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  1. Sounds good, especially that vinyl stuff.. I have some old track but it would be better if I do something new.. Just send some similar tracks so I can better understood that not too much minimal and not too much trancey
  2. Yeah I haver read that about mantras.. That SEQ rocks.. Totally..
  3. OK so lets get this clear.. Is this a standard u get with sequential circuits or is it a modification? It cant be standard, no way..
  4. Actually I was thinking of importing it in chameleon 5000 but I could only take that small duck in the lower left corner.. Hi-tech ducks coming soon..
  5. Great man, thanks for the sample.. I just wonder how it sounds.. Wait till I re synthesize the picture, maybe Ill get that ducking sound..
  6. Yeap, and whats worse when u try to end this loudness war u get response like : Your track is to low, you should make it more louder
  7. Guys did u check out music making tutorials thread? I posted everything u need to know about sidechaining long ago.. Some nice videos there.. Anyway, where to find a duck sample?
  8. OK I meant small.. Dynamic range on old vinyls is small.. As much as i know.. Before it was also compressed but not in a such away it is today..
  9. Yeah lone deranger is pretty loud.. Guess it depends from track to track but yeah in general they are quieter.. And it depends on type of music..
  10. I dont get it man, do u know how low is the dynamic range of a vinyl? U must use compression for vinyl.. And old music was on vinyls.. The reason why old music wasn't so loud is just that, cause of the low dynamic range of vinyl.. Anyways Kai, I use RMS buddy but it comes as VST, for standalone application u should try PAZ analyzer.. But I would also recommend just turning the volume up and maybe turning dolby to on.. Also if u ripped your music u could do batch conversion and normalize/maximize all the files at the same time..
  11. Go check it out and tell me what u think.. Reviews are welcome.. Kuliya loop line
  12. Yeah, frequency range is much better in K700, so they would probably be the best option.. Did u see K1000 "ear speakers"
  13. I didn't express my self good.. But when its about scriptures I just found out of one scripture about music, like a music tutorial and I wanna get that but seems like I cant find it nowhere.. I think all those other tutorials would go into water if I dig this scripture somewhere.. God didnt made ambient, his energies did and so as for all other music.. Just combinations of different energies.. But there is a special scale and notes used for praising God.. You can find more on this topic here.. Each note is associated with different chakra.. These notes are used in ragas...
  14. Nice post Otto.. I also think u got to have really well trained ear to do production on headphones cause everything sounds good on them and u hear every detail.. And when u turn on speakers u have to mix from scratch.. Choosing apartment, is it good idea to choose wooden house? You know that houses they asamble in few days.. They can have up to 25 cm of wood, I'm thinking it wood be like a large speaker, just imagine putting some acoustic foam in it and u would actually be sitting in a big speaker.. I know rock is best material for studio but u could also add rock to wood in your studio room..
  15. Yep, your right.. And I wouldn't either buy plugins for colab, I mean I don't buy them anyway mostly.. But theres also some free stuff available thats good..
  16. Well I think it isnt impossible with AKG K271 S.. If your tracks sounds good with eq u could eq your own tracks in same way.. Problem with balance is a thing u have to learn, not buy.. Learn more about mixing projects, mastering.. Train your ears.. No matter how good are your monitors they dont worth anything if u cant hear them properly.. And I also think u don't need woofer, looks like its just making troubles.. Do u listen your tracks at same volume like listening references? Try shuting woofer of and make something new, see how it works and post results.. U could go for headphones if ur low on budget, otherwise go for monitors..
  17. Man thats only if, but be real.. Todays standard in studio is Pro tools HD that costs 15000$ and u dont need to have it at home to produce good music.. If u are doing music for others than you cant produce without such standard and if u produce for your own pleasure your sound system doesnt have to be on pro level.. So I guess your right, if u wanna produce good music rent-a-studio is the only option, or u can reserve some 100.000 bucks for medium quality studio at home..
  18. El Brujo is there anything else you would like to have in your setup? Do u make something above 135 bpm or just chill? I would really like to hear something from this setup..
  19. I knew this will provoke some tensions Of course it was needed, but there wasnt so good equipment like these days, thats what Im saying, dont get me wrong.. Its just that those imperfection of early goa make it so interesting.. I dont want to imply that these days u should create on a bad equipment, of course todays goa must meet all standards of todays music to be good.. But the main point is that u should use what u have and get most of your gear no matter how good it is.. So if production is good even with lousy gear it will still sound great and u can always get your track mastered by some pro and it will sound well on any sound system.. But if the production is bad and sound system degrades music even further than its really bad.. But in old days u had no choice like nowdays.. Theres nothing better than good produced track on a good, big sound system.. After listening to Element(live) on the party for 12000 people with great sound system I got impression that they produce music especially for such high end massive sound systems.. I mean, nothing sounded so clear on such massive audio walls.. It was almost like music was alive, you could actually feel the vibe if u know what I mean, its pretty hard to explain.. Its like they have such 50000 watt studio in their homes and they produce on it.. What are your views on this?
  20. Unfortunately this is true.. So eventually sparkunian, you will have to go BOOM, BOOM! But if u really cant go boom than you have no other choice but to buy AKG K271. For a 1/3 of the price of some good monitors u get studio headphones.. Those headphones are on my top list of future studio improvements.. If theres anything better in that price range I would be happy to know..
  21. I would agree.. Ormion did u actually read what its stated in that article? I suppose not, otherwise, if u are low on cash like I am, you would notice paragraph about bass traps.. Best option for u (and me) is to find nearest Knauf distributor and buy thick fiberglass and use it as bass trap.. No matter how small is your room, those traps will have effect.. So after that u mix on your senheisser headphones and on your speakers.. I think that minimum cash and maximum improvement.. Otherwise you will have to mix only on your headphones..
  22. Yes, of course, loops are more practical and theres no other way when working on external hardware but I wouldn't agree that it is impossible.. I think that giving co producer links to the tools we would use and sharing presets and midis would be possible indeed.. But if everything else fails there are still loops although you cant modify sound when using loop in such a way u can when using preset for plugin
  23. Thats +3.. But also its good to switch workflow methods from time to time, otherwise u loose your creativity and all tracks sound the same.. Thats maybe good for one album, if u want it to make some theme that goes through whole cd.. But its really important not to work always with same process.. I sometimes start with bass.. Sometimes with a loop, sometimes from start, sometimes I just make kick and then press record and play until I get some good tune, after that I fit bassline.. Stating with basslines makes me do really groovy tracks.. I sometimes have problems when I start from start of the track, I create a pro intro, and everything is pro till half of the track, than I have that feeling that something is mising and start adding stuff to the track to create a total mush and ruin the track that was perfect.. But luckily I realized my mistakes and Im overcoming that.. Also a lot of guys complain I have too much brakes.. Does anyone dont like the brakes? For instance took track from Manifold - Faces if I remember good, that track has breakes every 4 bars and its awesome...
  24. Devious I can only say u are pretty hooked.. Looks like u got addicted.. U bastard I just bought a pair of omnitronic direct drive turntables, used.. And got bunch of minimal records with them so I must spin techno now for some time.. Im planning serato next, then I can mix whatever I want, these records I have now are just for gettin into mixing after a long break.. I just hope they last for a year until I get some skills and then Ill probably go for technics..
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