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  1. So Im sick of the file sharing sites and mix uploading so here is a poll to help me and everyone else to pick from which hosting provider to take service.. I had enough of cutting my mixes into tracks cause of the file limitations and server busy/down and download limitations.. So u choose and tell me/us..
  2. oh boris, youre so crazy.. So what is it after all.. Is it better or what? I think its different... lol Never tried Moog but the specifications shows..
  3. Oxyshare has lots of requests so I didnt upload it all but Im working on it.. PM me if u find broken link or something.. Ill keep adding songs so u can hear whole 2,5 hours in one shot.. enjoy From full on to progressive and deep trance then back to full on, go on and take a trip, youve got the ticket! If that doesnt work, Ill upload a whole mix tommorow.. So stay tuned..
  4. I dont know, I listened to your song on Free VA and its not something, but it isnt shit either.. I like ilMushs and Witchs songs more.. yours is third on that list so.. Can u send it to me zipped or host it somewhere?
  5. Maybe not Little Phatty but Moog.. Ok, Moog is the legend but its not al in the name.. New sounds are wanted..
  6. Ok, so nobody wants to help but nevermind, I solved the problem.. Repaired the version of cubase and now it works just fine.. Deleted some .dlls that were messing it up.. But now when it loads VSTs it says something like "jawt.dll not found".. Does anyone knows for what that jawt.dll is? Is it some VST? and if anybody wants to share VSTs contact me PM..
  7. Forgot knobs, Micron supports all presets that Ion has, but Ion does not support Microns.. I already bought it, and its miraculus.. Ill buy MIDI controller in future for knobs twidling.. But for now I can do all of that MIDI controlling on Micron only with less knobs.. Just push, turn and play.. Better than Microkorg, Moog.. My question now is does anybody have some sysex files (home made) for Micron/Ion to share?
  8. This is what u should have. Forget Viruses and such if u want true analog sound better than Microkorg, Moog and such.. This is a true anti virus.. I bought it yesterday and I overslleped my work today.. Its really easy and simple, u dont need knobs just push and turn and play, its that simple.. U can use it as rythm machine also.. Ive got whole bunch of VSTs but I think Ill forgot them since I have this little thingy.. Latter when u will have the money u can buy some MIDI keyboard like M-Audio Axiom to go with it like I plan to do if u really want that knobs, pads and sliders.. But u can control everthing with Micron so there is no need for MIDI controller for start..
  9. Does somebody have Alesis Micron? Is it better than Korg? Comparison to Moog and such synths? Can it be used for trance? Any information is welcome.. I read the reviews and it sound cool..
  10. My VSTi effects are working fine (except ohm boyz delay who is making SX to shutdown when I try to load it), but when I try to load VST instruments (I see them listed) none of them works. What is causing this problem? And it seems like Cubase doesnt recognize Reason everytime.. Did someone have a same problems?
  11. Looks like mydjspace server was down.. Again.. I will post a new link for download and play in few days on another place.. Thank for the info.. I found another hosting point, uploading ma mix now..
  12. Download it here! DJ acidkills promo mix 2.5 HOURS (136 Mb) All in one package, from full on, progressive, deep.. whole set for download coming soon.. Tracklist 01_Alien_Project-Mala 02_Vibe_Tribe_vs_Toxic_Toy-American pussy 03_GMS_vs_Karan-Goan_Mad 04_Infected_Mushroom-Cities_of_the_future 05_The_Commercial_Hippies-Not_human 06_1200_Mics-Language_of_the_future 07_Perplex-Beyond_words 08_Z_Machine-Floating 09_Ananda_Shake-First_Rain 10 Gataka vs System Nipple THIS TRACK IS ON 1ST PLACE ACCIDENTALY 11_Abstract-Echoolgy_of_souls 12_Aquatica-Escape_to_heaven 13_C.P.U.-Clone_Army 14_GMS_vs_Silicon_Souls_vs_Sig 15_Space_Cat-Rising_force 19_Visual_Paradox_vs_Elik-Blue 16_Eskimo-Welcome_to_the_arcade 18_Astrix_and_Dimitri-Evox 19_Visual_Paradox_vs_Elik-Blue 20_Smoke_Screen-Spaces(Hydrophonic RMX) 21_Sesto_Sento_vs_Lish-Tune 22_Sesto_Sento_vs_Paradigma-Heads up 23_Missing_time-Working_girl 24_Vibrasphere-Elephant(Lish RMX) 25_Psysex-Soda_pop 27_Mapusa_Mapusa_and_Fabio-Bea 28_Tegma-Wandala 29_Infected_Mushroom-Muse_Breakz 30_Magnetic_force_vs_Sixsense- 31_Protoculture-Peekaboo Go check it out at DJ acidkills (CLICK HERE) Or download it at Megaupload ______________________________ http://www.myspace.com/djacidkills http://www.mydjspace.net/acidkills http://www.worlddj.com/acidkills
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