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Found 18 results

  1. -New Release Announcement- I'm super excited to announce my upcoming release, "Koera Noera - The Cyber Dragon Saga," a remastered and reworked version of the first two tracks from this project. Feel welcome to a journey through the epic world of Koera Noera, my dark/forest psytrance project. Experience the tracks like never before with enhanced sound quality and innovative new elements. -You can now pre-order it on Bandcamp and Beatport- Secure your copy today and sneak a peek at what's to come! BEATPORT BANDCAMP Release Date: November 20th, 2023 I'm so grateful for your support. I can't wait for you to experience this unique release. Thank you for being part of my journey. Pre-order your copy today and let's make some noise
  2. My September 2023 mix 1. Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence 2. Interloper - Spiral Out 3. Superluminal, Daksinamurti, Eritas - Kodama 4. Sbio, Mwanga - Messages From The Anunnaki 5. Cyk - Jungle Dweller 6. Komfuzius - Abducted by Aliens 7. Exoteron - Alpha Centauri 8. Nubigënus - Humedales 9. Adansonia - Ajra Bursts 10. Photophobia - Grimmoire 11. Kabayun, Argonik - Chain Reaction 12. Mana - Circus Hatchway 13. Samyang - In Psychedelia We Trust 14. Creepy Heal - Little Dice's Plan 15. Contrast - Forest Child 16. Lemurians, Cosinus - Sweet Little Boxes 17. PsySon - Sunset 18. Drip Drop - Story of Agraba 19. Rezonant - U Come to Know 20. Electryxeed - Printed Organism 21. Psypien - Time in Space 22. Paramad - Street Jazz 23. Kadum, Alien Chaos - Organic Trip 24. Occultek - Dark Matter 25. Dendrophile - Terraforming The Subconscious 26. Arc Voyager 25 - Prophetic Landscape
  3. VA - Mountain Magick (Sonic Tantra Records) The Various Mandalas of Mountain Magick contain 11 hardcore psychedelic forest dimensions embodying the mountain and concealing the magick. Tracklist, streaming and downloads @ Sonictantra.com https://sonictantra.com/download-release/mountain-magick-darkpsy-2019/ Bandcamp.com https://sonictantra.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-magick
  4. Ciàlis and Kamàgra are B2B units participating in Toh-Shiva project. This Dj set image of midnight at the dope forest. This is a Pandelic styles. Good listen Happy people FusionDeLic Records Podcast 023 Sinnoach , Loom - Flow - Dream Project Records Kacid - Humonogous Fungus - Samaa Records Mechanical Species - Intellectual Captivity - Forestdelic Records Spirituz - Beyond The Night - Hypnotica Records Gabaa - Arrival - Omveda Records Desh - Drowner Brainmelt - Pixan Recordings Symatik - Pluck Pond - Galactic Groove Records LAB - League Of Shadows - Quintessence Records Madianbrains & Antonymous - Obscure Visions - Quintessence Records Orestis & Nektar - Optical Algorithms - Believe Lab Banjhaks - Continuous Pattern (Electryxeed Remix) - Sangoma Records Zzbing - High Voltage - Forestdelic Records Hutti & Uttu - The Crack Of Thunder - Yggdrasil Records
  5. So this debut compilation from the new label "Gylfaginning Records" was just released! So far I'm enjoying it alot, proper weirdness. Sure is worth giving a shot if you're into forest music. https://gylfaginningrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-scandinavian-swamp
  6. Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasiliy Miyazin born and raised in Russia.He is relocated to the United States in 2001.Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities. Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music".Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style. Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetflux with the LA based producer Jeto. Tracklist : 01-Konflux - Totaling Of Sums [07.12] 02-Konflux - Matane [06.55] 03-Konflux - Shachta [06.58] Artist: Konflux Title: Matane Trip Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/matane-trip Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG012 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 20.11.2017 Artwork Design by: Anirudh Kota Mastered by: Bedtime Studios
  7. Konflux is a solo project of the US based DJ and producer Vasiliy Miyazin born and raised in Russia.He is relocated to the United States in 2001.Living in Los Angeles and frequenting San Francisco he soon gained recognition within the local psytrance communities. Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music".Rock, Jazz, [Happy] Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass, Techno and House have all made significant contributions to his style. Konflux has spun across the United States alongside a multitude of international acts, participating in major events like Gaian Mind in Pennsylvannia, Burning Man in Nevada, Boom Festival in Portugal and countless California outdoor gatherings.He also has a currently inactive collaboration project Jetflux with the LA based producer Jeto. Tracklist : 01-Konflux - Totaling Of Sums [07.12] 02-Konflux - Matane [06.55] 03-Konflux - Shachta [06.58] Artist: Konflux Title: Matane Trip Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/matane-trip Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG012 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 20.11.2017 Artwork Design by: Anirudh Kota Mastered by: Bedtime Studios
  8. All fx and leads except the gated pad is korg monotron original and delay (with a shitload of delays)
