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  1. I I would buy kontroller with keyboard it would probably be m-audio axiom 49.. Or microkorg.. Devious that 50 bucks is great deal, thats e-bay right?... I use CME Bitstream 3X and have no complains, knobs and faders as much as u want plus lfo and arp.. U even got a ribbon and a joystick and u can record automation of knobs, what more could you want? I use synths keyboard, better than axioms for sure.. Also I can add extra 3 endless knobs on synth but thats perversion.. But if I would have rack synth than it would be another story, I would have to choose between ^ models
  2. High! Mixed preview of my new track Horns of Kuruksetra is available at http://www.myspace.com/djacidkills Ckeck it out!
  3. My guess is that they use double mono or technically speaking pseudo stereo so both stereo tvs and mono can hear the signal appropriately.. Cause there are still many televisions with only one speaker.. And of course recording with two mics is great, more mics-even better Yeah thats a great tip for expanding the sound, you can do it with bass too
  4. Im not signed up.. Are there any cool tips and tricks in the newsletter?
  5. Yo Nemo u interested in remixing? There is this contest going, remixing of Basic track from Rob Acid.. Man I would like to participate but Im doing a track for one other contest so maybe u would wanna do it if ur free.. Check it out Rob Acid remix contest
  6. Try to read some mixing tutorials and lot about compressors.. Search on isratrance, theres a lot of Mother of all.. topics..
  7. Maximiser does reverse process than compressor.. It gains a signal and cut the peak.. Power of gain is set by threshold
  8. Bass is going too long in a start solo.. And that melody with ugly synth is still there.. Throw it out or change the sound.. Sample is gone and its lot better, like I said.. That second part is good but its going on too long, cut it and do break and then change mood in track or u can introduce some pads and make first big break.. But that first cheap synth lead which is going on through whole track must be edited, changed with something else or completely dropped out.. Its making noize on my system.. Eq could help but I recommend changing the sound.. Try to add more space into track.. Use reverbs, delays.. Move one sound from the centre position and so on.. Melodies.. Learn some music theory, learn one scale (for instance phrygian) and then improvise.. U can even get some tutor program if u wanna do it easier way.. U will get some simple lines in a minute, just listen carefully which notes fit with others.. Also u could add some sub bass..
  9. Man ur a pervert.. I have a better idea for the case.. You said it is light but if u put it into carbon case it would be practically weightless.. Easy money
  10. That Barada, Bryn Zentz.. Hes cool.. this acid I got isnt something but its not bad either.. And that Kai Tracid.. Tracid Traxx.. U know that song, I think its the Cosmic Gate - Trance and acid, when its goes trance acid, trance acid and than loop shortens every time and in the and u get tracid, tracid, tracid.. Commercial, but so cool effect
  11. I dont like those round cross boxes.. Otherwise it could be cool.. Anyways I sucked at trade.. I didnt get the record.. Bastard didnt wont to trade it.. It ASYS - Acid headcracker track, u have it? I exchanged Shapeshifters for Chris Liebing but I did get some old acid.. Actually now when I checked it better its mauro picotto, some Megamind taub track.. Oh man.. What a depression.. I listen a track in full, maybe it is any good and post a loop if it is.. Anyways, I listened that acid headcraker and only thing I liked the most in that track is vocal.. It had massive impact on my nick actually.. Acid headcracker was already choosen so this stupid acidkills stucks with me..
  12. Well u know I got Alesis Micron and u know its a must for electro so were on a roll.. But I dont want it to be "too much" psy, more on a melodie side.. Im working on my playing skills so now I more appreciate melodic music.. But again not "too much" cause we said we use old school acid techno for template.. BTW I think Ill exchange one of my vinyls today for some old school acid techno track Im wishing for long time now.. U wanna here the loop if exchange goes well?
  13. Cool, I like it.. So u wanna bring that old minimalistc acid back into game.. Im with you.. But It will take some time till I get my cubase back up again..
