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  1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...ortal&emb=1 In case it doesnt work go to googlevideo.com and search for reality portal The documentary is made and freely distributed by Kevin Zaar Here is his own words about the creations: "This is a brief explanation of how it comes that I´ve sutch an open way to look upon reality. This is also a brief explanation of an event that for me in retroperspective I´ve come to realize has changed my outlock upon reality... The Background/18th of October 1992 For ten years ago I accidently happend to hypnotize my friend Per. His consciousness (it seemed) went back in time and ended up in Thebe in Egypt. There he apparantley had a relationship with a Godess called Hatshepsut - the daughter of the sun. Her consciousness then entered his body and we spoke for about two hours. Perhaps this sounds unusal but this was how I interpeted the situation. Sort of a Shirley MacLaine/the Oracle in Delphi thing. And at that time I´ve never touched any drug... This counsciousness, as I understood was not bound by flesh , time or space and therfore had a broader perspective over things. I was told that I would make a movie about different realities etc. I also was told to always keep an open mind for anything that comes in my way as well as following my heart and not doing stuff for egoistic reasons... This timeless meeting was to much for me to take at that time since one really can say it felt out of this world. I hardly dared to realize what happend and sat and pinched my self in the arm throughout the "hypnosis-channeling-conversation-thing". Shortly after I wrote down the conversation on paper since I´ve recorded it on my minitaperecorder, but I didn´t dare talking so much about it. Ten years past and the incident soon was surpressed in my memory... Suddenly in October 2002 I happend to find the written transcript again. Even how strange it may seem I suddenly realized that everything had fell into place and that I now was in the middle of creating this global peaceproject. All the things that i didn´t realize that I could achieve ten years prior was from a different yesterday. I now after going through the long and winding road that´s called life has come to understand that one self set one´s limitations - in ANY and EVERY moment! And without me really understanding how - I just realised that I suddenly was totally involved in making the Reality Peace Project - which will be movies, DVDs, books and a global internetplattform uniting movement in the world like Greenpeace, Amnesty, Indymedia, Alternet, Guerilla News Network with people like Yoko Ono, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Bono, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Steve O, Dalai Lama, Michael Moore etc. The vision for the Reality Peace Project is to always keep an open mind and a open heart for everything that comes in our way. This will be the spirit of the platform. This will be the spirit of the project. It´s time to network! And remember... ANY issue is GLOBAL NOW! NOW is THE TIME to UNITE. UNIFIKATION gives SYNERGETIC POWER. And we live in times when TRUTH is CHANGING faster than ever before. TRUTH IS DIVERSITY! K e v i n Z a a r, Documentary filmmaker and artist ;o)" The first movie was interesting but cut in a very epileptic way. And to much info overloading you all the time. The second part is just his footage and impression from Boom festival and the people there in 2006. More should come. http://images.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo...43-76ca421c6af1
  2. When i see the cover i feel a joy similar to that of pushing broken glass up the ass. Where is the love?
  3. I fixed it now.. refreshed link is : https://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d6ZXR4ZEtRR2VGa1E9PQ
  4. https://www.yousendit.com/download/WnBSZGltSyt0Ni9IRGc9PQ
  5. Hello! Im TV`s Patrick Duffy. These are some songs that i made some year/years ago. They are not really finished in any traditional sense with mastering or such but maybe someone will find them interesting anyway. One sushi Goa track with plenty of nasal expanding wasabi and two mid tempo, one with avocado and one with extra seaweed. REFRESHED LINK https://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d6ZXR4ZEtRR2VGa1E9PQ
  6. This music is incredible. Alot of powerful energy slapping my brain into ecstatic feelings. Are these songs made with the old Buzz tracker?
  7. These are some words i wrote down during my magical time with your album: " Your music is magical spitfire. It rips thru tangly hair and reaches all the sweet spots of my brain. Like musical schampoo. you seem connected and i love it. Your music heals this planet. It pours from all directions." This music is rare, because i feel it is the true definition of trance. That the person behind the music have been able to reach understandings and bring his or her understanding back into the artwork. tack mr magiker! To enjoy this music the most one should not listen to a few tracks, but the whole CD as a interconnected journey.
  8. Well 1000 euro wont be necessary as i lowered the price to 75eur... Now common and spend some money to help me with my summer.
  9. Ok so i have decided to lower the price, the first one is now 20eur, second one is 75eur.
  10. Sorry, im in Umeå - northern Sweden.
  11. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=51902 So they are up for sale, i might take more pictures of the second one as a means of tempting you. Also i have feedback in the buyers/sellers list, check it out.
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