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  1. My favourite from vibrasphere After the brake at 2:30 the track shares some of the most beautiful emotions .Great pads and bassline ,dreamy mellodies..i love this track.
  2. The description by scandinasia is the definition of what is goa and psytrance
  3. Hello friends !! Thanks for the comments !!!
  4. Hey i liked it !!! intersting ideas in this sample but i belive that you have to check again your bassline. it is very loud and covers a little the kick
  5. Hello !! This is my first experiment with Progressive psytrance https://soundcloud.com/inoxia-1/inoxia-no-damage
  6. Hello friends !! I havent made Pure melodic goa trance for a long time !! https://soundcloud.com/siam-1/siam-the-endless-sea Here is my new track .Hope you ll enjoy it .
  7. Hello !! This is one of my new tracks ! http://soundcloud.com/siam-1/siam-moondust Mixing is not perfect ! But i am posting it here as a preview !!
  8. Hello Constantinos ! Nice work it reminds me a little bit of talamasca style ! Some remarks now on the production and composition ! I liked the Bassline after 3 :40 ! Some of the effects especially before 3 :40 sounds to me dry ,use more reverb and delay to give more life to your sounds ! I heard all your track and at some parts i think that is a little bit empty needs more sounds etc !Also i think arps and pads at the end of the track could have more complex melodys !
  9. Hello Procyon !! I am happy that you like my music and thankful for your comment that can be really useful . Everyone has its style and way to express feelings through music. I am trying in every track to create a significant atmosphere .Using again and again the same elements is a way to build an id for a track but you have to be very carefull because it might becomes boring and monotonus .If i understood your comment you are talking about a lack of the big climax ! Maby you are right for some tracks for example in this one i had in my mind a track that it could keep you hypnotized while danc
  10. Hello friends !! Having something new and as always i wanted to share here with you http://soundcloud.com/siam-1/siam-beyond-the-astral-worlds I enjoyed really much creating this one ! Tried to make a deep emotional goa trip ! Would like to know what you think
  11. Its very difficult to choose the very best from all these great melodies of the past !!! These are are some of the first that came in my mind Morphem - Nothing left From 3 :20 Transwave - Land of freadom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EFG-JkqPXY Mfg - New kind of world From 6:26 till the end this track is only pure emotion OOOD - Silence From 5:14 till the end These melodies can create emotions thats are difficult to be handled by a simple human Electric universe - One love Shakta - Lepton head (Deedrah remix ) Muses rapt -Spiritual heali
  12. http://soundcloud.com/siam-1/siam-run-to-the-sun Hello !! This is something new atmospheric and trippy i think !!
  13. I enjoyed really much the part after 5 : 22 nice melodys and feelings !! But richpa is right about the quality .Track is weak and has no power !! I didnt like your kick and i could barely hear the bass .In my opinion you have to bring bass to the surface While reconstructing the whole mix Also do something with your hihats and percusion to give s rythm .The melodic parts and whole idea of combosition is really good. Cheers mate
  14. Thanks friends !! i am glad that you liked it This is an unmastered version that for sure can be improved more i ll check some ideas that i have about the riff that procyon suggested and i would like to give to the whole mix a little bit volume up !
  15. Hello !! This is my new track !! Would like to know what you think about it ! http://soundcloud.com/siam-1/siam-start-to-focus-1
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