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  1. Where did u get that akai full on and dark trance pack? I was going to get VZ8 sampler, emu of akai that reads his samples so Im interested.. You probably need some comp and fx or eq, who knows.. I didn't hear them so I can judge..
  2. Goa sure doesnt need good sound system cause at goa beaches there were no sound systems like u have them today.. Psy trance maybe.. Quality was way worse years ago in time of goa.
  3. No, it happens also when I'm editing.. It wouldn't be the problem otherwise.. So u are not convinced anymore? Why not? Try to record concert at 44.100 and u will see what I mean..
  4. Here is few different types of workflows, choose your own.. Trance tutorial
  5. Cool man, cool! Looks like u messed with it (u had to since u payed for it ).. I'm almost sure you can get two samples messing with each other, u have cross fader in the middle for that as I can remember.. Looks like now I'm too gonna mess with it, thanks much man.. Anyways do u vocode your own voice for tracks? I don't, I'm to shy, I use samples but looks like I'm gonna have to start now.. I didnt get u, I know u can load sample but I wanna route output from audio track to vocoder input, get me? Is that possible with vokko like it is with orange vocoder
  6. I'm joining to waiting of that pdf, although mike A presented plenty of information, if not too much.. One day Im sure gona need that info but for now setting of the speakers is all I can do, no room treatment.. I have some sponges, but don't know where would be best place to put them.. Probably this info will solve that problem.. Much thanks.. Eddy: Man that mike A's info is awesome.. I'm already investigating where to get that rigid fiberglass.. I choosed Knauf.. And combine that with acoustic foam I have, I must get some results.. My speakers are near the windows, is that bad? I see it good for "isolating" external noize.. I also have pair of speakers hanging on chains in opposite wall corners to create "pseudo-quadrophonia" again, Is that bad? I see it good for adding positive pressure from behind instead of negative coming from walls..Yeah and a pair of speakers below main pair, to add some bass.. Another Eddy: I found this Minirator MR1 great tool for testing but I also have some professional sound files with pink noise and sine waves for testing purposes.. I just wanna know, how low can u go.. I can hear 65 Hz tested with that Minirator.. And Nemo I wanna especially know how low can your genelecs go.. Weird thing, after gettin through that Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms tutorial I found at the end that I have mirror treatment of the room unconsciously.. Cool.. Don't have to set that up..
  7. Report if u find crack somewhere for that, you know me.. Anyways I think its best that u do setup yourself with no programs, you just need to know what you're doing and if u still don't, which I doubt, theres plenty tutorials on that topic.. Here is example tutorial on that topic although I don't know what so big problem about setting up the speakers, you just need to set your speakers in a triangle with your with your ears and they need to be in height of your ears, for monitoring you will probably put them on the sides of the monitor (preferably lcd or magnetic isolated speakers so u don't burn the monitor,(which is pretty cool although)).. Do you have stands for that genelec? I guess your heaving problems cause u don't have stands, otherwise I don't see why the sound would be crappy.. Are u doing test with that 5 unfinished tracks? Have u consider some wavs particularly meant for testing the speakers? But if u really want some soft try this as well RPG Inc. Man, I already told u, go through Golden ears tutorial and than u can setup your room how u want it, u don't need an engineer, u will have the skills of engineer.. I think I first have to set my ears so I can hear that crisp of the sound and than try to set speakers.. U probably developed your ears better but I feel like I'm deaf, I need so much more ear training.. And thats crap, cause that comes gradually.. If u didn't get it, I'm saying that no software can replace your ears. U gotta rely on yourself, not on some software.. Im bugging with spectrum analyzers cause I don't hear properly but when I develop some basic skills I wont need any spectrum analyzer.. U have ears, use them..
  8. And what about shipping and taxes, is that included in price? Nemo, try this, its bit costly but for you.. Visual ears
  9. And what do u do booby when u ran out off paper at 12 clock midnight and u are missing that tiny bit of inspiration for a song?
  10. THX for feed.. Man just check my Timeless eternity track and you'll see how dark it turns out to be cause of that timeless feeling.. I don't know I would rather call it "man I got to go to work in few hours" feeling. Im sure you all know that working early in the morning is really better cause your ears are fresh.. Thats especially crucial when mixing a track and doing mastering.. Ill try different setting for producing and see if the results change.. I just have that thing that when I start in evening track has really happy feeling and when I edit that same track at late night, early morning hours it sounds good, but when I wake up in the morning its really heavily dark mood of the track.. Its not that its less quality but just changed the mood.. I dig that ghostly sounds, almost like from some horror movie.. And the worst thing is that I dont like dark personally but in the end track turns out to be pretty dark.. I just always stuck doing dark and cant change my style.. How to change a style?
  11. I think the night is cause of the dark tunes I make.. Man I hate dark but in the end the tracks turn out to be heavily dark.. Im thinking of doing music early in the morning, waking up at 3 a.m. instead of going to bed at that time.. Ill got to make a drastical change so I wanna now more is it realy the night that is turning music into dark stuff.. You Otto say your tunes are melodic which is oposite to my assumings.. I also love to work late at night cause there is no outside disturbances.. You can focus better but than again youre tired cause the day is at the end so its hard to work..
