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  1. Wow, right up my alley. Thx for bringing this up @Manuser. Very Koxboxy. Great flow and keeping it smooth while it's also very versatile. The goa wavelenghts is there but transduced in a more metropolitan/high tech style .... and funky ^^ Super neat progressive patterns all the wayz !
  2. Hello Psynews, while hanging around the world wide web, at the crossroad of two digital neuron I fell on this! http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/metanet/metanetmain.html I love those kind of weird 90's cyberspace-like website, the far out philosophy and the raw psychedelic aesthetic. So please share your favorites if you have some! I also ended up finding this from there: This documentary looks legit super cool (it's about Japan!) but I don't know where to buy it :/ raycastle.com doesn't seem to have it. If some charitable soul is up for sharing or heard of some underground sellor ... 604BillionTHX
  3. I live in a big city in France and thete's always party, but it's all club and the club aren't even that good. Add to that expensive and you have the main reason I don't go often. The line up has to be something special to make up for the rest. It can't even begin to compare with the vibe you find at psy festival or a well organized outdoor party. Belgium has a lot of oldschool and one party I did there last year was neat, real family rave vibe, I hope to go back again. Not so many parties a year but I want to do more, especially festivals - ZNA this year!
  4. Hey Reger, yeah hunting your own meat is not possible for all humanity that's the point. Too much people. I also think the "good rationallisation" is a big part of the problem. We are emotional beings and there's great truths in that. If you are not ready to have the kind of intimate relationship with what you eat such as I kill you. I make the effort of killing, I watch you die, I piece you out with your blood on my hands, the smell feeling my hand and the sound of the limb being torn apart. You shouldn't eat meat. We have been made less sensitive from eating our food (what is more intimate than what penetrates your body and feed you?) from plastic boxes delivered in supermaket. And so we lost something that is a jewell in our hearts, for some heat and habits, tasty stimulation.
  5. My policy is: I will not refuse eating anything if it does not refuse being eaten. I don't have a problem with meat eater as long as they slaughter the damn beast by themselves and don't go with the easy saikopat-plastik version from the supermarket. I think this woulf solve most problem of the current economy.
  6. I had a great time at Contact, some other time for the psy roots!
  7. I expect him too! He played a quite oriented techno set at Connection and it was a blast! Thanks for the tip. I hope your marriage will open to rubbing, without the wrong way.
  8. Yesterday wasn't possible. I had to sleep. Today is good because I leave tomorrow and can get beyond sleep to the plane. I'm up for anything that's showing the club culture indeed. I don't know those artits, goodkicking mental techno would be a blast! edit: Yuta plays at Contact so I'll go there! Thanks for the advice gfp1 and everyone. I'll try and find my way there (to the attractive girls of course) ...
  9. Thanks you guys, I will check those out! Go or not to go I won't regret it, Japan is an amazing experience.
  10. AiKyO

    I'm in Tokyo

    Hi! I'm in Tokyo, if anyone has some advice on where to find the tekno tribes, please do tell. I really want to taste it, especially if goa! Arigato!
  11. Hi! I'm in Tokyo till the end of the week, if anyone has some advice on where to find the tekno tribes, please do tell, especially if goa!!!
  12. I care for divine transmission of the spirit of trance, if this happen I can dance. I like balance. I like when there's no break for more than five minutes. I like when it knows when to take its time and how to bring change. When each song that is brought forth creates an unexpected or expected reaction, new alchimies, when there is balance between those, balance between the night and the day. It is flow for me then. It also happened I could understand the story sometime while dancing very madly, I think you can reach a state of concentration where you feel the music so much and you translate it in the right movements that the mind will tune itself with the body, and thoughts, may it be words or visions, will go hand in hand with the myth that is created.
  13. There could be some "weekly discussion" thing, I know some other forums with low participations and it helps bring some activity, people get to know each other better outside of the usual subjects. I would love to see young people as me, in their early twenties,overflood and bring new life to goa trance forums but it most likely won't happen
  14. Suntripper is the most active I know, I would be interested in finding more groups too.
  15. It mostly comes after heavy nights of listening to loud musics, sometime takes time to vanish. At Connection this year, the sound was quite loud and there wasn't many room to escape it, especially the bass and kick would overload my ears to the point of it becoming an issue. I would always go to sleep with a heavy buzzing in my ears and was quite worried about it. A friend lend me some earplugs protection and it saved me, though the sound was less enjoyable, at least I could listen to it without feeling bad about hurting myself. I don't know if there are selling points for hearing protections in festival usually but it should be mandatory. And the sound doesn't always need to be so loud, excess is a thing, especially if the place doesn't have the space needed to find your sweet spot (both for balance and loudness). I might still have a very low tinnitus, that I can only hear when there is zero sound around me, but very low and it doesn't bother me (I might concentrate to hear it). Also, don't use earplugs headphones, a friend of mine got deaf in one ear with those shitty things (and the shitty mp3 quality) (he overused them but still). --- If someone has some nice earplugs protection to share, please do! (all links in page one are dead)
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