  9. Forgot the quote marks on the title, sorry Title: Aarhus by Night Label: Parvati Records Release date: 22.03.2017 https://beatspace-parvati.bandcamp.com/album/aarhus-by-night-v-a-parvati-records https://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/pav/pav1cd030.html 1) Onkel Dunkel – Aarhus by Night 143 bpm 2) Mussy Moody – Whats Your Frequency 147 bpm 3) Jahbo – Blæst 149 bpm 4) Red Eye Jah – Donut 151 bpm 5) Red Eye Jedi – Undercurrent 158 bpm 6) Syntax Error & Mubali – Analog Assumptions 150 bpm 7) Abrahadabra – Funky Mule 144 bpm 8) Audhumbla – NøglenTilØglen 146 bpm 9) Derango – Interstellar Lagoon 142 bpm First time I write a review! I've been listening to this sporadically since the release, so figured I'd try to write one. I was super excited for this release (I mean look at that list of artists!!!) and my expectations was quite high. This compilation is a tribute to the psy-scene in Århus, Denmark, all artist except Derango is danish as far as I've understood. 1) Onkel Dunkel - Aarhus by Night: Really happy to hear new Onkel Dunkel material, especially since there seems to be an album coming up! Love the intro, sounds like there's still some confused danes running around in the dark woods:D Really nice and fat kick+bassline followed by atmospheres and sounds that feels like classic Onkel Dunkel, funky... The track starts off great but doesn't evolve that much, it's a solid track but kind of reaches it peak quickly. Still very dancy 2) Mussy Moody - What's your frequency: Starts of with classic squelches and squeaks, the bass is rumbling and dark, works great with the hard kick. The track progresses with more squelchy leads, the energy is awesome three minutes in. Pretty good track overall! 3) Jahbo - Blæst: Jahbo! This one starts of in a higher tempo and doesn't need much time to get me dancing in my chair Strong beat loaded with lots of nice fx and a pinch of melody, the lead that comes in around 01:50 is really really good!! This is what I'm talking about! The track strips down and rebuilds into a weird atmospheric jam and keeps progressing into swirls of sounds and playful synthesizers! Awesome 3) Red Eye Jah - Donut: Sweet... Organic squelches, quirky sounds and rich effects. A pretty "dark" track filled with great rhythms!! Takes a odd turn after a few minutes with atonal bleeps and robotic sounds. Second half builds into something pretty heavy! 4) Red Eye Jah - Undercurrent: Oh my oh my.... Been having a pretty hard time with this every listen. It's interesting, but pretty special. Probably closer to 160 than 150 bpm, the fastest on this compilation. It's an intense track with industrial vibes, in some way a bit to quick for me. I don't always have a problem with 160+ psy, but this one just feels a bit pushing. Still, it's a crazy ride. Sharp sounds and intense layering. Impressive track overall! Sounds like a mutated washing machine on steroids on a murder spree with lasers. ....In a good way! 5) Syntax Error & Mubali - Syntax Error: We're back in 150-bpm-area now! The first minutes consists of haunting atmospheric sounds and chirpy leads, getting pretty interesting. Electric noises and a sweet bass line grows into a great stomping party. Fm-synths and echoes everywhere, increasing and decreasing in power up and down and everything finishes in a flurry of funky bass and tons of layers. Great track, just gets better and better by every minute. 6) Abrahadabra - Funky Mule: Starting with some percussions, stereo-trippyness and bubbles. After the first minute being pretty calm things get fun. Bass is really jumpy and high here, percussive effects whirling and nice leads. There's some interesting toying around with beats and rhythms and some modular sounding noises here and there, funky track but doesn't stand out as much as some of the previous. 7) Audhumbla - Nøglentiløglen: Oh yeah! This is one of the tracks that immediately became my favorite. The first half has a great kick+bass and some interesting sounds and samples, the track is telling a creepy story... After a few minutes mostly made up of frogs and utter weirdness, there is a break and the beat switches to triplets. And what the fuck?? This part is the most weird sounding thing I've heard (kindof), it sounds like a tortured sheep chased by a big monster around a frog farm. Really crazy. Next up is a killer bass line and some playing around with effects. Very unique, lovely! 8) Derango - Interstellar Lagoon: DERANGO. When I saw that this VA was gonna have a new Derango track i went nuts, so here it goes. This one begins bouncy and mystical, perfect work with every little sound. It feels clearer and more easy-listened-to than many of their early tracks, just like Saturnuts which also is a bit newer. Very nice fm-ish-leads and the melody work is - as often in Derangos music - excellent. This track builds up into a wonderful thing but it's still not as chaotic and wild as some of my favorite tracks. The vibe is awesome and the name fits pretty well. It's a good track but not the best I've heard from them. Great compilation, I'm suprised by how weird some of the parts got There's tons of creativity put into these tracks. Hoping to hear more from Audhumbla!! Really interesting stuff, seems like there's someone from Abrahadabra involved.... Favorite tracks was 3, 5, 7!
