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  1. Interesting question. Untill now most releases were only lightly upgraded. Volumes were made equal and vinyls were cleaned up so they sound good. In some cases it was the CD-material, in other cases material directly from the artist. In some other cases the artists gave it a personal remaster as well. It all depends on the release. If you have questions about certain releases you can always ask us of course. You can also listen to released on bandcamp and I will keep your comment in mind. We will write it explicitely in our future releases! Joske
  2. This time we don't offer you a simple re-release... We offer you something special! A whole unreleased 90s album of Greek "The Infonaut" called Informatics. As a bonus you get his 3 previously released tracks as well of course! What can you expect? As usual, pure goa-trance! More melodic and funky as the usual one... with that typical, unique 90s vibe allover! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/informatics
  3. He will be on the "old guys only with a new goa-trance track" compilation of Suntrip in september too! Amazing stuff
  4. MFG released an album on Suntrip with only old school stuff from those years, also check out KOB for the more abstract futuristic X-Dream like sound
  5. woow, I feel like 2005 here
  6. A 2CD (1 with new tracks, 1 with a live set like you see on the stream) of them is planned for the end of june <3
  7. I know Federico/Draeke is alive and kicking, as for what happened with copyrights, he will write it soon, I'm sure!
  8. Here you go! Maximal, Powerful, Crazy, Super Psychedelic, Acidic, Spiralling Old Schoolish Goa-trance by Clementz! :) This debut album of him, called Kretslop, showcases clearly the huge talent of this Norwegian magician! :) Check the music and please support the artist and label if you like! :) Links below! Bandcamp: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/ Suntrip Shop: https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD61/ Psyshop: https://www.psyshop.com/Kretslop-Clementz-Suntrip/sut1cd061/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1zYiwzSayKDQGlCkYH6M9k ...
  9. For some reason I'm still in love with this music and I see a positive evolution... more and more promos we are getting from Suntrip are "different". You must have noticed in our releases lately. For example the Hypnoxock we just released is clearly more modern, funky on the edge of even psy trance at some points. The Clementz we will release tomorrow is straight 90s. We are working on a melodic forest compilation, and e have guys from the 90s making 1 more goa track for us... most of them do use some modern elements tho... I really feel there is room again for experimentation, and this is go
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys... We will decide what happens, due to Corona shizzle, the 1st of june! We still have hopes we are free again by then!
  11. Pre-order! https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/kretsl-p
  12. Thanks! In the mean time the rarity: Adrenalinn Drum - X-Perimental Goa is also re-released! https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/x-perimental-goa
  13. Yes, true, I heard the same... I will ask Lior & Avi next time I see them! Interesting to know
  14. Interesting examples you say, I can tell you some stories: MFG: actually Aharon is a very strict religious person (Chassidic Jew even) and he went out of the trance scene for a while to make religious music (which is terrible from our standards). He just returned now for trance (as it is not forbidden for a strict Jewish person) but he won't play on Shabbat and will always wear a Kippa Afgin: his ancestors were from Aden (Yemen) before the islamists kicked the jews out there, so this is a reference to his past. But he is definately not into religion... As for Clementz, he is not seri
  15. I am pretty sure it isnt, its a full power goa-trance track with some weird vocals... maybe this gave him this inspiration for a title or so?
  16. As a teacher, I had to give my lessons via webcam... pretty unique...
  17. This is the idea, pure sunshine music... As the melodic foresty one will fill the needs of the darker goa lovers!
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