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Found 11 results

  1. https://www.billboard.com/music/music-news/shpongle-simon-posford-20-questions-flux-contemplation-9414552/ Not sure how many of you already read this, but he says some interesting things. Probably the most unsettling bit for us is that he said his album Twisted now sounds "a bit irritating" to him! And Leftfield are great, but Underwold? I was starting to wonder if he was winding them up a bit. I mean, it's not the best interview question for a psytrance pioneer, is it? He also said he hadn't listened to much psytrance since the early 2000s. Most of the best stuff was before then so I think I get it. Worth a read anyway.
  2. Here's a track i found: PURPLE OM - The Storm I love what Simon did there on this one. Beautiful!
  3. Simon Posford said somewhere that he was unlikely to release Hallucinogen 3 since people's perceptions of it would be affected too much by their expectations, based on the old classic albums. No matter what he makes, people would be likely to compare it unfavourably with LSD. We can definitely see this in the case of Shpongle too, with multiple users comparing Shpongle's newest albums unfavourably with AYS? and Tales of the Inexpressible. Artists like Posford hate feeling constrained by this expectation, and want to have creative freedom, which is one of the reasons why he and other electronic artists work under so many different names and side-projects. Still, I'm interested to hear what you think of the 'trajectory' of Shpongle's output. I don't think many people would claim that an artist should release material similar to their old stuff - we have no right to limit an artist's expression - and yet everywhere there is the unspoken assumption that Shpongle are drifting away from the brilliance of their early output, and that this is bad, and that we want more Tales of the Inexpressible etc. Lots of others oppose this pessimistic view, and claim that Shpongle's new material is different, but equal, and maybe more fun/danceable or whatever. Shpongle are a good project to focus these questions on, because they're so original and somehow so personal to their listeners that everybody feels like they should be able to have a say about what it means to them to be 'Shpongled'. Answer honestly please, ie. don't just say 'different but equal' because you'd like to believe that, even when you really feel that the standard of Shpongle's music has slipped from the mindblowing transcendence that it started from. Just interested to hear other's thoughts on this whole issue.
  4. Friday, March 28, 2014 React & Silver Wrapper Presents... :: SHPONGLE :: The Museum of Consciousness Tour SIMON POSFORD PRESENTS THE BRAND NEW SHPONGLETRON 3.0 [ www.shpongle.com ] with :: DESERT DWELLERS :: [ www.desertdwellers.org ] Visuals by :: ZEBBLER :: Shpongle Platinum Package also available. This Includes: -GA Ticket to the show -Signing Session -Photo with only you and Simon -Tour Poster -Tour T-shirt Limited availability. Purchase your Platinum Package here -> http://bit.ly/Shpongle_March28_ChicagoIL_PlatinumPkg/ Concord Music Hall 2047 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60647 Doors at 8:00PM 18+ For more information: www.silverwrapper.com www.facebook.com/silverwrapper www.twitter.com/silver_wrapper www.reactpresents.com www.facebook.com/reactpresents www.twitter.com/reactpresents www.instagram.com/reactpresents www.youtube.com/reactpresents Want to grab tickets for an upcoming show in person? Our box office is here for ya! BOX OFFICE HOURS Tue-Fri: 1pm-7pm (if there's a show, closed hour before) Saturday: 12pm-8pm (end time depends on show hours) PARKING INFO To purchase parking you MUST select the "PRINT AT HOME" ticket option. If you are purchasing more than one ticket item (GA ticket + Parking) you must add each item to your purchase basket individually. Parking lot is in CVS just North of Concord Music Hall. Please hand your printout parking ticket to the parking attendant. If you do not have a printer you can show your parking ticket barcode to the parking attendant on your smartphone screen. Have a great night.
  5. CoCo Agency Present TRIBAL GATHERING => Live In Concert SHPONGLE (Twisted Rec, UK) Full Concert with the entire Band. The only concert in Europe in 2014 outside Uk One !!!! Mc Coys SUN PROJECT (Sun Project, Germany) Full Guitare Live Concert => Dj JUNO REACTOR (CoCo Agency, UK) Oonah vs Danolite (CoCo Agency, Be) Anoebis (SunTrip Records, Be) => Decoration & Animation: Fireter Street Theatre (Bulgaria) BOTN deco+Vj team (Greece) => Venue: Somewhere in Brussels => Tickets: (ONLY 2000 TICKETS) Presale Point: Fnac: Belgium, France, Swiss, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil Primera: Holland Worldwide: =>https://www.facebook.com/CoCoAgency/app_153680921360383 ° 40 € PreTicket (SOLD OUT) ° 45 euro (only 1300 tickets) ° 50 euro (only 300 tickets) ° 40 € Bus Paris - Concert (Return) Support: CoCo Agency Twisted Records SunTrip Records Dacru Records Akida Promo www.psybient.org
  6. for sale or trade a very good, decent, taken good care of copy: Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? http://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Are-You-Shpongled/release/35888 2xLP black vinyl, #1373, Condition is VG/VG+, small tear on top spine and on the side around 1cm of cover; some normal light usagemarks also on discs, nothing serious, i'm open for trades, here is my wantlist on discogs: http://www.discogs.com/wantlist?user=psyhoe i'm highly after the clear vinyl repress of this album, or something else of equal collectorsvalue. money offers will be also considered
  7. i still have a virgin mint brand new unplayed numbered limited edition 2xLP vinyl copy of Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland #183/300 propably the last new and unplayed copy existing therefore a true collectors gemm http://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Ineffable-Mysteries-From-Shpongleland/release/2285169 I'm rather interested in a trade so msg me if you are seriously interested for sale only if the offer is really tempting and i'm not in hurry to let this one go sooo..... Also up for trade or Sale: Are You Shpongled? on Vinyls here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/68111-fst-shpongle-are-you-shpongled-2xlp-vinyls/
  8. Just wondering what everyone's feelings are about this coming release? Not that many months away now and they are just finalising tracks I believe... Putting on the final coat of psychedelic polish perhaps.. Personally, I cannot waiiiiiiit. I don't have a favourite album of theirs, or style/time period as I just love them all for what they are. And for different reasons.. Pretty sure this one will be no different in that regard!
