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  1. Of course you dont silly.. How could you when u hear up to 20000 Hz, you dont hear a lot of freq spectrum your genelecs produce.. Its not that they are crap, your ears are and so are mine.. And other possible reason is that your VST instrument doesnt support 48K so theres no change anyway.. Of course we have to take sound card into account and of course cables.. And bla bla.. The point is no one hears 147000 sample rate even if they have genelecs but we are not working in hearing spectrum hear, we are working with much subtler frequencies that have important effect on the overall hearing spectrum.. So thats the reason of recording at such high rates.. 48K is low sample rate on my opinion for such state of the art speaker, you are underestimateing them.. Man even back in the old days when pure goa was created it was produced on DATs and DATs supports 96000 sample rate.. And guys down there in the bush didnt have the genelecs for sure, just dat and couple of dirty and dusty turntables.. About your hearing.. Go and google about golden ear, I recommended it to you previously.. Maybe you will much better use your ears and genelecs after mastering the course.. and just to go little off.. Its really true what u said way back that more u know, more u realize that u know nothing.. Im talking about cubase.. Man, Im exploring some things I could only imagine.. Its really endless.. Will it ever come to an end of that learning curve..
  2. No 48.000 is OK.. But there are some confidential instructions that tells u that if u wanna quality of original u at least have to double a sample rate.. I dont plan to burn my audio card up to 174000 cause it wouldnt be convinient for downsampling.. You probably know that fact that converting to twice as much lower/higher sample rate gives best results.. You just type sample rate in adobe auditions help and click search or do the same in google and youll see.. And why should manufactures produce 96K plugins? And why should they sell my card with such hi sample rate? Just for nothing? I dont think so.. Anyways this is not about me, I hear my music perfectly on 44.100 at CD quality but I want u to also be able to hear what I hear.. So help me for your own sake.. Collin, I want feedback from u too.. Others, join as well even if u dont know anything about sample rate, just post whats your setup with sample rate and how much vsts do u use..
  3. And why dont u simply switch cables of the speakers on the output and it will play normally without any fx.. Interesting link.. that kellys, do u see any use of it in sidechaining?
  4. For sure ??? And what about all those tutorials? U are saying that my 174000 sample rate is worthless? So whats the use of good audio card when u can do all that with normal stuff like sb live
  5. Than tell me that.. Thats the answer I we been looking for.. So what about recording and "u must use at least twice as high sample rate not to lose quality" stuff.. That confuses me cause how will I record at 88K when it cant play at that rate and u can set different setting in external recorder.. If u use some internal recorder it will save it in projects sample rate > 44K I sent them mail.. But till they answer I need some feedback with this.. That bugs me for long, demistify that now for good
  6. Cubase SX 3 - Know It All ! This is really nice.. Sweet woman voice that guides you through flash animations.. I found some stuff that I would never discover myself in cubase.. Theres a lot hidden in that cubase.. Sidechain 32MB rar download(no voice but kick ass loops) long
  7. Great! How didnt I came up with that earlier Man, I had some bad experiances with tech support so Ill write them over my will.. But is it hard to just answer what sample rate do u use in cubase setup project? I need some referance.. Do u set your fx for mastering at high sample rate and leave project in 44.100 or go from start with high sample rates and downsample just at the end of the process.. Do u run your 22 vsts with fx in high sample rates? You're totally right, google gives better answers..
  8. Vestax looks better for mixing, its not so much about how usable are those jogs but they sure are the most beautiful jogs Ive seen.. I have bitstream and I recomend it for production + mixing.. Although one thing I hate about bitstream is that most apps dont support it so u have to set up assignments manually.. It isnt hard but.. And I have this weird thing with bitstream when mixing in deckadance, crossfader acts in reverse way.. Its pretty weird.. But for virtual dj is great..
  9. Someone? Please! Its killing me.. It can only run smooth on 44.100 Hz.. I can get it work on higher sample rates.. How are your setting in cubase project setup? It shouldnt be sound card problem I think..
  10. Yeah man, you're right.. Ill keep my eyes on google in a future..
  11. I never buy stuff from provox.. Expensive bastards.. But they have all good stuff I sent mail to some distributor so we will see can he order that 271.. Just to know cause I have some other improvements in my setup for now, but thats headphones will probably be most important thing I use to produce..