  10. Visited a really great forest-party a few weeks ago, brain bursting with inspiration...
  11. SOOO I've been putting a lot of fun ideas into my computer lately, so here's a collection of small songs I've written during the last months but never got around to share - many were simply forgotten I know most songs are a bit low volume wise, I'm too lazy (read stoned) to fix that kind of stuff before bouncing This is a early version of something that became a later song, but I really like this version. Think I lost the project file.... Inspired by the early swedish forest trance. https://soundcloud.com/hasheeshian1/forest
  12. That's right! I made a thing, forest goa is probably the best label I can find for it Any feedback is welcome, especially on production I've been making different song ideas by taking the best parts i like from stuff and start building from that, so it continually morphs into a fractalizing save-file with different ideas built from the older ideas and newer ideas built from them. Finally I got around to finish one so this is the winner fractal I guess, for now.... Anyhow I hope you enjoy
  13. Artist: Various Title: Remember the slime Label: Treetrolla records Date: Semptember 27, 2013 Damn, that artwork.... It's apparently made by a polish (I think) artist named Leszek Kostuj, who also did the cover for the Aegolius-album released on Medulla Oblongata a few years ago. For me it's a perfect aesthetic to the forest sound, I personally get quite affected by the artwork when listening to an album. This is another compilation by Treetrolla Records, a label which never has disappointed me. Compared to their earlier releases this one seems to lean more towards the old school forest vibe, with artists such as Ka-sol and BOTFB and sounds inspired by them. 1) Ka-Sol - Dialouge 2) Nirmanakayas - Spherestic 3) Derango - We're All Mad Here (original version) 4) Zoon - Toothbender (bended live edit) 5) Goch - Keg 6) Schoiroideairis - Dance On The Rain 7) Ka-Sol - Discover 8) Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Forever Before 1) Ka-Sol - Dialouge: I love Ka-Sol. I love their morning stuff, night-time stuff and everything in between. This one starts off with a crisp kick which seem to echo in the highs, or something. After less than a minute we are introduced to some weird panning percs and a first glimpse of the melody which will guide us through this mad journey. Deep reverberating saws, filtered synthezizer-madness and some distant voices keeps appearing and disappearing back in the darkness.... This is a great starting track, it seems to keep teasing the listener through the first half, adding and taking away elements. The name "Dialouge" is great, the noises sounds like they're communicating with each other.... After the fourth minute it slowly starts to gain energy! Hats, gated synths and classic styled undecipherable noises which remind me why I love this band. Solid track, could've gotten a bit wilder but works very good as an opener. 2) Nirmanakayas - Spherestics: Nirmanakayas is an artist I just have gotten into (though I can't understand why it didn't happen earlier). From Macedonia, Hana Cheljo Petreski - the brain behind the project - keeps pumping out massive goa/forest tracks which sounds more related to the scandinavian sound than the macedonian forest artists I've listened to. Anyhow, this tracks starts with a atonal weird lead and a strong kick+bass, soon leading us into a nice acid-line, haunting strings and some great melodies. A few minutes in more melodies are introduced and towards the end we finally get that ripping 303-sound. The ending consists of some masterly melody work but in my opinion it could have gone on for 2 minutes extra! This is quality forest music in my ears! 3) Derango - We're All Mad Here (original version): Oh mama! This is the original version of the classic remix on Tumult. True to the Derango vibe, this track is more complex than the previous two, less goa-inspired and has more variation. First minutes consists of some introductionary weirdness which morphs into a classic Derango jam - which means constantly throwing different crazy sounds at us. The first longer break is a sample from The Shining: ".....it was as though I'd been here before. I mean, we all have moments of déjà vu, but this was ridiculous..." Great Once the beat starts again stuff is getting pretty damn funky, dripping echoing melodies and bubbling noises dance around the quite subtle bass-drum. The following part is a mad party filled with stuff I can't describe, but Derango delivers as usual. I wonder if - since the remix was released 05' - this has been unreleased for almost 10 years?? 4) Zoon - Toothbender - Bended Live Edit: Zoon has appeared on numerous compilation with some really good tracks and released a full length in 2013, but I've never sat down and listened very carefully to his music. Toothbender brings us a biig kick drum and an interesting "wouhhwouhing" bass to start with, building different effects and sounds on top of this. The first two minutes move quite slowly but after the first break we're getting deeeeep into the forest Tribal vibes, twisted frequencies and some splashes of light between the trees. This is stomping music for sure. The melody that comes in at 03:30 is very interesting, it has some pretty light tones in the background but brings a dark feeling when put in the middle of all this madness. After a while there's a break and we encounter a weird plucky melody and hard hitting percussive sounds. I promise you I'm hearing the click of a computer mouse..... The track quickly gains layers, breaks down, builds up and so on. 7 minutes in and Zoon is far from running out of weirdness. By this time one can only enjoy: there's syncopated hats, bright, crashing noises and metallic "leads". The track is over eleven minutes long and ends by transitioning to a few moody melodies, I am impressed. 