  14. Than its cool.. Probably is strong cable so it cant get "jammed"
  15. Yeah, maybe the only thing thats bad on them is the cable.. Its good cause you can strech it but it can jam up also
  16. Man first u said I should take those K701 when I said I am about to buy K271 S and now u are talking opposite.. Trohr should check out K271 but I am in need of headphones for production, not djing so wouldn't K701 be better for that like u said once?
  17. OK track is better now with new improvements but u should trow out that lead with four notes and that other with two witch follows it if u don't know how to work on it or just change the sound.. Overall. track now has nothing to do with progressive, u made it psy now.. Anyways, I suggest u work more with the leads u have near the end of the song cause they are better and that first lead cant go on and on through the whole song, its making whole track monotone.. Again try to use other sample, add some variations ofsequence here and there, and don't use it all the time.. But its really big improvement since last time.. Actually I liked some parts near the end, keep working on it.. And yeah, video is in your topic u seem to forgot.. Here it is
  18. At first seconds impressions were that its a bad ticon clone.. Than kick dropped in nicely.. That fighting talk isn't appropriate.. Lead is too simple.. It could be a lot better track if u worked on it a bit more, adjust a bass and do more work on the lead.. Overall its awesome track since u don't do that kind of music and u don't like it but I recommend u don't do more of this if u don't like it cause thats not the point of music.. U gotta love what u do, that should be top priority, above any producing skills u have, everything else will follow up naturally.. Do music that u like and enjoy! BTW did u check out cool video in the off topic?
  19. Cool logo.. I dont have any ideas for now on changeing it and u say it cant be too much changed so.. If I think of something good Ill rearrange it.. But it is basic and clear which is not bad, the logo should be like that.. Anyways, any progress with loop?
  20. Yeah but I dont think they got mic and remote included in the package and they are more expensive and the most important thing, for me and only problem with genelec I have is that they are ugly as they can be.. Although they look awesome if u got a pro studio and buikt in the wall top end genelecs.. They have better bass response up to 38 Hz compared to 50 Hz JBL has but JBL also has a separate woofer so thats even better.. Anyway JBLs are expensive.. In Adam price range, or KRK.. I have to save a whole lot more for them..
  21. Well situation is a bit different with me cause I would also like to produce away from my home on laptop and I need a headphones for that.. But that JBL sure looks promising Well I dont know the theory about JBLs.. Here is a quote "JBL's exclusive technology that automatically analyzes and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy at the mix position. The first studio monitors with powerful network intelligence built into each speaker specifically designed to deliver an accurate mix in any room, the LSR4300's are the ultimate monitor for modern production studios." I think its not some super intelligence behind this nor some hi-tech alien shit in those speakers rather that I guess ithis could be simply achieved with microphone inside a speaker that measures reverb in a room.. That was the first idea I have but probably this system works in some different way.. Ill check it out.. Maybe they are hiding data about that "exclusive technology" and theres no info about it.. Eddy: Oh yeah I was right.. Looks like I know enough about room acoustics to have ideas like that.. It works on the mic principle like I thought.. You actually get remote control with them so u can stand in your room in the centre on sound field and set them correctly.. After u do improvements in your room in acoustics you just set them up again and voila.. Check this out
  22. Great track really.. Maybe some break in the melody would do to loosen up tension here and there..
  23. USo what do u want in the end? Loud speaker to do small parties or a real monitor.. If ur into JBL try check out JBL referance monitors.. Im interested in them also.. Some new technologies that looks promising, u dont have to worry about your room acoustics anymore with theses monitors
  24. Same with me.. Im considering AKG K701 for headphones and Fostex, KRK for monitors.. But this answers confuse me.. What to buy, monitors or heaphones and should I go for reference monitors/headphones or monitoring?
  25. I skipped that 3 hours thing and now have some problems with download.. Looks interesting
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