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  1. I can tell you here haha The Afgin album will be for the end of the year (or very early 2022) And Nebula Meltdown is working. It could be also 2022, let see And yes, we rereleased that one indeed The newsletter will follow when the new Khetzal will be released (so around 12th of march)
  2. So, Khetzal - Corolle is reprinted as 2xLP to celebrate the upcoming 2nd album of Khetzal! Vinyls here!
  3. Oh yes, I am a huge fan... And thats the reason why we re-released Psykadelia, who is his ultimate masterpiece imo... Unfortunately he was sick since 2010. He had Parkinson. He still played on some parties... in 2013 on one of mine in Belgium, and it was already hard for him to press play and eat normally. I think his last gig was in 2016 in Israel. Unfortunately he never recovered of this disease and now we can only remember and honour him by playing his music and oh yes... we will. He also one of those VERY few artists that managed to make only good tracks for years!
  4. Nice in depth review! Thanks!
  5. A lot more old school goa has been released on Classic Goa Trax in the mean time! Last 2 months we had following releases of only 90s stuff https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/
  6. Actually it was Agneton on the front row I remember we were dancing together that morning. He is into all kinds of psychedelic music even if he makes only nitzhonot But you may have noticed in our Agnetoebis sets, we explore other territories of psychedelic and acidic music as well Last but not least, yeah! The more reviews, the better, so I am looking forward to your review of Carpe Noctem
  7. No date/news yet, but he did write 2 new tracks for us on Suntrip And I can only say, he didnt lose his magic touch! <3
  8. For 15 years, Suntrip was mainly focused on more melodic and acidic goa-trance! We did have some excursions in darker worlds (Ka-Sol, Temple of Chaos) but it took us 15 years to give a pure dark goa/melodic forest compilation to the world! We have been compiling this CD for almost 16 months, and we believe the result is exactly what we hoped! Spooky goa-trance with a more psychedelic and foresty twist! The beautiful artwork is made by Liya Livet! 1. Spindrift - Deeper Reality 2. Smuds - Betarave 3. Dragon Twins - Eating Crow 4. Omnium - Omnipresence 5. Proxeeus - Breaking D
  9. Thanks for the long review! Just for some update: we now use the ultra strong protection packs so it should be no more problem (for a while there was an issue indeed) as we tried several different options. Now we are sure what the best option is! And second thing. Not sure where you contacted us, there are a million of online ways of contacting one of us, and because of that we sometimes miss stuff, but the most easy way is certainly: Anoebis@suntriprecords.com or Mars@suntriprecords.com
  10. Christmas and newyear are close... So, time to celebrate and pre-order our upcoming darker goa-trance and more melodic forest-styles compilation called "Carpe Noctem"! Xenomorph, Battle Buddhas, Ka-Sol, Spindrift,... It is now available on our Suntrip Records bandcamp for pre-order and will send it out in the first part of january! If you want to hear the samples? Go to our soundcloud (link below) Artwork by Liya Livet 1. Spindrift - Deeper Reality 2. Smuds - Betarave 3. Dragon Twins - Eating Crow 4. Omnium - Omnipresence 5. Proxeeus - Breaking Down the Barrier
  11. More back to goa, but that trancy touch is still there
  12. A new baby on Classic Goa Trax! Xploring Inner Space (or XIS) is an underrated super psychedelic acidic goa-trance group of Germany! This 2CD album shows exactly why their music still works on underground dancefloors in 2020... Their darker deep groovy 303-infused psychedelic trance is a must for everyone who loves that irie vibe of old school music during the night on open air parties! Enjoy! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/electric-rites
  13. Yep, expect in in 10 months or so, but we are almost there Gold for the lovers of emotional melodic stuff
  14. Thanks If you have Mindsphere impressions, please do it in the review section so it never gets lost!
  15. Dear Suntrippers! You get this mail because you ordered Suntrip music in the past! Thanks for this. But if you don't want mails like this any longer, just reply with "no" For the others: 1.) New Mindsphere release! 2.) Upcoming releases, on CD &... Vinyl! 3.) Suntrip shop/website 4.) Parties? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Mindsphere - Mental Triplex : Beyond is now released! <3 Genius Mindsphere is back with the third part of his trilogy. And this time he will go "Beyond"! Ali Akgun loves hardware
  16. We realised indeed the order of the tracks on the vinyl is different from the vinyls itself... But no worries, the one written on the vinyl itself is the right one That was too much "copy/paste". It wont happen again! Anyway, we printed 250, and it sold really well, we have like 40 left at this point. We are very surprised about this! Of course these are all big names, so not sure how it would end with lesser known names... But it gives us the will to continue to press some stuff in the future on bakelite!
  17. You are so funny and amazing I am sure more and more people will start looking at those reviews Please let Hax spread it a bit in Australia, they will love it for sure
  18. Dear Suntrippers! 1.) New VA - Gamma Draconis 2.) Future releases ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.) New VA - Gamma Draconis We are very proud to release our new compilation, Gamma Draconis! After years of working with these goa-trance legends they made 1 more old school goa-trance track especially for us! So, lets revive for once that amazing 90s vibe! The result is an 8 track compilation with music that ranges from classic melodic trance, modern goa-trance to darker acidic stuff by the biggest names in trance history!
  19. Dear goa-freaks! Its a very special day at Suntrip Records! Our new pure goa-trance compilation on CD & vinyl with Astral Projection, MFG, Xenomorph, Shakta, Oforia,... is now released on Suntrip's bandcamp and the Suntrip shop! (links below) 1. Roy Sasson - Mentalogue 2. Xenomporph - Dying Sun 3. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Shinechaser 4. Shakta - Expedition To Earth 5. Astral Projection - Dominion 6. MFG - Global Light (Retro Version) 7. RA - Eikon 8. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories After years of working with these goa-trance legends they made 1 more old
  20. New Classic Goa Trax one! Tripticon is Ticon's old darker goa-trance alter ego! Yes, even famous progressive trance acts have a past in the more wicked music of the 90s! The music Tripticon made was crazy forest influenced Swedish trollish goa-trance! All lovers of the more psychedelic side of 90s music like Technossomy or the Battle of the Future Buddhas will love this long forgotten and underrated album for sure! Enjoy the madness! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/
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