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  1. This is one of my tracks that ive been working on for my "album" this is kinda just a squeetch not final because it can go on to changes. And that is why i posted it here so i could get some feedback about this :). Cumps.
  2. another track that i finished hope you like it
  3. Hasheeshian ty . i have one question since im new in this vast genre. In what kind of category would this type of style fit better?
  4. antic604 everyone that i know hates triplets xD but i ran out of ideas for that part. thanks for the feedback
  5. I have a couple of songs to be finished and this is the last one i did but still think i overdone the bass and kick XD hope you like and that you dont so i can learn more
  6. ty winterelegy i listen to your sounds to and liked it a lot hehe I follow you on SC Cumps
  7. Thanks HappyHorse your right ive been doing all inits in vsts and make my melodies from it and playing with samples morphing them sometimes the most irelevant sample can form a great sound.
  8. Youre right antic604 ive been producing for a while, just psytrance that its new for me as a mention in the post. My favorite is also "Consciousness" but the mix just dont gives me the fells , i never like my mixes probably thats the problem xD. That point that you mention, "your not in dark nor melodic" its because i like them both (blame a friend that produces dark and i have a collab project with him) and thats what i find amazing in psytrance i could transmit what its in the track. Really wanna thank you for the feedback im trying to finish some more songs that i have and fix the
  9. Well i start producing "psytrance" (if you can call that to what i produce) for a almost a year and i don't know if this is good or bad in therms of psy. I know there are many different genres of psy but i dont know where does my production fits in. Hope you can say something about it i would apreciate a lot. this is the track i consider to be in the best shape in terms of mixing and quality from me:
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