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  1. ok, I never knew that... Sorry! So yes, for the next 3 days the samples only on the Suntrip website and our soundcloud!
  2. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/track/pure-energy Can you enter this page and listen or not? As I can (but I made the page, so maybe thats why)
  3. True, but I think you can hear full tracks on bandcamp? If you click on the tracks itself you can hear them full
  4. This is the most succesful pre-order album we had untill now Thanks for all this blind trust! we hope it won't dissapoint!
  5. Actually, the reason why Psylent Buddhi never got any real praise is because his music was made at the wrong moment... These tracks were all created between 1997-2003. And when they were send to labels, there were no goa-trance labels left. Actually, it got a bit of praise because of psynews! He posted some of the tracks here and they became kind of legendary, that is exactly the reason why we went after him to re-release... His email was still the same as the one he used for registering here But yes, I agree, Convergent Images and Moksha are for me among the best tracks ever made!
  6. MFG aka Aharon Segal & Guy Zukrel need no introduction. Since the early days of goa-trance, this magical duo is spreading their Message From God! After more then a decade, Aharon Segal returned in 2019 to the goa-trance scene! Going through their old DAT tapes the duo discovered some long hidden gems. To celebrate MFG’s reunion in full force, Suntrip & MFG teamed up to release a compilation of those unreleased 90’s tracks, early versions, remixes & rare tracks…. MFG - Pure Energy tracklist: 1. New Kind of World Intro 2. Why (Demo Version) 3. Dark Horizon 4. Pure Ener
  7. Nice, you were a bit addicted after that Anyway, its on youtube as well now (but please, buy if you like!)
  8. Like all of you, I keep reading psynews, but I am brainfucked by other social media indeed... Somehow not posting too much, lets try to change that!
  9. Dear Suntrippy goa-trance lovers! 4 Years after their debut, we finally released the second album of Celestial Intelligence, Incandescent!! Their music is all about... melodies! Spiralling, euphoric, harmonic, morning-goa-trance to bone! Enjoy and please support the artist if you like the music!! <3 https://www.suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD54/ https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/incandescent
  10. Anoebis

    ZNA 2020

    This year Apsara will be limited to 1500 people MAXIMUM, honestly I don't believe we will reach that amount. But there seems to be a hype somehow So lets see what happens. Musicalwise we will announce the full line up by the end of the year More crazy names coming!
  11. <3 thanks guys <3 Anyone here knows how discogs works? For some reason the CD version is not there yet, and I have no clue how to add it
  12. Tomorrow we will upload the new Celestial Intelligence album as pre-order! But for now, some updates from Classic Goa Trax! Last 2 weeks we re-released: California Sunshine - Nasha Dreamweaver - Lord of Illusions (with (unreleased) bonus tracks!) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/
  13. Great review, thanks! I'm not objective but I believe this is one of the best pleiadians/true old goa releases in a LONG time! They are underrated and thats a pitty, so I can only say, check it out (and buy if you like!)
  14. Suntrip updates/newsletter! 1.) New Suntrip Releases: Battle Buddhas & Sykespico! 2.) Future Suntrip Releases: Celestial Intelligence, MFG & Clementz! 3.) Classic Goa Trax: a lot of new releases 4.) Apsara Festival: some important info… 5.) Boom Festival: being an ambassador can be hard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) New Suntrip Releases Our last mail was in may, after the Total Eclipse release, but this summer we didn’t really took a break… Too much good music in this world
  15. I agree on this, for some reason only names are written these days, if you are lucky in small letters below "producer set" or "dj"... weird evolution.
  16. A great ambient release in the Carbon Based Lifeforms style from Belgian upcoming talent Maéra! Have a listen, fall in love with the music and buy if you like! I was surprised in a VERY positive way https://maeramusic.bandcamp.com/
  17. Interesting topic, it is true that, to become a respected international dj, producing is more or less a must. There are very few exceptions, and I think I am one of those few (another name that pops up in my mind is Boom Shankar of BMSS?). For some reason I made it to Boom, Psyfi, ZNA,... without creating 1 track (because of no time, I still think I will do it one day ). I always wondered why me, and no others, and the only logical conclusion I had is: that I kept playing pure goa, not being stuck in a timeframe. Suntrip helped as well of course, but in the beginning it was too unknown an
  18. yes yes, I hope that was clear
  19. Actually, it is only Lars playing these days, no Christer... So its "only" him. He did play 2-3 new tracks, which are typically Ra, but with a modern (full on ish) kick. I didnt even knew the tracks before, so I was surprised as well... maybe he can make 2 versions/ 2 sets so the old school freaks stay happy
  20. Well, as a dj playing on the "big" soundsystems a lot, I agree that modern Nano Psy Trance is for sure more suited for those soundsystems. The main issue is that the equalisers are made for that sound, so that goa sometimes sounds dull compared to them, unless you have a good sound technician that focuses more on mids/highs instead of just kick/bass (which is mostly the case, for SURE on indoor locations/clubs) As for the mixing of this album, it is for sure on the maximal side (I would compare it to Celestials Intelligence debut album) but thats his typical sound... and that driving kick (
  21. Still really sick too, like everyone I guess :s
  22. See you all tomorrow! And... on the dancefloor, as it is announced now, I can openly say it, I will also play a 4 hour set there, to end the festival The future looks... GOA!
  23. Yeah, pretty busy release schedule, but artists get better and better and may get a change in the future dont stop, your music is getting better and better for sure!
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