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  1. Thanks guys for great recommendations.. Im gettin that sonitus ultrafunk surround and spinaudio fx pack will have to wait..
  2. Southern oscilation Realy nice compilation.. I overlistened it in past but now I newly discovered it.. There are tons of stuff I just prelisten and after long time realize that I missed some nice stuff...
  3. For some reason I serched for paning, not panning.. A little mistake and there are no results.. Found some respatializer, looks good.. There are lots of other great stuff also.. Wave arts panorama looks good for 3D effects.. Camel Audio Camel Space is not much of panning but for gatting is awesome.. Theres also a new discovery pro, hope its much better than old disco.. Most of the time I get noizy sounds out of old discovery.. Cant get that clean sound Im looking for..
  4. Just wait till I make some new mix and Ill post a traclist :posford: Yeah, but there is progressive trance also as I see it.. Most of progressive house is commercial crap but there are some really banging track that I call progressive trance and have nothing to do with house except they are progressive.. just listening Annarchy - Bizzare hi (Southern oscillation- DOMO) it bangs, its trance, its progressive.. Anyways after third minutes track get some sounds I dont like.. But it still bangs.. Now Vaishiyas - Scape from the same compilation are rocking.. Awesome distorted leads..
  5. So I had big problems with deckadance, I couldnt prelisten on the headphones.. So now after I messed with asio drivers and reinstalled them for three times I finally managed to get that deckadance going on my sb live.. The only problem I have still is that crossfader acts in reverse way when I mix the tracks(which is weird but it can be tolerated).. Otherwise midi implementation is great and after adjusting midi it works well, pitch shifting is natural and im impressed with lo/mid/hi faders, they actually act as almost like compressors so when u boost your bass it wont overdrive and mid and high will lower itself witch sounds amazing when u try it and its pretty addictive..
  6. First I cant spend time when nothing is working, I would stick with it for long if it works.. Anyways dont think Im not getting music production seriously, I've read throughly lives manual with as much patience as I have when Im reading the holy scriptures.. My manual has 44 pages and maybe its incomplete.. Thats more logical solution since fx should work on audio tracks and synths on midi.. That should work but its not.. Like I said it shows nothing when I open some vst synth folder so I have nothing to double click on but it shows the effects.. I tried it just now and when I set vst plugin folder in live to that cubase is using live just crashes.. Im compensating that now by copying vsts to another folder and deleting native instruments vsts so well see what happens.. I just found out that I have live v 1.0, I think thats obsolete version, I could get live 6, what is the current version? How could I download old live that doesnt supports vsts.. Man OK so I deleted all native cubase vsts along with some synths live proposed and now there are no nag screens when loading vst folder but it still wont open synths.. How do I choose between audio and midi tracks? When I create new track its audio by default and I didnt seen any midi track so far in live.. Also I didnt try it but according to the settings it seems I have similar problem with output on headphones like with deckadance so it looks like Im gona have to use sb live sound card to achieve prelistening option.. Ill mess with that later, live should support two sound cards, is it not?
  7. Just give me few days since I cant upload it from home.. I think Ill upload all of my older tracks and u see what suit you the best.. Now im working on 145 bpm stuff, pretty dark but not in a spooky way and waaaay better than ones I did before when I used reason.. Maybe I upload that too.. Will send u pm when its up
  8. Im having stupidest problem ever.. I cant get my hihats moving, for some reason midipan is not working in cubase, nor the modulation pan in my sampler.. So I need some vst paner to put on output of sampler.. Any recommendations?
  9. I just cant get open vst synths when I drag and drop them in ableton, only vst effects.. And I doubt thats the audio setup problem.. I just tried it now again and it just wont open the folder where particular vst synth is.. And it can open folder where vst effect is normally and than I drag and drop effect and it works, but Im saying the synths wont open, none.. Which vsts u use in ableton?
