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  1. Hi Tech. Listening from laptop...Ambient is not my cup of tea but I'm "using" it for some occasions... Yes it's nice.Peacefull and harmonic. Don't know what feelings you want to wake but I felt like travelling sometimes with a submarine and sometimes with a space craft. Nice work. See you.
  2. I think New Order can count as electronica.OK some tracks of them. Soon, I started to digging...
  3. Are the both of the tracks "first"? I like the hypnotized style of Dubbic Tail. The second one is more technish and oldschool. Keep it up
  4. You look suprised. Is it anything that frighten you? You can ask the "old" guys here.
  5. Listening from Lap speakers... Generally I like the "sad" mood and from the first sec you can realize that is a track that has this mood in it.It has also something from outer space feelling. I like it a lot. Peace to you too.
  6. We have the same age pal The question is how old are you feeling I beleive too that maybe psy is the best "pill" to look younger...hehehe
  7. It's not bad for "not much work" Don't know if you want to finish it but for me it worth it.It has a lot of nice elements.
  8. Yes...it's something from the past....peacefull, melodic and tripy. It reminds me Brian Eno. I'll keep it in my collection. Keep the inspiration pal :drama:
  9. Miraculix Eat Static Younger Brother Digital Sam Atmos Joy Division
  10. Dark and experimental excites me anyway and this track is full of suprises. I dig it a lot. It has a lot of work thought.It's something different and I beleive that if I have a listen to BIG speakers I'm going nuts :posford: I love new ideas. Keep it up 10 for your inspiration
  11. Hi Production is in good level thought.All the chanells all well organized. Just I have this feeling that the track is little slow.It's personall taste, maybe not to psy for me, but why don't you try to up tempo? I mean from one hand it has something dancey and psy inside but from the other hand you can say that is euro trance too. Continue
  12. Term "psychedelic" is a meaning that live with us every single second. Psychedelic or Psychedelia is coming from the ancient (and modern) Greek language and it's a complex word from psyche and delic (in free translation statement of soul) You can say that every living being is psychedelic if you suppose that this statement is the reason that we live (want it or not). But the point is that this statement it isn't something like "Hi my name is Giorgos but it's something that comes from the labyrinth of our soul something that modern technology can't figure out. So for me Psy, maybe good psy music is something that can touch my psyche and could trip me with the different ways that trip could do. PS Trip=melancholy, dance, imagination, hapiness, unger, my mood x 2
  13. From posts like that we can exlpore some new paths. :clapping:
  14. Good piece :posford: Like Fx's a lot.Production also in good level.8 from me.
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