5) Goch - Keg: Goch needs no introduction.. This macedonian producer has been doing fast, intense forest music for many years now - with a very unique sound. It's hard to describe but listening to Goch high is like sitting under a 40feet waterfall only the water is acid and it's punching your head with energy and it's the darkest hour of the night and your in the middle of a deep forest and.... you get my drift.... This stays true to this vibe and doesn't take much time to get going. New sounds quickly joins the strong bass+kick in a great flurry. There's some great vocal-sounding samples jumping around, incredible lead just a minute in and lovely percussions.... Oh yeah! But Goch isn't done yet! More layers and more layers upon those, I have no idea how all this stuff fits into one track... Constant arrays of new leads and details drop in and out of this massive atmosphere, keeping the energy and feeling pretty stable but never repetitious. The melodies in the middle of the track is superb, we are hearing a master at work. Goch seems to do something delay-related with his hats to achieve a certain sound, like a very fast trill-effect (is that the word? or maybe tremolo otherwise). Wild saws join the party during the last minutes and the track kind of settles, taking away some energy before ending. Nice! 6) Schoiroideairis - Dance On The Rain: The track I've listened the least to. As I've understood it Schoiroideairis is part of the group "Hada" which appears later on this comp. This starts out energetic with lots of sweeping sounds and noises, but oh shit! At the 2 minute mark we meet a saw-arp which would make any Schlabbaduerst-freak wild with excitement, great! The song keeps moving trough gated sounds and creaking synths, there's a lead that sounds like a sad troll and awesome plucky tones here and there. Again at minute 5, the schlabbaduerster inside me screams of joy! Amazing synths modulating up and down, strings filling in the top shelves of freqs and I'm starting losing myself in the music by now. ...I should probably try to review something that isn't as close to my personal taste next time, because by now it feels like I'm mostly screaming "GOOD! CRAZY! YES! MORE! SAWS!" but ohwell, this is one great VA so far! 7) Ka-Sol - Discover: Time for the second Ka-Sol track! This one starts with a pretty similar kick and some interesting synths. I hear acid burps in the air and acid melodies climbing up trees. This track has a bit of a morning vibe with a few bright synths, but it generally keeps it on the darker side. There's something special with Ka-Sol's way of writing trance, they're tracks are often more monotonous than much forest trance (not that they don't know how to turn a track upside down:.. ) but they're packed with ear candy. This one keeps progressing through acid lines and flickering noises, sweeping effects and super cool saws. Not much more to say about it, but listen to it and you will ...discover... some interesting things. Ka-Sol will always be one of the best forest-projects in existence for me 8) Hada - Der Teufel: This is one of the very few Hada track I've heard, but it makes me wanna search for more Some research tells me Hada consists of Nirmanakayas and Schoiroideairis, the plot thickens...... These guys capture something that I really love with the early scando-sound, but they don't limit themselves to "old school" restrictions or genres (geographic or general) so to say Great work with the energy in this one, it probably sounds great on a dancefloor.... But do does it at home in my monitors, so let's get on with the review! Hada delivers interesting atmospheres with staggering gate-arps, squeamish melodies and a schlabby bassline. YES. Last part is so good! Swirling synths and creepy melodies, spacey percussions drifting from ear to ear and a strong backbone of bass and atmosphere. This was one trip for sure. 9) Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Forever Before: You can't really compare Botfb to anything in the psy-world, this is truly a one of a kind producer. Father of the forest-sound and ever defying the rules of production, this punk has created more weirdness than most labels releases under they're lifetime. Dave starts this one with a thumping bass and detuned leads, mystical! This track progresses slowly, using subtle changes to keep us listening - very meditative in a way. The track builds up with more weird leads and a female vocal sample which feels out of place and yet perfectly fitting into the song. This is one of the great things with the buddhas, unconventional use of samples and sounds! The track reaches an awesome crescendo during the last minutes, bombarding us with massive saws and atmospheres. Great track, perfect way to end this VA I'm happy I took the time to once again hear this compilation from start to finish, this is a collection of tracks that will bring great joy if you're into forest trance. It has a different direction than other Treetrolla releases, focusing more on the early forest sound as said in the introduction. My favorite tracks are 1, 2 and 8 But every track is top quality, strong release!
