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  1. This wins instantly... tempo is in a constant state of acceleration. 190+ bpm. I couldn't get to sleep after listening to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K2YOVZqGkU
  2. Nice to follow tradition, but this superstition is ridiculous! The number 13 is only unlucky since the Knights Templar were ordered arrested by Philip IV of France on the 13th. The fact that it becomes more than that is just ignorant, people need to get real - it's just a number.
  3. I'm fed up with all the elitism and arrogance towards artists like this. Seriously, what's wrong with full-on and other genres like this? Artists can choose to make what music they like, and people like Ofer and IM have probably gone mainstream since there's just not a market for the psytrance we like any more. And not all of it's that bad...
  4. Funny how people jump to silly conclusions... Personally I think that he's been abducted by Pigs from Space
  5. This is an excellent album. Finally some innovation from Filteria. I was worried that he'd produce another album of just melody after melody, but this is really maturing.... the first track in particular. One album of powerful melodies is okay, but he's done well to respond to the feedback and criticism he got. If you're starting with filteria, I'd pick up Sky Input and this album, Heliopolis didn't give away much new in my opinion and was largely inferior to album #1. Keep producing Jannis
  6. Mine was too easy I don't really see how pulse could be signified as waves. :posford:
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_isomer I saw the atoms, thought chemistry and thought of trans isomerism! I'm hoping it's right, but now you mention it trans isomerism is a process, not a type of atom. Still, can't find any artist with Atom and Trans in the name...
  8. Better replace that fish in your avatar to the Lunar Civilization EP! Watch out, the are coming for you!
  9. No, Simon was complaining about the sales and how little money Twisted had in the bank. Let's hope it's increased.
  10. Tennant

    Filteria - Sky Input

    +1 Funny that so many here weren't impressed. I feel sorry for them!
  11. The ridiculous energy, multiple layers building up and making your body move and stunning climaxes that send shivers up your spine. Pleiadians - Maia forever!
  12. Seriously, what is with you continually bumping your own thread? I'm not sure anyone here knows the track, the others suggested look pretty close. It's up to you to make the last steps to finding out the track...
  13. He would be nasty for not giving Shiva Moon if Shivamoon is really the correct answer! The other two don't exist!
  14. Not really a psychedelic artist, but all I can think of is Moonface. I can't find any other way Shiva and the moon go together...
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