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  1. If its an old track it could be quietman - the sleeper. There is also a version remixed by MMWN. Peace
  2. ROFL! Thanks Trolsk you just made my day!
  3. My view exactly. My perfect party would be with only dj's(good ones), and then give them about 4 hours to make the musical journey. I think that in the older days it was more common that the dj's got time to create a nice journey for the audience. In more recent years it has gotten to be more focused on getting the live acts, take for example the fullmoon festival lineup this year. One thing though, it isnt enough to get dj's, they have to understand how you make a set. Most dj's these days are simply banging the same 'in' tracks, with no thought to how the sets should progress, it happends often that I hear the same track being played 2-4 times during the same party but by different dj's. To name a few that I(yes me, not you so no flaming) consider being able to deliver sets that are a journey in music are for example James Moroe, Jean Borelli just to name a few. -Peace
  4. Well Im with Trolsk on this one, but if I have to choose one of them I'll definetly go for the database. Easy to search both by year and other, and as Trolsk states, when I want to buy a record I want just the review and not all this other nonsense as the mp3 war going on. However I state again that I would like both options. -peace
  5. Am I the only one that think that there is too many liveacts? I definatly prefer some dj's playing longer set, I mean electric universe could for sure make an hour interesting but he got what? 6-7 albums out to choose tracks from. How many album do most of these groups have made? 1-2(correct me if Im wrong) that means that basically every track have to be very varied and good to fill just an hour or two. -peace
  6. What exactly is "goa house" style?? Sounds kinda scary. Peace
  7. No problem And that is a wicked track for sure. Peace
  8. Cosma from his last release, I think the song is called Keep going. I cant check if the song name is correct because I dont have my cd's here Anyway it is one of the last on the cd. Peace
  9. Ktrance

    Guitar track...

    Sorry man dont know the track.. Just out of curiosity, who made the track with the Rob Flynn sample "Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!", its around 57:57 in the mix. Peace
  10. Acid air raid, damn I havnt heard that tune in years. One of the best tracks ever IMHO! Just ordered it
  11. Oh and mindtwisted, you can get planet ben - trippy future garden at www.loudmusic.dk or directly http://loudmusic.dk/records_search.asp?fun...ield=planet+ben Enjoy
  12. I have had a great deal of luck simply using amazon.co.uk. Just this week I recieved 2 cd's I thought that I was never going to get again(had them stolen 8-10 years ago), pretty cheap too. But I have never seen them having Dimension 5, they have had some comosis dont know if they still have them though. Anyways if you find some of what you need and there are more than one seller, check if there is one called 'caiman_usa' and use that one if its there. Never had any problems with them, usually good prices, speedy delivery(within a week usually) and you can track your package on their website. Even if you cant find what you are looking for, check back once in while since people are constantly selling new stuff. Good luck Peace
  13. Im just listening to the samples right now, and jesus thats sweet!! First the misted muppet and now this, life is good! Peace
  14. In thruth a great album, some however would call it cheesy. Its just one of those albums you either love or hate. I had my copy stolen 7 years ago and just reaquired it this year, my first reaction when putting it on after all that time was that it still sounded, I dont know, fresh in a way. Very clear sound for an album that old. Favorites: Turn Around, Hypermetrical. Oh and one other thing, the artwork of the cover is great. -Peace
  15. Here you go... http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...1186410-5923026 Enjoy!
  16. Hi there Is it possible to have a list of the tracks in the set? For some obscure reason it bugs me to listen to set/mixes at home without being able to identify all the tracks. Peace
  17. Ktrance

    V/A - Red

    I have to agree with Lemmiwinks about this release simply not living up to the standards of the colors series. This is without a doubt the worst of them. It is kinda sad, because for al lot of years the colors series has stood out as compilations that were really worth buying. As Lemmiwinks says: for shame. There are only 3 tracks on it worth hearing, 1 great, 2 ok ones. The great one is ofcourse Stimuli, a very well made remix of a classic track. It really captures the oldschool spirit. One of the other ok ones are Logic Bomb - Datalinks. I allways liked logic bomb, and this track is ok, but nothing to write home about. The last one is the Nissimyani Vs. The Melovskys track, I know a lot of people will be screaming 'Typical Israeli Fullon!', I cant explain why I like this track, it simply put a smile on my face. Bottom line, if you have the cash to spend the price of a cd to get one good track then get it. If not then hope that the Stimuli remix comes out on another compilation where the rest of the tracks are higher than average or even mediocre. Peace
  18. EP: if you do, please post a link on the forum, so we can check it out, it nevr hurt to broaden the horizon a little bit
  19. no prob:) I have to admit the Ticon track is amazing, VERY nice Indeed! If you make another please post it again. Peace
  20. Whoops my bad. It is Miranda - Electrobot.
  21. Just to name a few. Miranda - technobot. System 7 - mektoub. I never understood why very few people knows these tracks. And yes Shiva Sidpao - Shiva Devotional, is a VERY nice track.
  22. Definetly not your average run of the mill psy-mix. Being an hardcore old school fan my first opinion after a quick fast forward scan of it was "jesus thats crappy!". Now after having it running in the background a few times, my opinion is that it is actually very nice, different, but nice indeed. Not something that I would hear daily, but I guess it doesnt hurt to listen to something new once in a while:) One thing though that kinda gets on my nerves are all the vocal samples, some of those are simply just annoying, and moves your focus too far from the music/sounds. Definetly worth a listen to, works excellent as background music while reading/chilling. Anyway thats just my to cents. Peace
  23. Yes, thanks to both Mars and Lemmivinks for making the forum survive. I know it has'nt been easy with the gay threads and all that shit. I thank you both for spending the time to make sure that one of the best forums on net is still here. As nefarious said 'thank fuk we are rid of those astoundingly boring posts by certain wankers also. Lets get back to discussing tunes, which is what its all about ' -Ktrance Btw: nice features the new forum got
  24. A very inportant piece in my collection, anyone that were walking on the dance back in 96-97 will remember Pyramid. In my opinion VTOL is one of the best tracks ever made, its long but never boring, and takes some interresting twists along the way. The cd [8/10], VTOL[10/10].. Love and Light
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