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  1. Haha....next time it happens send me a pm
  2. Pleiadians - Electra Dimension 5 - Deep space 5D Of course
  3. But both synths sounds like chanting voices, so maybe he will like it too
  4. I dont know the name of the synth...im refering to the synth that sounds like chanting voives...like in the beggining of the new kind of world track
  5. Fnac also has some goa cds mainly from avatar records re-realeases
  6. Divine

    MFG - Project Genesis

    Great album they managed to combine dark vibes with goa, similar to what U.X. did..the result is very good...higly recommended the only thing bad is bad mastering i think, the sound gest messy in some parts.
  7. Anoebis i heard you played in a secret goa party somwhere here in the north of Portugal, is that true?
  8. There are millions of tracks with that synth in goa, but i can only remember one: MFG- new kind of wolrd
  9. True One of the best albums i own!
  10. Best pure nitzhonot tracks are on Morning in space compilation.... from ezotery space there are also some good tracks on discobole compilations... Best "nitzhonot/goa project is definetly goa syndrome...tracks like vimana or out of control are classics
  11. Most powerfull dark trance : Darkpsy - fear :posford:
  12. Never head it Anyone here that has the track and uses soulseek?
  13. Divine

    Goa track

    Thanks :clapping:
  14. spain is a bad place to do parties come to portugal instead
  15. Divine

    Goa track

    Identify please http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=A8x4pSgcpk8
  16. Dark and spacey ambient...like this for example:http://www.myspace.com/umos
  17. http://www.biohazard.com/ Yeah its a NYHC band
  18. That pim prlim pim pim mixed with that agressive dark ambience on indigo child is perfect, top notch psychedelia
  19. This is a good dark album with 1 great track- indigo child very psychedelic...but compared to darkpsy- fear this album is average, it lacks consistent melodies and sometimes it gets too confused and lacking rythm
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