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  1. I thougth we were talking about dj's, not livesets? Well as the above its all about personal preferences, but for me I'll take a dj set over a live one any day. Dj's got more material to work with since they are not confined to play only their own music. That for me makes it a lot more interesting. Then again there are not that many artist that I find it interesting to hear playing their own music for an hour or two. However I find that there are ofcourse exceptions like KoxBox, Total Eclipse, HAllucinogen, Juno reactor etc. Peace
  2. Radi have you ever seen Carl Cox play? Or Simon Posford? I have seen both and they are both good, but Posford couldnt hold a candle to Carl Cox when we are speaking about dj skills. Peace
  3. B.E.T.H - Incredible news to access Coming up: chi-ad - purity
  4. Ticon - we are the mammoth hunters. Pretty primal I would say. Peace
  5. Regarding the Rage against the machine remix, if it really is a remix, I really cant find the connection music wise. Im sitting here with a very serious feeling of: WTF? Jesus. Oh lord please strike down these heathens.
  6. http://www.psydb.net/ Check under samples -> movies Peace
  7. Shakta - leptonhead(deedrah remix) Best ever. Peace
  8. Inspired by DP. I ordered his today: Will arrive this week, wooooooooooohooooooooo!!!!!! *dancing around in joy* Oh and music: Dream creation - sound of freedom Amalgamated - amalgamation Peace
  9. Ktrance

    I HATE

    Just one question: do you know the word WHINING? Try to post just one positive post.. It'll change you life. Peace
  10. Taken from the chaos website. Bye Chaos and thanks for good service. Peace
  11. Galaxy - Angel. But since thats not on the list I'll go with One love followed closely by Stardiver. nick_InZoMNiAC: nice to see another one that appriciate Galaxy, I havent actually met many people who are familiar with it. Peace all Edit: It is on the list! hehe need new glasses.
  12. I was wondering the same thing myself...
  13. Samples? Name of album? Peace!
  14. Deep dive corp - Gran Curazon Actually the whole beware of fake gurus in my playlist. Peace
  15. Ktrance

    I am angry

    When was there ever slower music on the mainstage in this scene? If the scene is narrowminded when it comes to tempo it has been since day one, atleast thats what I recon. Peace
  16. Yeah I was thinking the same thing.. Dont know if I would call MFG - Project Genesis dark, Raw power certainly but dark, hmmm Well its all subjective My vote goes to the Delta for sure. Toi doi as a second choice. Peace
  17. Just picked these up secondhand. Darshan - Spectra Discogs Kinetico - Atmosphere Discogs VA - Life is dimensions Discogs VA - Explorations Discogs Violet Vision - Unfold Discogs Violet Vision - First sign of communication Discogs Green Oms - Coming through in waves Discogs Havent heard them all yet. I must say though that Im pretty impressed by the artwork on the VV ones, especially Unfold. Peace
  18. Ktrance

    Goa sets

    Simple thats: The Infinity Project - Uforcia Peace Ups didnt see this:
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