  9. Last year we had a blast of a festival, people who like a broad range of deep electronic music transformed the dance floors into whirling seas. We had our cup of live painting, mind boggling visuals, fantastic decoration and music made out of cybernetic fabric. The landscape is rough, stitched together with mountains, and we have a beautiful river that nourishes everyone with cozy freshness in the heat of the sun. For six days we will wander among our peers in total freedom, enjoying the music, art & people. So, let me tell you this, we’re setting up camp in Deringaj, on the banks of the Otuča (Ooh-tooh-tsjààgh) river. The terrain is divided by a 1 km long poetic riverside. It’s a wide open joy to the eye, you have small waterfalls, glimmering pools and small bridges throughout the terrain. Come with us and flow along the river vibes between mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature. First names released, full line up soon! ✩ HALLUCINOGEN(uk) ✩ HILIGHT TRIBE(fr) ✩ COSMOSIS(uk) ✩ SHPONGLE(uk)dj ✩ FURIOUS(ru) ✩ DARSHAN(uk) ✩ ASIA 2001(fr) ✩ DERANGO(se) ✩ GROUCH(nz) ✩ OCELOT(usa) ✩ ENCEPHALOPATICYS(mk) ✩ TOI DOI(fr) ✩ HALLUCINOGENIC HORSES(se) ✩ FLYING SCORPIONS(fi) ✩ SQUAREMEAT(fi) ✩ TEXAS FAGGOTT(fi) ✩ ZIK/ADRENAL GLANDS(gr) ✩ FRACTAL COWBOYS(usa) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(mk) ✩ ✩ MAKADAM(se) ✩ GOJJA(se) ✩ DIGICULT(be) ✩ NOLM(jp) ✩ ANKUR(de) ✩ DOSMPA(de) ✩ EPHEDRIX(be) ✩ VAL VASHAR(hr) ✩ ANOEBIS(be) ✩ BODHISATTVA 13:20(usa) ✩ NEMESIS vs OONAH(be) ✩ SCOPE(be) ✩ M-RUN(hr) ✩ STEVO(hr) ✩ FOOSE(be) ✩ JAVI & SKOOMA(be) crossover stage: ZION TRAIN(UK) ✩ VIBRONICS(UK) ✩ ACID KIRK(BE) ✩ STOORNIS(BE) ✩ DIGITRON SOUND(HR) ✩ VRX(HR) ✩ BLACKOUT DUB(BE) ✩ STEFAN ZMK vs LIZ(NL) ✩ ZMAYO(HR) ✩ BOYSWITHOYS(BE) ✩ CULTIVATE & RESCUE SOUND(BE) ✩ PISTOLERO SOUND(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ MONORF ✩ X&TRICK(BE) ✩ ANKUR(DE) ✩ KRASIUS(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) chillout: BIOSPHERE(NO) ✩ DERANGO(SE) ✩ TENGRI(MK) ✩ MASTER MARGHERITA(SWI) ✩ OCELOT(USA) ✩ YUDHISTHIRA(MK) ✩ FISHIMSELF(GR) ✩ MAX MILLION(GR) ✩ APHATEK(GR) ✩ ANOEBIS(BE) ✩ VAL VASHAR(HR) ✩ D'NAAB 136(BE) ✩ FOOSE(BE) ✩ DOVLA(HR) ✩ INFINITA SOMNIA(BE) ✩ DRONESCAPE ✩ NIELS & ALICE ✿ Decorations by 3Delica(RU), Shoom(LT), & more... ✿ ✿ 6 days and nights in full nature ✿ ✿ 3 stages with Psytrance, Goatrance, Dub, IDM, Ambient, Tribal, Experimental & beyond ✿ ✿ Funktion One soundsystem ✿ ✿ HD cinema with experimental movies at night ✿ ✿ Workshop & Lecture area ✿ ✿ Proffesional children care ✿ ✿ Art instalations ✿ !!!tickets now on sale for 80€!!! ~Flow along with the river vibes between the mountains, in the green heart of Croatian nature~ http://www.losttheoryfestival.com http://www.losttheoryrecords.com
  10. hey guys, has this been asked a million times before? could you please give me some suggestions? I have been listening to hallucinogen, younger brother, and shpongle for ages, I am hoping someone could give me some suggestions for similiar(better? new?) tracks that are just as complicated and complex if not more so... I can't go back to simple stuff and I don't have time to try to sift through miriad of choices out there to find those little needles in the haystack... those masterpieces like the ones I listen to now... help please... TYVMIA
  11. Hello, we are Zombster Recs (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombster-Records/218995584853621), a brand new record label (we have founded it less than one week ago) that alongside commercial electronic is mainly intended to focus on the psychedelic side of things, like psytrance and ambient goa; http://soundcloud.com/mothership-loudspeaker/ajayil-perpetuous-traveler Here we go with our first promo, it's a track from the randomnly-named psybient project Ajayil, that focuses on the organic side of things, relying on eastern drum loops and ultra-reverbered melodies and arpeggio, providing an intersesting sonic texture perfect for relaxing and meditational moments. It's in free download, so why don't you give a try and let yourself float?
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