  14. Title: The Tales Of Harvia Artist: Shivattva Type: Album Label: Treetrolla Records Catalogue: TRLCD005 Release: 02/20/2016 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Christer Lundström Artwork: Sebastian Jerke Here we are, again with some sonic news from Treetrolla Records! Today we are happy to present to your attention the 6th release by our record label, a first album ever released on our record label, debut album "The tales of Harvia" from Shivattva - one of the oldest record label members. Harvia is fantastic kingdom full of secrets and mystical riddles, world of sound forms and acoustical metamorphoses, we invite you to fly by on it together with Shivattva, to feel this atmosphere and drama. Its a big honor for us to bring his debut album in to the world. As we see its sonic amazingness, true deep psychedelia, and hope that youll share our opinion! Tracklist: 01 Shivattva - Basic Vibration [138bpm] 02 Shivattva - Organic Food [148bpm] 03 Shivattva - Paranormal Line [148bpm] 04 Shivattva - Branched Flow [149bpm] 05 Shivattva - Harvia [150bpm] 06 Shivattva - Driada [149bpm] 07 Shivattva - Analog Forest [152bpm] 08 Shivattva - Mountain Echoes [150bpm] 09 Shivattva - Next Door [155bpm] Samples on Treetrolla Bandcamp & Soundcloud: https://treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trlcd005-shivattva-the-tales-of-harvia Facebook release event/announcement: https://www.facebook.com/events/506612326172664/ Label: Treetrolla Records http://www.treetrollarecords.com/ Album will be released as limited edition 300 digipack cd copies & digital download possibility from treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com! By a good tradition our main worldwide distributor is Beatspace http://www.beatspace.com/ More links: www.sebastianjerke.de http://www.treetrollarecords.com/portfolio/ka-sol/ Stay forest!
  15. Title: Umcherrel 2 - The Backwoods Baize Type: Various Artists Label: Treetrolla Records Country: Ukraine Catalogue: TRLCD004 Release: 12/30/2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Overdream Studio Artwork: Dimorphic Namaste, forest beings! Treetrolla records proudly presents our 5th release - "Umcherrel II-TheBackwoodsBaize". This time we are knocking at your doors of perception with new VA to follow some bazie from the backwoods. Here is a new potion with a bunch of trippy stories, which for ages were the ancient free matter flying around the small hats beyond the pine-trees high in the mountain-forest, and now, finally, thanks to magicians in their studio, it was turn into the hypnotic sound waves. These days we decided to turn back to the night source, and follow the Umcherrel tale with a new compilation consisting of 10+1 tracks which transmit new vision of psychedeilc field that is full of shamanic mysteries from the forest depth. The backwoods baize is calling us to the forest like mother's voice whispering lullaby to a child, to a state of between a dream and a reality. As you can suppose, you will see here some shadowy abstract forest psychedelic trance music with trippy atmosphere, experimental touch and slight of twisted sunset vibe, where each composition is a unique world with its own breath, rules and legend. We hope you'll enjoy the trip and will get pleasant musical experience. Stay forest! ::: Tracklist ::: 01 PUROSURPO (Se) - The First Neigh 91 bpm 02 ODR (Nl) - Haarolheim 146 bpm 03 TIME FOR SLIME (Se) - Alien Bacon 146 bpm 04 GOCH (Mk) - Plunged 147 bpm 05 WEEKNOCKZ (Ru) - Elky Isla 147 bpm 06 DERANGO (Se) - Saturnuts 145 bpm 07 JOTUNN (Uk) - Treetrollin 150 bpm 08 SHIVATTVA (Ua) - Scanda