  10. Yeah, I sometimes have that experiance with cubase.. Anyways thank u guys for help, I just needed to know that it can be done cause I went through all the manual and not a word of midi editors and such.. Anyways I can drag n drop only vst effects onto track but not synths.. In the browser it wont open the folder of particular vst.. I choosed my cubase vstplugins folder and when I first loaded them it sent me one after another "this vst cant be opened with live".. So u are saying that all of your vsts u use on cubase are working in live.. I must get this to work, that what I wanted and knew that it must have options but seems Im having some problems.. Ill mess with that and see maybe it will work..
  11. Oh, come on, where are all those ableton freaks now?
  12. So I tried that delays and I got to admit I underestimated them.. They do their job for sure, Ill use them for long ddl and for some wird stuff theres ohmboyz..
  13. Thats cool, I never thinked about it in that way.. Its true acording to the laws of physics.. Anyways, you should have no doubt about A6.. It has the same knobs as my micron only more of the.. A lot more.. That mono is great, the guy who sold me micron bought mono evo after alesis.. I tried, its special.. But I needed a keyboard on a synth and poly is too expensive.. And only 4 voices, thats not much of a poly
  14. Yeah I was speaking about bcr not bcd.. Have to watch out with that letters.. Anyway that bcr was controller of choice.. Until I found bitstream.. Its also good for djing, you get crossfader with it.. Anyway about live.. As I said live cant get my vsts to work, deckadance can.. Im really interested in that live but its not working for me, only vst fx.. And it cant play midi patterns only wav loops
  15. Tell us more about it.. Im interested too.. I dont care for the loops that come with it.. Is it good for remixing as they say? And techno how is that chameleon?
  16. Devious So in the end it suck.. To me Prophet 5 looks awesome but then again it is to simple for some nasty things.. With witch evolver did u mess with? Poly or mono? I played with mono and knobs are bit hard and too close to each other but however u can make some crazy shh.. Are knobs on poly worse than on mono? How could it be? Is Dave really so dumb to put better knobs on cheaper synth? Anyways Alesis has best knobs I ever used and probably ever will.. There is no comparisons when u try one.. And all Alesis stuff has them, even MIDI controllers.. and pitch/mod on my micron is better than on that evo its horizontally aligned, little weird but when u get used to it its like driveing a car, and the red LED is progressivly illuminating pitch wheel (on evo its blue).. I dont know man, Im really all horny about that poly evo but now ur saying this..
  17. For introduction I wanna state my 1st impressions of Ableton.. Lot of people on this forum talked about using Ableton is better than Cubase etc.. So I gained impression that it really can be used in production although I knew its for live performance as the name tells it.. So I tried a demo and I 1st thing I thinked about is that midi mapping is well done.. But I didnt explore it so much cause its was a demo.. Now I have full version and Im really interested in it.. When I opened it again my second thought was: Man, where are the controls? OK, it has some FX but its really meant for pure live performance.. Then again after I read the manual and explored it further I realized its just about the loops and creative way of recording and playing them.. Of course it supports VSTs, thats what I want.. But when I loaded VSTs there was 1st disappointment.. It couldnt load any synth made for live performance.. It supports only FX as I see it.. Than 2nd dissapointment.. Why cant I load some of my midi sequences, patterns, phrases and such into it.. How will I recreate live on stage what I do at home.. I could use a VST sequencer for rhythm and split my keyboard so I can play bass, leads, pads and stuff separately on my synth but even if I could knew to play all of them at the same time with my 2 hands and even if I only splitted the keyboard and used rhythms from synth to play my melodies that cant be possible cause Ableton does not support synth Im using nor sequences import or something like that.. However I really have faith in that program and hope that someone will tell me Im wrong.. So to make it simple, how is live performing of your stuff made in cubase done? I wanna be ABLE to sequence my bass lines, rhythms and play my leads live, maybe spilt the keyboard so I can play bass patterns live and drop some loop here and there? We are making trance (synthesizeing sounds that have never been heard before, not looping something thats chewed and spitted many times(although we are implementing short loops of such stuff but thats just a little dose)) so I see no great use of loops, that could be more apropriate for ©rap, or hip hop and such, even minimal.. Is ableton ABLE of to do that? It has really great GUI and midi implementation so it would be waste of such good program.. If ableton is unABLE I hope stainberg V-STack is but again V-STack has support for 12 VSTs but without sequencing.. Or is the only way putting all my cubase projects into one big track and twiddleing the knobs.. But thats not as live as I want it to be.. Even some dj mix program support use of vst and playing midi patterns automatically while at the same time you are in the mix and are controling everything with midi.. So here it is, I know its a long read but I really wanna go live, its natural progression when u have some of your production material..
