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  1. Hi guys, maybe some of you have created a list of "LIKE" TR-707 drum sounds for Korg EMX? Boom shankar
  2. Th, 16 Aug '18, 19:30 - Fr, 17 Aug, 19:30 Jezioro Srebrne w Osowcu 46-023 Osowiec Śląski, Polska ________________________________ Good vibes, tolerance and understanding of nature. We are back in 2018 with more fresh ideas. ________________________________ Special guest: WISHI / Live [Russia] [World People Production] Main Stage Alagos / Lord Of Andromeda / Live [Łódź] Art B [Precepcja/WDobrymRytmie,Tarnów] Axell Astrid [Reson8 Music / Goa Records] Cicko [CZ] Clas6 [PsyWest Crew] CO [Kraków] Cybernetixx [CZ] [Silver Lake Festival] Djane Anais [Man
  3. Th, 5 Jul '18, 18:00 - Mo, 9 Jul, 12:00 Krynica-Morska, Poland ul. Piaskowa 29, 82-120 Piaski, Polska ________________________________ 6th edition of Dharma Festival. Main stage located on the beach, Chill out Area in the centre of a small resort, where you can camp or rent a holiday cottage. 6. edycja Festiwalu Dharma. Główna scena ulokowana jest na plaży, a Chill out Area po środku kameralnego ośrodka wypoczynkowego, w którym możecie namiotować lub wynająć domek. ________________________________ Line Up • Antixx UK [Trick Music] • Digital Nomads UK/MA
  4. How do it work? Describe it a little bit, please
  5. Btw, what means this optical connection? How to extend such interface to 16 INs?
  6. Right. It helps a lot in those situations when you're completely lost concerning the levels or in the case you are such dumb like SatanicElectro who is showing a method presented by a professional engineer I read in an article this method saves time ... sometimes
  7. Old topic but gold full of very useful informations. I can only add that you can arpegate and loop some tones you like, test, shift and set them in the way you want until you get this hindi melodic feeling into the loop.
  8. Waaah! ... and external record the output. Nice gear for mastering with tools typical for this job But the mixer is fat, haaaa? I know but the analog effects and multieffexes ... are expensive How much ms are you set average - I can not hear this.
  9. Clear answer My choice to keep delays and auto pans synchronized http://www.motu.com/products/pciaudio/24IO/body.html - what do you think? I guess filters and effects stored onboard are for mixing in the box useless? Am I right?
  10. I understand very well, but my goal is specifically aimed sound and synchronization. What about DIGITAL mixers? Maybe they work noise free and can be used as a multi channel sound card and MIDI controller for a DAW mixer?
  11. - 4 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 19 I think about combining 2 interfaces like http://www.uaudio.com/interfaces/apollo-16.html What do you think? But I found a solution for 24 track recording http://www.motu.com/products/pciaudio/24IO/body.html
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEE6l4atXfw
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