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  1. Well thanks.. Ill try it.. It could be interesting.. Im recording with Audition, it works ok but in cubase I have this output called audition and nothing comes out of it.. I suppose I could link audition and cubase to start simultaniously .. Is this possible? That bugs me for long.. Thats why I dont record separate tracks.. And now I have a need for that since I dont have any CPU resources left in my new track..
  2. Any reviews? I would really like to see some comments.. Track is one of first tries with my Micron and rebirth..
  3. I explored the review of Radias(my bad) in sound on sound, keyboard, and remix magazine and I get conclusion that it has bad modulation, but its good for drums and vocoder is also good.. In many places in article its mentioned that it lacks some options like on alesis Ion so now I really start to appreciate what I have, my little monster.. And the looks, yeah I could change leds easily but all those red leds on the module, man it looks cheap.. I think I should wait for some long time and buy nord that will fit well with my micron(both are red).. It is written in the review that Radias is good for trance but so is the micron too.. And I really dont wanna lose that modulation options my micron has + I would lack one oscillator and the filters are not so well solved like on my much cheaper synth.. + keyboard lacks aftertouch
  4. OK u got me there.. :clapping: But thats just cause I got new discovery PRO and I couldnt resist, it was so tempting.. But lets turn it the other way, why is stealing software bad and stealing kicks/presets isnt?
  5. Here is an old and unfinished track that I wanted to share.. I didnt finish it cause I lost the project and Im sorry for that cause it could be great track but anyways I like it even without good mixing and mastering.. Track is 5.32 MB (56K friendly) available for download and listening.. Ill probably make it again from scratch in some distant future cause I like the concept.. Tell me what u think.. just believe.mp3 - 5.33MB
  6. Here is the way I look at it.. I almost bought Adams.. Since I thought that the monitors are main thing in the master sesion.. But than I thinked about it for some time and than I came to a conclusion that I should first try to do a decent mastering with stuff I have.. And it worked after a long time and lots of crappy results.. But as I say I first thought, man what is wrong with that programs, why dont they make my track rock.. Than I realized that experiance is the most important factor in this.. Pro enginiers spend years and years training their ears.. Of course its a must to have good monitors but also reference monitors are a must.. As far as I know kitchen radios or TV mono speaker is a great referance tool.. I personally use one crappy computer speaker as a referance.. And of course its much better that artist do mastering by himself not to loose the original feel.. So for the start get yourself good mastering progs and learn man, first you have a lot to read and I mean a lot.. There are plenty sources for that.. But I wanna make a point that even with top speakers such as adams mastering wont worth nothing if u dont know what u are doing.. Its like giving Pagani Zonda with no roof to someone who has no driving licence..
  7. So I checked it out.. I didnt expect a keyboard to be like that, first it was weird but than again it looks awesome.. Anyways Im not pleased with the blue led, how could they put blue led on a synth that has red buttons? And yeah the price.. Radias is twice more expensive compared to my alesis when u include that keyboard.. I wanted to make a simple change, add a little for Radius, change my bitstream for m-audio axiom which is twice cheaper and control korg with axiom.. Now I see the keyboard and I want it but also its expensive.. Maybe I should just start to save and maybe till Im 50 Ill get Nord lead 3 so I dont have to think about selling the synth after some time.. Although Radius has 24 voices which is impressive.. Theres a lot of calculation to do still and I have to read many reviews of radias so well see... Anways some people on the forums even compare it with nord but I think thats too much.. And which analog synth is your synth of choice?
  8. Thanks man, I have more confidence now.. I think Ill get it,, Just to sell my alesis.. I didnt planed to buy it with keyboard but will check it out to.. I hope it has velocity sensitive keyboard..
  9. I personnaly like the shitty kick of astral cause its meant to be "shitty".. In goa music kick isnt so pronaunced and doesnt have to be banging cause the lead is the main focus.. And to cronodevir.. Man we are making electronic music, I didnt listen to your stuff but if u wanna go and play in some band go ahead..But that wont make u goa head.. Kick doesnt have to be real nor does the percussion, thats why we use synths, to synthesize, make something different.. Although its great to combine unreal sounds with real.. But synthesizers are not meant to just emulate real sounds but to create new as well..
  10. What do u think about korg radius? I plan to sell my alesis micron and buy that korg rack edition.. But that means I have to sell my CME bitstream midi controller and buy m-audio axiom with keyboard cause synth will be rack.. Or should I buy korg with keyboard.. Is it worth it? Should I change my gear? Is it so much better?
  11. Its true what colin said.. You can make kick like on 909 on a virtual analog synth.. First 2 tracks I did when I got the synth were made with synth only, and that includes kick, hats, toms and everything.. That was just for fun and learning and of course u need to have few different tools but it can be done.. And the kick my synth makes is much better and fuller, deeper than any sample I have.. But unfortunatelly I dont use it very often.. Anyways will everyone sugest good kick/percussion maker VST? I have few of them but there must be some better stuff.. And yeah, Im glad that at least few of them support my theory.. Man I thought horrible things like where is the music? Is anyone making his own stuff anymore? And Nemo u didnt answer.. Do u use factory presets as they are? If yes than I think you should stick with magix music maker or something like that, there are many sampled loops and kicks there, you just put them altogether and u have a hit track(thats been chewed million times over and over).. And cronodevir, its not bad to suck making kicks, you use sample but u should plan to learn how to make one..
