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  1. Oh and by the way the choices suck. A simple yes or no (perhaps a 'i dont know') would have done just fine.. I voted no, but it has nothing to do with 'because no artist and no label is interested to this kind of music'. Its is simply because I see no value in it. Peace
  2. Lost Buddha - When the Universe was created Sooths my state of mind perfectly right now, nice.. Peace
  3. Reason? Hehehe just picked this up a secondhand store 2 hours ago, for the very nice price of 40 dkr(a new cd cost 150 dkr). Moreover its even the limited edition digipack version and in very good condition. Sometimes you just get lucky Peace
  4. I like you reasoning man, because YOU work for company that fucks with people then adz_om has to doing the same, great logic, cheers! That'll teach him! How dare he claim to sell real classics! Just 2 more things.. 1) adz_om been around psynews for ages(if its the same adz_om), if he fucked with people the I guess we would know about it. 2) Perhaps next time try to read his 'positive feedback' score, and MAYBE do a little research BEFORE you scream bloody murder. Peace @adz_om: please post next time you put something up for sale
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, feeeling nostalgic right now. Comming up: The infinity project - stimuli Total eclipse - Waiting for a new life Chakra - liquid troll The rest? Well we'll see when we get there I was wondering the same thing.. You in india now?
  6. Well thanks again guys, I went for Erpland and waterfall cities for a start. If these are as good as I expect then I'll probably get them all. It is ridicoulus how cheap they are on amazon if you dont need the original version/first print. Gracias
  7. thanks guys. Waterfall Cities is already in the mail, will check out Erpland. Peace
  8. Hehe I was beginning to have the same thought myself Well lets change the question then: Recommend ONE cd from them please, and yes a line or two about why would be nice.. Thanks
  9. Thanks alek, I'll have a look into that aswell.
  10. I'll check those out. Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
  11. Hola I spent sometime in the second hand record stores today, and I stumpled over Ozric tentacles - pyramidion(among others). Now Im listening to it right now, and I must say its definetly interresting. So I checked them on discogs and saw they released about a billion records. Can anyone recommend some of these? Perhaps with a few words as to why. Thanks
  12. Here you go http://www.discogs.com/release/80003 And yes that is a very underrated track, one of the best that SFX ever made. Peace
  13. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/search...6162180-8751856 And they are not even expensive....
  14. Sweden is ridicoulus inexpensive compared to denmark...
  15. Something between 300-400 I would guess. Havent ever counted them. Havent bought that many new releases lately, basically because there is not so much great music coming out. Used to have probably 70-100 more from around 1993-1997 but they were stolen some years back. Shit. Peace
  16. Bravo! You just described my thoughts more eloquent that I ever could. Not that Im a dj but these are semtiment about what a party should be, and in the current state is not(atleast often). Well said. Is there any chance to get to hear one of your sets? Peace
  17. I tend to agree with most that Squaffy said, however I dont think goa is dead or anything, it is still a great place to meet other travellers. Goa is kinda what you make of it. Chapora is a very good place to stay, I also like arambol. Anjuna was good but its a bit to much for me now, to many flashy party people The primrose is simply awfull in my opinoin, but as said it is a good place find out where the parties are. A tip for you, when you try to buy/rent something never go with the first offer, shop around abit and you usually can get what you want at the price you want. If you are looking for grass or somthing like that I would go down to south anjuna beach, go to a beach bar called 'curlies', you'll find loads of smokers there, AND they got indias best strawberry milkshake. Else checkout 'ninebar' in vagator for sunset. Mumbai? well in my opinion that the worst place in the world, I fucking hate it, I guess its the one place in the world that I truly abhorre. My advice is to get in/out as fast as possible. Dont stay overnigth, it is a very expensive city to be in. That said there is one place I'll recommend you checkout there, the university, its down by the gateway of india and it looks like an old cathedral. You can just walk in and ask if you can look around, very nice people, AND check out their library, whew pure harry potter, awesome.. Anything you need to know just ask. Peace
  18. @vanbc: If you liked interstate highway, I suggest that you check out his first release Moment of Thruth. Without a doubt one of the greatest albums of all time. To the question if interstate hignway is goa, i'll say no. Dont know what to call it really, it for sure has some commercial touches. Thruth to tell I never liked it that much. Moment of Thruth on the other hand is definetly goa, and a great album. Peace
  19. Ktrance

    OOOD : a live

    According to discogs it is indeed from 96: http://www.discogs.com/release/142092
  20. Lemmi: Agree completely! If the form is there, well the mores the better, but you simply cant make a set without substance. A lot of the sets I have heard recently are excellently mixed but simply to crappy to listen to because there are no substance. this I guess is the main reason I dont go to parties here in my country that often anymore. Peace
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