  12. OK, so I wanna make some investigation and I hope I get some results with your help.. I'm doing a survey of influence of day time at which music is produced with the mood of the songs that are made in that time.. I'm assuming that period of the day at which we do our tracks is strongly connected with kind of mood the track has at the end.. So u please post the time and part of the day when u make particular track and mood of that track, you could also write few examples to make this survey more precise.. I would really like much feedback on this at least when the first results show.. Thanks for participating in this project Mods, how do I make a survey? U know, with stats and u just click on the answer..
  13. I dont know, I cant get it to work.. As I figured u must load a sample into it.. Can u somehow connect it to audio out port? It would be more compact, like the orange voco..
  14. F that, alesis micron vocoder No man, we are dealing with software here.. 20 bucks is nothing compared to the price of nord.. I was just thinking about it some time ago, its no wonder that such good music comes from scandinavian countries when they have much better standard of living.. I mean someone who live in a county where nord is produced can easily get a hold of it + he doesnt have to pay taxes and shiping.. By the time nord comes into my hands it worths a fortune.. Korg Radias also has good vocoder.. And seawasp Ill ceheck that vOcOv but I think this one I recomended will suffice..
  15. O man Im shocked too.. In my bio I wrote Im "involved" in music for about 7 years but I took fruity and stuff like magix music maker :clapping: and even that music maker on playstation into account.. I hated cubase cause it didnt have anything then, and even magix music maker was better and fruity was way better.. Than reason improved much with version 2.. That what I wrote in a bio was just a joke but when I mentioned this on some other forum, people said that fruity and stuff like that also counts.. I dont look at it that way, I feel like I dont know much but man am I really so long into this? Where did time pass, where are albums? I should released platinum record till now Man, thats scares me, u put me in "nemo" group .. I feel like I just started learning.. till now I didnt fell comfotable with tools I had, all that stuff was insufficient for my creativity till cubase SX.. Now I think that there is no need for better program than that.. I didnt check cubase 4 and think I wont.. When I first looked at cubase years ago I though you could never make goa track with it but still people did it.. At that time u couldnt do anything good at home, there was no vsts, no good DAW, you were limited to hardware.. Man, do u realize how lucky we are today? I just watched one video tutorial and in just one hour you get information you would otherwise take year to discover alone.. I feel like its waste of time that 7 years when I could now without any knowledge rush into music making and be ready for few months to make something as good as Im making now after all that years.. But in the optimistic point of view, better now than never..
  16. For me reason is not difficult at all, its just that u have to do so much connections so that messes with your creativness.. Its fun at start but connecting cabels after some time can be a bug.. And only thing that I dont like in reason is that is closed daw.. You are limited only on it and that means all the sounds are chewed many times.. And if u want some upgrade u are limited to the refills.. That for me is simply done for commercial reasons , so they could hold all the money for themselves.. Ableton is better in that view..
  17. Nice job. Really mellow trip, I like acid in high doses so I would like it to show more teeth.. This is kinda candyflipinn stuff That bassline at 4.00 ruined whole trip but flashback seconds after turned it back on line.. As you have good background u know what happens at 6.00 in goa and thats nicely done.. Overall, great track, nice lines, good old classic kick and fluid basslines (except that mess at 4.00).. Since u didnt put download option it was great way to test directwireing features on my audio card and it works perfectly but I think Ill have to maximise the track.. Maybe the voice should have few dB up.. Do u wanna share which tools did u use for lead lines? In one other topic u said u posted the samples, where are they? I cant find them on the page..
  18. So I checked that Jeskola also and I dont understand why are u recomending him such complicated stuff.. Its like recomending him NI reaktor.. Stuff like Reaktor turned me away from modulars, and Jeskola would do that also.. I like to work in good looking gui, if I have to stare at something for hours than I dont want to stare at some boxes on the screen which I have to wire.. There are many lot more user friendly modulars than those like buzz.. Only good thing is that supports vsts.. Anyways reason and ableton look nice to the eye and have all the stuff in them to make complete song so I would suggest him to study them and later he can get more into separate vsts and aband reason.. Reason is great for learning and FL is also.. FL now supports vsts and a lot more.. But at the time I used it it didnt.. For me, in FL I feel like Im not so much in control over details..
  19. Track is almost finished, hows your filtering going?
  20. Why should he learn hex? He can stick to reason and after rewire it with cubase when he gains some experiance.. I didnt had to learn hex so far..
  21. 20? yeah thats cheap... But you could ask for a link still Send some presets when u get into it.. Im not using it for now..
  22. Looks like thats easy money for u.. I had to get warez..
  23. Yeah I also have that 271 in plan and they cost 3 times less than I expected.. I expected prices like monitor speakears equivalent.. So thats even bigger plus since I dont wanna buy monitors cause I cant bang in the middle of the night..
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