  12. I had also that troubles.. My first tracks were.. well I dont want to spit on my work but when u opened a track in a wave editor it was horrible.. And second I grab my track and go to a friend to let him test them and what did he say, he said its so quite, I can hear just hats.. That really pissed me off so I start to studie that part of production cause simply if the quality is not good, it doesnt matter how good arrangement and ideas are.. But otherwise even a bad track can sound good when its good mixed and mastered.. It took me long time but step by step I learned and now I can master track that looks good, sounds good and its loud without clipping.. I also got some great tools I gathered in two years.. It was hard work but its paid off.. I cant guaranty u pro work but if u dont know anything about it I can help a little(very little cause I too have to produce).. Just for fun and experiance..
  13. I also lost(well not I, the guy I borowed) a knob on a mixete and cant found it.. Try to fit some other part.. Thats what I was warning u uys, old synth broke easily although there great to have at home but u must understand u shouldnt mess with the faders and knobs, only filter sweep here and there, other stuff u do with your midi controller.. Vintage stuff...
  14. Man thanks for recomendation, its really great quick start, I warp now and its great, it took me few minutes till I dig it but now its awesome.. Live is probably best tool for live performance and I plan to use it in that way and for remixes.. But for production cubase is a must although live offers some inovations..
  15. Thats what Im talking.. Sampling movies is ok and its whats trance is all about.. Astral projection stoled a whole dune movie.. Thees not one sample for us left.. bastards Anyways wanna share your folder? Nemo.. I should adopt my views.. You taken me to seriously.. I was just saying that is much better to make your own stuff(and a lot harder) and its not so bad to steal kick but I give more respect to people how make mucic not copy it.. Thats why todays psy sounds all the same.. Everything is copied.. People are too lazy to work.. Its good to copy but if u start with a kick u will wanna copy bassline too, then arrangement and u wont create anything new.. And I wanted to add a question to this topic Is it ok to use factory presets from vsts? Probably u will agree according to what I see but every preset I use I throughly changed and has nothing to do with original, its just a startpoint for creatin, thats the way I see it..
  16. Man I would feel awesome, will u do that? At least copy them for yourself :clapping: Anyways, why dont u upload that kick ass cd u have? And I was thinking about some recomendations of rhythm making vsts if u have some in mind.. Well u sure dont have mine.. And yeah, I wanted to tell u this for long.. Remember that pro tools we talked about and logic? U said that it can never be found crack and infact I didnt found it on net.. But when I searched on my year old cds I found them both But I dont have mac so whats the use.. I tried Logic anyway and it didnt impressed me And really if I ever make money with warez I will buy progs that I use.. Its just that u first have to try it out, cause theres a lot of crap out there and every maker says his program is the best.. It would be better to have already printed manual than to print your own.. And the packs look great on many of them.. But like I said till there is some real use of them I wont pay a bit..
  17. Anyways do u have some recommendations for good kick maker and percussion synthesizer.. And no its not ok to steal software as much as stealing kick is.. But when u steal kick somebody can recognize it.. And in other case it cant.. Its just that people should develop their skillz and stealing music isnt good at all.. I only once stealed kick drum.. But I played it with my synth live and it took time while It was as good as original, I didnt copy raw sound file.. I steal vocals from films and samples like that mainly, but who doesnt?..
  18. No need for answer.. I checked the gear.. Good monitors.. And the DSPs.. Im getting them.. Anyways im not interested anymore cause of the price but I would wanna know how would your master version sound cause u mentioned we get free demo..
  19. HOW many? Man, you really think I can count them all? Tons.. And the list is getting bigger every day..
  20. Ticon.. Atmos.. Thats the style of their own.. They played such music long before modern progressive.. I would rather call atmos deep trance..
  21. Sampling is one thing, stealing kicks is other
  22. Yeah sounds good, I could need it but could you better tell us which tools u use..
  23. I wouldnt fit Ticon, SBK, Mitellstandkinder ohne Strom into progressive.. Its more trance than progressive.. SBK maybe but.. Anyways ever heard Greed? More on the house side than trance.. Antix, Eelke Kleijn, True Lies, Force Mass Motion, Freq, Sound field, Nasser, Meeloo, Headroom, La Baaz
  24. They look like mackies.. I dont know for the price but they should do the job.. Although, I would recommend mackies, they are expensive but the sound is wow
  25. Stealing basic music architecture sucks.. For long time I used samples for kicks and hats (but never tried to steal something direct from the track except some ethno samples that u cant reproduce at your own and of course vocal stuff from movies, thats cool).. But recently Im trying to make every part of track authentic and original including kicks.. I use RM IV for that.. Its ok but Im trying to get Waldorf edition pack of synths for my percussions.. And for kick I have some new stuff that I use.. Ill probably use RM IV mainly as sampler unit since it doesnt have controls I want for the kick.. But its ok for start.. Its authentic even if it sucks.. Its better to suck originally then to suck when u copied something from others.. So be original man and use your creativity.. Otherwise music is loosing its original nature
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