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  1. I deployed windows with drivers and configuration I choosed and also installed everything back up so the system is again online.. That didnt solve the problem although windows are acting much better and faster overall.. So when nothing worked I turned to vst plugins optimizing and reduced polyphony and fx and solved it in the end. I still have few clicks here and there but Ill solve that too I hope.. Looks like vsts created recently use much more cpu than previous versions.. Its like in computer gaming, u always have to upgrade something and I hate that, I thought it will never be like that.. Im thinking of using only one vst and changing programs instend of two or more instances.. I dont use that normally cause I hate automating programs.. Can I use two programs at the same time on one vst? That program changeing should reduce cpu but if I have some sounds which are overlapping can I set them both to play simultaneously? And refering to that background services setting, what about memory, should I set it to programs or system cache? I have it written in some manual but Im lazy to find it..
  2. Yeah I tried that and it just make things worse .. Although I make that setting every time and its good.. Maybe cause of the partition.. I can hear normal sound anymore at all.. First I thought it was a Chameleon 5000 which I used but it must be partition problem.. Bigest blup is that I installed it on separate partition just so that I wont have to install that again and now it turned out oposite.. So, I used that n-lite and burned a windows setup disk with minimal options and configuration that I like and included main audio apps and some programs that I always use and all fit on one cd.. So no more switching and searching for install disk.. I tried to make it so that cubase installs automatically but I didnt find a way to do that so I just included it on the disk.. And I burned a 2nd disk with my fav vsts(only plugins without standalone so I dont need to install them just copy paste and voila) so well see how it works.. It should all be done with few clicks and whole virtual studio should be as new.. I hope that n-lite will n-lite me and save me precious time.. Well see.. Ill post results as soon the process ends..
  3. Till you make that, Ill make a whole track with fx like that with plugins.. First u find if theres a easier way to do what u want, than u do it.. Why go around if u have a shortcut..
  4. Dont worry about my pc setup Nemo, I have exp too Anyways, that n-lite sounds interesting.. Can I burn a dvd with setup of windows, and my preferances and installed cubase and all vsts all in one pack? I thinked about copying Only vst plugin folder and backing it up cause I dont use standalone vsts and I thought I would be better but many vsts must have standalone version so its quite hard to do.. So I should install sx on os partition and samples on other or the same? I didnt get that right.. I was almost certain that this could cause the problem cause it was good with previous installations.. But I think that VST are cousing it to so I will first try to set it up before I reinstall it all(man, thats a hard work).. Ill reduce polyphony and stuff like that, you know.. Cause I use very heavy VST, and tonight I read the manual and theres a big warning about cpu usage so maybe I wont have to reinstall it all, I hope.. Others, post the numbers of vsts u use.. Till now, it seems cpu shouldnt not be the problem for me.. Nemo, Im gettin that n-lite, if that is the stuff that will make all my installations in one pack, than you deserve a hug But do you know windows has deployment tool on the setup cd? Its some cab file that u extract.. I havent buged with it cause Its pretty complicated, I hope this n-lite is much easier to use.. And yeah, check out Golden ears, over thirty years of experiance compressed in few week course.. So u see, experiance is relative
  5. OK I need to quickly solve this problem.. I have fresh installation of all audio programs and only thing is that I installed cubase on different partiotion than the OS.. I hear clicks in cubase no matter how I set the latency.. I have 3 GHz and 2 GB DDR II 667 MHz on ESI Julia so I doubt its a problem with resources.. But if it is, just for comparison how much VSTs u use per track and whats your top score in number of VSTs without crashing? I need quick replies cause production is suffering and I think Ill install cubase on the OS partion of hard drive, but that means I have to move all VSTs also and thats a bug so.. HELP
  6. THX That tracks were just for learning purposes.. Tracks I do know are unconpareable.. I was almost to shy to post this but anyway I did, just for the fun.. It turned out well if u take into account on what setup I worked..
  7. I just asamble vibes and freq, I dont create anything, oscilators are oscilateing constantly from the moment I turn my synth on, I just model them to my taste..
  8. Of course but without drums you wouldnt have a rhythm, it would be ambient..
  9. What do u think? If your review of a track was that good than of course I made it myself.. It supposed to be the album but I wasnt quite satisfied in the end so its a promo.. After a lot of experimentation with styles Im making another "dark but in a sexy way" track and its going to rock.. I think Ill get that released if I finish it good.. timeless eternity is great stuff.. Let me know if someone wants to do a remix.. I could probably dig it up somehow..
  10. Here is a special treat for u Now more comments and u will get that two tracks more u see on the cover..
  11. Will u call them to join? There is some good full on but most of it is crap..
  12. Did u ever try using plugins instead of doing it manually? You could achieve a lot better effects.. Try using respatializer, spinaudio..
  13. Thanks.. I thought the results would be like that.. I have cassete deck with dolby but I need VST plugin cause I heard its good for usage with drums.. I know only of Minnetonka SURCODE And probably that is the only plugin available..
  14. Does anyone know is there some good Dolby A VST plugin?
  15. Seeing you are very intersted in my old gold I wanna present to you old gold collection, a collection of my old tracks that were products of my exploring the realms of my virtual analog synth.. Tracks are roughly mixed and done in setup that didnt suit well for me so dont expect some high quality stuff.. Now Im working in much more suitable software enviroment and recent track cant even be compared to these old, but still I like them very much Your welcome to drop a comment and say which track do u like the most.. Enjoy.. Meltin hearts Blind faith Just believe Timeless eternity
  16. Its better u opened it cause Im also interested in this .. How do u record your multitracks separately so I can mix and master audio tracks..
  17. Its mystical only for mastering records.. CD mastering nowdays isnt mystical.. I realized that relying on meters isnt very good, it ruined my mixes.. Like someone wrote in one manual.. Let ears be the final judge.. So ears are most important part in mastering process..
  18. Interesting.. I read on some proggy mixed compilation similar stuff. . The guy said, we are like painters, we take silence and add colours to it.. Or somehing like that, but it was cool..
  19. Its not proggy in any way.. But it sure is overpowered.. Man, be gentle with that resonance.. It hurts my ears..
  20. I like it.. In fact Im impressed if thats really your first.. Add some VSTs and finish it up.. And let me know when ur done.. Great stuff, keep up..
  21. Yeah track is pretty raw and lacks just what u mentioned.. About electro.. Of course it sounds that way since like I said its mainly created with my micron and micron is a killa for electro, tons of electro presets on it.. But, thats popular nowdays.. I also thinked about recording girlfriends vocals but I have YAMAHA Vocaloid now which could be great I suppose for vocals but I cant license it.. Its needs some LAN messing and its preety complicated.. Nowdays I use much less that electro stuff on micron.. Experimenting with VST only production but it showed that is too much CPU demanding so looks like that micron will be back in the game in the future..
  22. Or find a cool preset and change it.. Recently I use the more often.. But never up or down, maybe up & down and never random.. Depends what effect I wanna get..
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