very good news indeed. Really looking forward to a new blue planet album. Nice that he's back and have somewhat retained his old style. Great news indeed. Peace
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