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  1. Really good work Mars! Nice to see the forum up and running again. About the rules... Well said grahf.
  2. Shakta - lepton head(deedrah remix).. Peace
  3. For me a tie between Atmos and Human Blue.. Since Human Blue is the speakers, he gets my vote.. Peace
  4. A mix section would be really nice, but I think that it should be a sub section of the general forum not the music making. More people would see it then since most stop by the general, but it is my impression(could be wrong) that not so many swing by the music making. Just my 2 cents. Peace BTW:welcome back Nemo.
  5. Yes, Im also missing howling at the moon, that track is one of the best he ever made(IMHO) peace
  6. Unconcious collective - fluorostani transcendance Wicked old track
  7. Peace man, its been a pleasure having you here. Held og lykke fremover, og tillykke med dit barn! Peace -Ktrance
  8. Thank you for your valuable input! It certainly changed my life! Thank you again! Peace
  9. Hehehe, no, but Im still hoping for the best Peace
  10. True enough, but Tsuyoshi can mix for sure. I always liked his sets, very smooth and journey like. Im hoping some heard the whole thing and maybe can give a short review.(if its him...) Peace Ohh and the title, well... Psytrance God Is Back.. a bit pomperous
  11. Just saw this: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/176213-01.htm Didnt find it in the reviews or on discogs. Is this Tsuyoshi Suzuki? If it is, have anybody heard the whole thing? If so, how is it? I thought that he was finished with psy/goa, would be great if he was back! Peace
  12. Prosect: incredible well put.. She is definetly sick, however her sisters ambient and chillout are still doing well, so not all is bad.. Peace
  13. 1300 pounds? Like ct haddock says you'll live like king. But the thing about "not to many tourists" makes me think that you should go somewhere else, goa = tourists. God tur!
  14. True enough, just picked it up today, not bad... X-dream version rules NP: FSOL - eggshell
  15. E-rection > Out here were stoned(paradise connection remix)
  16. sorry dude, walking barefootet, maybe thats the problem
  17. It is indeed a masterpiece, however I always liked Dead Cities better, the title just fit the music so precisely. ISDN never really rocked my socks. Peace
  18. The weather was no problem at all. Yeah constant sun would have been better but it was no real problem. Jaia kicked ass, even though his set was progressive, a friend of mine even got him to play mai mai as the last track, sweet! However I must say some of the stuff played on main stage sunday nigth, was UTTER crap! Popstream was playing something very close to being eurotrance *shudder*. All in all a good voov this year, nice people, and a nice vibe. Peace
  19. Sorry but I dont get it, winnings? are you sure you got the right word in english? Peace
  20. looking forward to it! Always loved his clean sound.
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