Trail 150 bpm 09 MUSCARIA (Au) - The Imaginary Colour 150 bpm 10 SKOGARNA (Ua) - Earthen 149 bpm 11 GOCH (Mk) - Physical Environment (Digital Bonus Track) 146 bpm Compiled by Vaska & Seki-Kmeki Mastered by Overdream Studio Artwork by Dmitryi Dimorphic Distribution by Beatspace Links, Samples & Info: Treetrolla Bandcamp: https://treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com/album/coming-soon-va-umcherrel-2-the-backwoods-baize Beatspace Distribution: http://www.beatspace.com/9218/Treetrolla+Records/Various/Umcherrel+2+-+The+Backwoods+Baize/detail.aspx Treetrolla Soundcloud: Event Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1659107487658052/1712600982308702/ Website: http://www.treetrollarecords.com
  16. Boooom!!!! My new psychedelic trance mix with only fresh tracks all released in march - april 2014,60 minutes, 16 tracks, mp3 http://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/may-2014-psy-forest-mix-tales-of-the-cursed-tree-iv/ Tha tracklist: Freshsoil - 24th july (downloaded from soundcloud) Cthulhu - Deep Submiter (Dark Nex Rec) Hector Miller - Inhale Exhale (Sonic Tantra Rec) Treant & Diplodocus - Don't Fuck My Drop (Popol Vuh Rec) Medianbrains - Infuential Antecedents (Popol Vuh Rec) Psychederic - Birds Of Paradise (Popol Vuh Rec) Paganorium - Def Trap (Psymoon Rec) Surupo - Dark Saga (Dark Nex Rec) Looney - Mind Control (Visionary Shamanics Rec) Dogon - Never Look Back (Popol Vuh Rec) Nibiru - Voice of the Forest (Visionary Shamanics Rec) Atomental - The Lotus (Popol Vuh Rec) Spagettibrain - Flying Away (Psymoon Rec) Saw Sheild - Morjim (Sonic Tantra Rec) Dhrupad - Civilization (Sonic Tantra Rec) Radice - Dark Reflection (Sonic Tantra Rec) or if you prefer you, please download for best quality. http://www.sendspace.com/file/d0s6o9 Enjoy!!!
  17. My latest set "Monsterz", a Dark Psytrance mix @ 150 BPM! Available stream on Soundcloud and download from my website. Stream on soundcloud Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! Get my FREE app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  18. VA - Mysterious Magnetic Wave (2013) Sonic Tantra presents VA - Mysterious Magnetic Wave compiled by Griboz Project, a 2 Part , double CD compilation with 22 fresh Psychedelic Trance tracks engineered to perfection by master artists from around the globe. "The Divine source emits impulses which may occur to us as a mystical experience. With its help we are able to perceive the incredible beauty of creation. The force that generates meditation in the dance brings us together, and the spirit unites us on a journey through the frequencies of the universe." Tracklist: Part 1: 1 Spinningtop - Without saffi 2 Neon - Re-mind 3 Ablepsia meet.Ahankara - Where Is Reality 4 Sirtja - Puls universe 5 KiRu - Tyuva Mosquito 6 Parasect & Witch Freak - PriPROquo (Parasect RMX) 7 Goch & Khaos Sektor - Singular Position 8 Sirtja - Spiral tree 9 Griboz Project - Jungle Shouts 10 Witch Freak - The Dark Half 11 Satyr Iasis - Metaphysics 12 TunguZka - Spectral forest lounge Part 2: 13 Maximus vs Griboz - Unreal reality 14 Limbo - Gravity 15 Fobi - Power Of The Universe 16 Fraktal Arabesque - Multidimensional Sound Vortex 17 Chemical Spoon - Histadin rmx 18 M.M.C. - Posthuman Galaxy 19 Maximus - Parfumer 20 aGh0Ri TanTriK - Vortigaunts Sneekin Around 21 Sanathana - Mindless Inhabitant 22 Griboz & Pupsidelic - Two Face Compiled & Mastered by: Griboz Project (Andrey @ Gribodelic Studio) Art work by: Neomorph Access Point: http://www.sonictantra.com/va---mysterious-magnetic-wave.html
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