  12. No. no, everything works.. Its just that I didnt use that show used automation feature.. I just recorded automation and after that clicked + sign on the track and when he opens mute or something default you just click on the mute and select what u want automate or what u want to edit.. So u dont have to click + and + and + and over again.. Just select, its faster + its faster cause you dont have to click right button to select show used automation just click + sign on the track.. That cubase is discovery day by day..
  13. No man.. I dont use google for VSTs.. Im using warez site search engine, u know me.. And I search for that melodyne and added it to the download list.. Much thanks..
  14. I havent used that "show used automation".. But its faster for sure.. I said it should work cause Im not sure, so it does work with mastering fx like with vsts normally?
  15. I look for my distributor.. Hope there is any.. Are they for monitoring? I see referance headphones title on them.. I searched a little and found this suits my needs better.. But I dont wanna even know about a price, im scared of it AKG K 271 studio
  16. Go and get it.. I thinked about gettin it for use with mixvibes, great stuff, especially jogs fascinate me..
  17. The channel should discover automation automatically so you can see what u recorded and edit it if necessary..
  18. Cool, I just need to wait 55 minutes to set up new standards in my studio
  19. I get click when my cubase project is set to 88.200 sample rate and I cant record in 88.200 in external recorder if cubase is set to 44.100 on same audio card(logical).. So what should I do? How to do a mixdown with twice as much sample rate to preserve quality when I hear clicks and have no quality at all cause of them..
  20. Im not doing it for the money but something has to be paid off, at least a gear.. And if I ever get something out of it It will go only on new equipment.. Its good to focus.. Without focus its hard to achieve something.. But like needle said, its sucking you in.. But its also good to play it safe and have some other "skillz"
  21. Nemo go back to top and read ESI Julia, it suports 176400 sample rate but it seems like Im having problem with 88.200.. Needle your example is perfect, why I cant load so much VSTs? I didnt spent so much money for all that gear to have problems like that.. It pisses me off, its like on my old 1.8, with 128 RAM.. Well its much faster but it clicks like that, thats the point, I cant finish track normally on either setup.. And I upgraded just for that.. So help.. Here is latest news.. I solve all those problems left with latency setting to 2048 samples which makes it about 20 s of latency, in otherwords BAD. And also I had to set up my project to 44.100 Hz sample rate instead of 88.200 and now its fine.. Why I cant set it to run smothly on 88.200 sample rate? How do u set this things and still I wanna know how much vsts u use per track.. Im curentlly using 8 vsts with as much fx but Im sure gona use few others till the end of the track so what is the problem? Why the F its not runnin smothly? Disk is defragmented, windows runs fast like never before(unimaginable) with all these settings but still I get some click here and there when theres many notes at the same time on different vsts.. Actually Im just listening the track and it all runs smothly, finally, but what if I wish to add some massive sound with many voices and fx, it will for sure click again.. So please read questions carefully, I need to know about that sample rates
  22. THX guys.. But would you like to explain that auto-tune and what tools to use for that? I would agree that madonna and cheer use something different than vocoder, and daft pure voco but I was looking for some more precise answers like what did they use for modulator signal and maybe some ideas about settings.. And now u came up with this completly new for me auto-tune so I wanna know more about that also.. Maybe some auto-tune pdf manual link would help to save your fingers.. Needle, orange vocoder is standard, but recently I discovered Klanglabs Vokko Stereo Vocoder which looks promising.. Ive done a little search and that auto tuning is like it sounds, a pitch correction.. I thought so.. Is there any better tool than antares auto tune? Any ideas on settings of that auto tune to get cherr like ptch corections? Or incorections I would say.. Its sounds like that.. Pitch shifting and stuff.. Did they use few voices and auto tuned them?
  23. Muska Lipmanns Cubase SX Ignite! Ask me for pass
  24. I was wondering for long time.. Does anyone know how Madonna and Cherr and also Daft punk made such vocoding? Any ideas?
  25. Like needle ninja my synth also doesnt have arp but I compensate that with arp on my midi.. So Tiesto uses same arp as I do and he does that with CME Bitstream.. That midi has thousands of arp patterns and everyone is changeble.. So tiesto is not some hot shot obviously, he just has a good gear for live performance.. I personally dont use that arp also but its really good, also it has lfo so u can do some mess.. Quick way to create something live.. But for production I rarely use some arp pattern from "some random guy"..
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