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  1. No offence but I do not get it. At the age of the internet why do you need someone else's opinion? You can just go online and find out by yourself whether you like it or not. For hard to find/old releases I understand but that's about it.
  2. The idea is for each digipack to be a true testament of the artist's psyche and individuality. That means choosing the mastering engineer (or doing the mastering themselves), cover artist etc etc. That's in theory of course, we'll see how it works out soon enough.
  3. https://www.discogs.com/user/pulserave
  4. I always hate it when people sell rips. I just dismissed him. BY his name I understand he's greek.
  5. Wouldn't be cool to be able to engrave some kind of art on a cd and still work fine?
  6. Mate,I can guarantee you that she had an amazing poo 😝
  7. Aaaaaah, life. What great moments from my youth
  8. Just gave my 3 months notice and ready to start my PhD at 34 yo. Fun times (I hope)
  9. Even the cd players of that time weren't all of them able to play the hidden tracks of that type. I never understood the notion of a hidden track anyway.
  10. 8 tenths of my collections is in Greece, at my parents home. I just need to move to a bigger house before I bring them in the UK. Especially if bring my books as well.
  11. So far: 1. Metropolis - Time of War 2. Scope - The Future 3. Koxbox - Pipfugl 4. Arcturus - 1000 Planets 5. The Infinity Project - Incandescence 6. Shiva Chandra - Libellula 7. Noma? 8. Eco - ? 9. Underhead - Shubata 10. Space Tribe - Flipout The Dolphin
  12. He was looking for the pink edition album
  13. You can write the track that you recognise and time and I'll add it at the video description.
  14. First one I didn't like, but this sounds like proper Solar Fields
  15. No idea about the task list. Although I'm pretty sure it's on sound cloud as well.
  16. Ok ok. I'll upload it tomorrow. Promise
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