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  1. The site is up again, thats the news? As for Gamma Draconis 2... You have to know this cd was in the making for 3.5 years, that long it took us to find 8 tracks that were "good enough" in our opinion. At least 20 of classic guys didnt make it. I will be honest, it did not make us popular, but well... if some feel the magic again, we will go for a Gamma Draconis part 2
  2. When I see the orders of Triquetra, I can clearly see it are MANY people that never bought a cd before, so I guess newcomers still buy cds some at least...
  3. The Mema604 is Trancentral we found out. So its legit. As for the Ra - To Sirius album, I am not sure if he ever wants it to be remastered. We are talking about it, but nothing is sure...
  4. Dimension 5 - Second Phaze will be on our bandcamp tonight But, it was already released before release date by spotify and some others. Ah well... And no reprint because it is still easily available
  5. if you are buying several items, we can do that If you buy only Gamma Draconis, you can buy it directly on bandcamp
  6. Pre-orders available now! And the vinyl sales are going surprisingly fast. If you buy 1 cd/vinyl, Suntrip & bandcamp are equal prices, but if you buy more items, shipping becomes cheaper on the Suntrip shop https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/ https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD63/
  7. The funny thing is... Filteria and Xenomorph are friends and talk a LOT about "music making" and synths They never made music together so far tho As for modern goa not being goa? Thats, obviously, not serious and one of those opinions that somehow crushes all modern innovative psychedelic artists within this genre. A music genre is not defined by a time period but about a style. I think its very clear for example Triquetra is pure goa. Why wouldn't it be? Because it is made in 2020? Its made exactly like the music in the 90s.. 100% with analog synths and the style is the same as well
  8. True Also on our Suntrip shop there is a pre-order, and thanks to weird bandcamp calculations it is cheaper with shipping if you buy via the Suntrip shop if you buy 2-3 items or more
  9. This is cool Go for it! I watched it with pleasure Can I post it on facebook?
  10. The Ra track is a much extended more modern remix/rework from the Icon track on Sun Conkreti, which was largely forgotton...
  11. A pure goa-trance compilation on CD & vinyl with Astral Projection, MFG, Xenomorph, Shakta, Oforia,... in 2020! Yes, that is still possible! Suntrip worked for years with these goa-trance legends and they made 1 more old school goa-trance track especially for us! As a result, we are proud to present "Gamma Draconis", an 8 track compilation which will please all lovers of 90s goa/psychedelic-trance! The tracks range from classic melodic trance to darker acidic stuff! Each their own! The tracklist looks like this: 1. Roy Sasson - Mentalogue 2. Xenomorph - Dying Sun 3. Battle of t
  12. The melodic forest is indeed swedish style, remember Schlab 002? Melodies and forest like? Something like that Not sure what other directions we will go As for MFG & Astral, the tracks are both on the more trancy side of the spectrum! Samples soon I will post something soon when we have all details
  13. Our newsletter! 1.) New 2cd Triquetra album released 2.) VA - Gamma Draconis classic compilation coming on CD & LP 3.) More future releases (Mindsphere, Cosmic Dimension, Khetzal,...) 4.) Classic Goa Trax 5.) Change of our housestyle 6.) Apsara & Parties/Festivals **************************************************************************************************************** 1.) New 2cd Triquetra album released Hooray Hooray! Finally Suntrip Records presents the new 2CD Triquetra-album! 140 minutes of music packed with melodies and oniric strings over
  14. You love 90s acidic uk goa-trance like stuff? Good news! Finally Suntrip Records present the new Triquetra-album! 2 Cds packed with melodies and oniric strings overlaid with mind-melting acid lines! You are propelled to the old school boundaries of Goatrance, at some points even grazing classic 90's united kingdom acid-Trance! The second CD showcases some of Triquetra's best live moments and live recordings all around the world! And instead of a lot of bla bla... We know what the best way is to persuade you. Just have a listen to the samples and buy if you like! For now only available
  15. The big change last years... Melodies are dissapearing again (the techno influence) so trance is less and less trance... But it goes in waves
  16. Samples of the new Triquetra (and you can pre-order already on the Suntrip shop or bandcamp )
  17. The samples sound more like deep ambient/modern classical... I like big time, more my style compared to the usual Shpongle stuff!
  18. I think this was posted in the wrong section as it was released a while ago already? (as for the album, pretty weak imo compared to his earlier stuff musicwise, soundwise its perfect of course)
  19. Thank you so much!!! <3 It really helps us big time, as the depths are huge because of good old Corona! We hope in 2 years we will be able to give the most smashing edition... EVER!
  20. In that case it was indeed. The artist did not have the original files any longer. A pitty.
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