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  1. Hello dear psyforumers ! If you like some downtempo tracks, i just put in listen on my soundcloud some remixes of downtempo tracks. This is i think, a more balanced mix of these pieces with a more or less deep revisits. if you're not passed on my soundclound yet, don't hesitate ! (and also if you have some comments) https://soundcloud.com/crossing-mind good listening, Crossing Mind
  2. Hello Everybody, I annonce my last new track on soundcloud site have a good listen and as usual, comments welcome ! Crossing Mind
  3. Hi everybody, Here is a new track for this month : SolarNium Enjoy listening ! Crossing Mind
  4. Hello everybody, I'm proud to present my last uptempo track, made with all my passion and inspiration : Elastic Harmonies and please let me know what you think about it... Enjoy listening ! Crossing Mind
  5. Hi everybody, It's something else, something between trance-ambient-goa-downtempo. http://soundcloud.com/crossing-mind/the-last-breath What do you think about it ? Have nice listening. Crossing Mind
  6. Thanks Mak, but no i don't use "Sidtation" (and i don't know what it is at this moment ) Crossing Mind.
  7. It's not a too bad trip i think but yes it's wanted. Crossing Mind.
  8. thanks "[...] except those false moments" ? what do you mean ? Crossing Mind
  9. For Mantra604, you can listen remix of Ligthening Doors and others here : soundcloud.com good listen, Crossing Mind.
  10. Hello, Thanks a lot for your compliments just move on soundcloud.com for new released tracks and remix and more of older one. a new track for the begining of summer : "Nova on Night", very special track have good listen. Crossing Mind.
  11. Hi, Yes, it's a track from me "Lightening Doors". And i'm actually working on a remix of it (better mix, some new elements...) a "Lightening Doors 2" Crossing Mind.
  12. Hi everybody, just a new track was quickly finished for the live, and is now on my virb.com page. My link "No way wrong" have a good listen. Crossing Mind.
  13. Hi everybody ! I'm the artist "Crossing Mind". Thanks for loving my work. Just to say that i've just released a new track called "Progenic" and you can listen it here(and some olders too): My link Crossing Mind
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