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  1. Modulation Moon in your window Screaming Butterfly thats about it ...
  2. astral used to have stronger bass what the fuck is the idea behind psytrance without bass ? i remember i burned a 60 ampere fuse on my subwoofer in the car once playing Astral ... that was like 8 years ago ... am afraid it aint gonna happen again
  3. i don't use internet radio i tried it a few times but never got into it
  4. best dance music ? maybe. but "dance music" and "music" are two very different things. you can have music that is primarily music but also dance music ... or you can have straight up dance music ... like psytrance. just like you can have music with lyrics or you can have rap ... different things ask yourself this - if you were born without legs, would you still like psytrance ? i think a lot of negativity arises from the fact that psytrance wasnt always necessarily that ... you did not NEED legs to listen to astral for example, although legs could also come in handy (no pun intended)
  5. Seabound - Watching Over You (and before that) Seabound - October Song
  6. im running windows XP 64 bit on a new computer and i want to practice making some mixes in software. what software should i use to make like an hour long mix of about 15 mp3s ? ( that software should handle WAVs too though ) ???
  7. radio shack connectors ! the sh1t fell apart causing my car sound system to stop working. avoid radio shack at all cost ...
  8. other. i would donate money but i would not buy the cd. i see no point in supporting fedex with my money, i think they have enough. buying information on a physical medium in the 21st century is a lot like trying to buy a horse in a BMW dealership. you have to consider of course that about 95% of all people are complete morons.
  9. also i would never buy music downloads from any place other than directly from the label or artist maybe using your money to support criminals such as allofmp3.com makes you feel better
  10. BULLSHIT the cost of storing and uploading tracks is negligible ... less than one dollar per GIGABYTE for sure
  11. you cant stop progress if you try to fight technology you can only hurt yourself internet is not going anywhere if almost everybody i know uses a stolen copy of microsoft windows ( a product backed by multi-billion-dollar corporation ) then you can bet your ass that any underground artist will never be able to prevent his music from getting stolen
  12. i said it many years ago - all music should be free and distributed over the internet ( probably via P2P such as torrents ) and the artists should be supported by donations ( such as pay-pal ) on their official website also every artist should have a store on their official website so you would have a choice of making a donation or buying something ( like a T-Shirt ) to support the artist give it another 10 - 20 years and everybody will come to the same conclusion ... i am always ahead of the times
  13. i have the other technics model ... the same one skazi wears ... of course if i knew that before i would not buy them ... but they are actually much better sounding than the 3 different models of sennheiser i tried (although i did not try any of the 600 series) ... also technics has much better build quality than sennhesier - but sennheisers are more light weight and win on the ergonomics i gave up on headphones though, i dont use them any more ... i keep them just in case.
  14. ah shit! wrong forum, i was gona post this in off-topic mods please delete this thred ...
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