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  1. It's great to have some more Crossing Mind tracks, one of the best goa trance acts around! Great release, more of that!
  2. Great track really!!! I adore this one!
  3. Here they are, god save the machine was the last Tip release I really liked and this one seems to be on the right way ! The hallucinogen track is missing, but it seems here we have powerful psytrance! Here's the link : http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4109
  4. Great great stuff, kind of dark psychedelic goa...deserve great attention, my cup of tea!
  5. Wow I really like this acid + melodies style, just a few more pads and this music will be perfect!
  6. Just listened to No Way Wrong, great track, really! Do you also used sidstation? Listening to the track I think I found some sid (c64 sound processor) sounds, I really hope this track will be released!
  7. Great release as always Draeke, can't wait for it, hope to listen to samples soon!
  8. Quality tracks here, I'm really happy to have them in lossless format, even tough part of these tracks deserve to be released on label in full lenght. Anyway thanks very much Leo, great works! I really hope you will continue with goa trance!
  9. mak

    E-mantra - Arcana

    I agree, a true masterpiece, best cd of the year among with Filteria's Daze and one of the best goa cds of the last years!!!
  10. Finally, great release by Draeke, huge milestone in goatrance history! Thanks DAT records, I've been seeking part of these tracks in this quality for a long time!
  11. Wow...a huge stormer, great track!!! When will it be out?
  12. So it's already over...there's no way to order it anywhere. I really don't understand why presenting it here if no one can buy it.
  13. Great cd, the best new school work so far in my opinion. Intense, sounds perfectly, there are tracks I will never forget, and in my opinion Filtertraces is the best trance (goatrance, psytrance, trance, whatever) track of the last years, without any doubt. I really love this work and I non stop listen to it every day. This album shows Filteria's improvements and maturity and I consider it as the new milestone in goa trance. 10/10 in my opinion.
  14. Yeah, great tracklist, I'm really interested in the release date...
  15. Huge cd and great review by Infected Goa, he matches my tastes, but I give this great realease 9/10 Favourite tracks : Born Underwater, Aquarius, The Pleiades, Mermaid's Twin Sister, Mind Blowing Only disappointment : Rising up the sun I listen to my favoutite tracks more or less three times every day!
  16. Thanks! Chaoscolors is a great track! I really hope you'll release other stuff !!!
  17. The file has already expired, can you upload it again? Thanks!
  18. Hi, thanks but I already have the cd, bye!
  19. Hi isn't it possible to have them at a better quality? Let me know, I really like your stuff, bye!
  20. I really like Cibernetika unique dark sci-fi psytrance. There's still melody, dark melody, but it's still there, there are pads, basslines e great atmosphere. This stuff should be released, it' much better than all this dark psy and full on stuff around. My opinion is 9.5
  21. Great aggressive goa trance, downloaded and already listened twice, keep going this way!!! Let's meet on the other world rules!!! :posford:
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