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  1. WOW! jeeseez man! we need to hook up some time over a few beers!
  2. Whoops, didnt see that Ollie Olsen was allready mentioned. Sorry.. Peace
  3. I agree with most of the artist mentioned here. However as some have mentioned I dont really consider Logic bomb to be pioneers or masters. One other band that I believe deserves mentioning are Shaolin Wooden Men, their style is so unique that I believe that they put their footprint in history as well.
  4. Have to go with Harmonic convergence, there just so much energy in that track Peace
  5. I have bought/traded cd from Pedrop something like 30-50 times, never had a hitch. Always arrive on time and in the condition promised.
  6. Ktrance


    This I can agree on.. Lets keep a balanced view.. On the topic of actually writing the reviews Im afraid Im not really the ideally suited person since I mostly buy older stuff To the argument wheter we should have long/detailed reviews or short ones. Well is it possible to include a 'vote/poll' function in each review? That way the people wanting to read to long ones could do that, and the rest could just check ut the votes. Well just my 2 cents. Peace
  7. Yes, I got it last tuesday, no prob at all
  8. Hmm considering that the cd is called 'history of trance' and a quick lookup at discog tells us that it is ONLY released on this cd, well I would go for a mislabel. However it should be pretty easy to check, just listen to the sample of it on saikosounds(cant myself before later tonigth since im behind a firewall). Sample is here : http://www.saikosounds.com/japanese/displa...ase.asp?id=4638 Peace
  9. Ektoplazm I think it was called(label) and he released Liquid neon sky and book of eden if I remember correctly. It was on vinyl. Peace
  10. Dead cities are from my point of view the best one of their releases. And it is one of the few(IMHO) electronic releases actually have a connection between the title and the music, the title fits perfectly, I always get the feeling of being in dead/abandoned cites when I hear it. For second I would go for lifeforms. As mentioned the latest releases arent too great in my book, but then again dead cities are hard to beat.. Just my 2 cents Peace
  11. 1. Place: go to KOXBOX, incredible to see them live, the energy is MASSIVE! 2. Place: Juno reactor, the live sets they played after they released bible of dreams were incredible But it is a close race between them. However KOXBOX didnt play THE best live set I ever heard(thats something else), this is based on the number of apperances I've been too, and they NEVER dissapoint IMO Peace
  12. califonia sunshine - coming home, breaks me everytime. Always get me thinking about old friends that are not here anymore, strange thing is though that the people I remember where already gone/dead when I first heard the track. Guess it just pushes the right buttons....
  13. Ohh and by the way I voted forest, but beach is also very nice, and abandoned warehouse I simply love
  14. I was wondering the same thing. That is surely one of the most wicked locations I've ever seen! Beautifull man!
  15. I have the original version from Origo made in 1991, bougth it back in the day:) Everything about this release is simply incredible, especially considering that its almost 15 years old. One thing is the production and sounds which are top notch. Another is the overall mood of the tracks, you really get the idea that you are drifting into space on this album. If I were to give this one a grade it would be 9-10 out of 10 possible. Favorites: cloudwalker II and cygnus-a Just one piece of advice to all, if you stumple over this album in a second hand store simply get it, you are going to be amazed.. Peace
  16. Biosphere - Cloudwalker II For some reason I havnt listened to this cd in ages(microgravity). Now when I listen to this track I cant help to think that Juno reactor definetly was inspired by this back in the day. Great track, great album. Peace
  17. Subcouds - on red is magnificient. On another note, I also found something on discogs that shocked me HERE . What were total eclipse thinking?
  18. better snippets HERE(both quality and length of tracks)
  19. @Towelie: you can hear 2 minutes snippets HERE
  20. Gracias senor alien. I liked angel tears 3, so its nice to hear this a quality release also. Peace
  21. Hola Was just browsing through discog when I found out that Angel tears had another one out november last year. So. Has anybody heard it? Its called Vision after the track released HERE . Anyone? And more important, where in f***s name can you order it? Peace
  22. Have to admit that I have read some pretty shitty reviews about it so I wasnt sure if I should get it, however I figure the price was really good and if I didnt like it I could always get rid of it.(for some obscure reason they dont let you prelisten in this shop). However I must say that I really like it after the first few listens, especially 'Together in silence', but as you say its all a matter of taste. Peace
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