  18. Interesting Caban, since I planed to open ableton topic and obviously state some of my views that are not opposed to yours so u should go and read that also.. Here I just want to encourage you with that Deckadance cause it is the best program I ever used for djing in my life. It supports not only vst and sampler but also midi imports of patterns, phrases and such.. It also supports light show scanners to be in sync with the mix in the club witch is by far the best thing I have ever seen but surely I aint gona use that option at home.. Another great thing that u might be interested in is that supports your BCD2000 but somehow it doesnt support my Bitstream 3X which is way better than yours.. But I think its cause not so many guys has its, so I sent them mail to implement that in another version.. Another weird thing is that u can control it with MII nintendo wireless joystick?! and a xone:3D mixer(if u are blessed to have one).. Anyways for my other views read live topic..
  19. Thanks Colin I will check it out.. I have ohmboyz and its ultimate for short delays but I need longer ones.. 50 sounds nice.. I just check that analogic/bionic and that shh is for free.. I just remembered I have it on the 303 free vst cd that I dont use.. U really think its better than ohmboys.. Do u use it for your releases? Man I see that Coldplay used it.. Is todays trance really based on free gear? Than its really true what I asked in some other topic of nemo.. However Ill give it a try right away, maybe I just jumped over it and thought it is crap, maybe it really does the job.. I see midi implementation so thats a big + at the start..
  20. Some guy made electronic music album mixed with traditional music band called Lado from my country..
  21. How do u create that long sustained DDL that can be amplified and filtered in time? Maybe theres some easier way than I do it.. Actually Im making a loop of a delay and set volume to it.. I just can find delay that suports long enough sustain for me.. Most of them are up to 10 sec.. Or Im just doing something wrong.. Spare me some time in finding that out
  22. Just to mention, most of free vsts are crap.. I have about 300+ of them and they are nothing compared to my 20 top most arsenal than I now own.. Get some pro stuff and theres no need for some expensive gear although you can buy something in the future just to fit nice on the table.. Warez man.. Warez.. Then if u become famous some day and earn huge amounst of money than u buy original vsts u used.. Otto , shh.. man do I sound like intuition?
  23. As much as I know Electribe is good for remixing and what do u want to do with it? I think u should wait to get home to buy it.. You should stick to FL for start than when u get familiar upgrade to Reason and when you master it use Cubase.. Maybe you should consider buying MIDI controler rather than electribe for start cause it CAN be as much as fun twiggling knobs on the computer via midi as twigling knobs on a harware synth.. Knob is knob, there is no difference, the only difference is quality of a midi u buy.. You also have synths with lousy knobs and thats no fun at all.. My Alesis Micron has best knobs I ever worked on, you can check that out to.. We had a debate onece what is better MicroKorg or Micron, you can search it to find out more.. If you are planning to do psy Micron is great for that and also electro.. But you should equip yourself with some good VSTs no matter which synth u buy.. You said u have mixer and on what do you spin on cds or turntable? Is trance scene in japan really that commercial as it looks like? Are the Japanese girls wearing umbrellas like on every picture I see from a trance party in japan? :-D
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