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  1. Cheap that u could buy on ebay is pigs in space and U.X....only remember these 2 now
  2. http://www.discogs.com/release/35860
  3. He told me the track is an old unreleased...the videoclip was made by them and was released as a video extra on the "Session #1" V.H.S. Live V.J
  4. Yes its one of dimension 5 members
  5. This track is completely unkown to me, Does anyone have input about this track? I already asked the user if the videoclip is the dimension 5 official videoclip for that track
  6. There are also some tracks by oforia that fit in this category...maximizer would be a good example of what space music is
  7. Dimension 5 - transdimensional U.X. - ultimate experience Hunab ku - magik universe Ezotery space(nitzhonot) Pigs in space :posford:
  8. Psyhoe is a member of this forum and he already did similar stuff->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqoofwmQF5g :posford:
  9. Me likes too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_F5Jjr7vaY LOOOOOOOOL
  10. Great minimal techno: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygm9SLxK8_4...ted&search=
  11. Here in Portugal you can make all the nosie u want after 7 a.m. if the same is in france u can make the party start right on the morning by the way having a doorman cheking people for drugs is not a very good idea on a goa party i think, just tell people not to bring drugs or at least big amounts of drugs
  12. From a dj posted on isratrance: " Lot of troubles there bro, we actually performed on the first day, around 2000 people there but only 500 on the dancefloor " " no much energy on the people, The place was amazing but the org sucks..." " Sunday morning i heard comotion and people fighting..heard about money taken from the fest cashier " " the security guys didnt got their payment and start to make troubles for alot of the people were there " " they also investigate us and tryed to take our money (we got our fee..) " " in the end they took my camera but got my money back... " " its a lot of big black guys from france (Security ) " " were pissed because they didnt got money but worked for 6 days " " what can i say....thanks god im at home now... " " im all ok and even got my money " Anyway people that went there are a little naive because with that gigantic line up and the surreal sound system with 150 KW LOOOOOOOOOL by a french organizer that we never heard about....the catastrophic end dont suprize me
  13. Im listening to some dark latelly....check Darkpsy - Fear my favourite so far :clapping:
  14. its not likely they will make goa maybe some darkpsy with melodies UX style...that would be nice
  15. Divine

    Darkpsy - Fear

    Darkpsy - Fear Label: Deja Vu Records Catalog#: DJV CD013 Format: CD, Album, Digipak Country: Russia Released: 01 Aug 2005 Genre: Electronic Style: Psy-Trance Credits: Mastered By - Xman Producer, Written-By - Johanes Molinari Tracklisting: 1 Mutants (7:06) 2 In Virux (6:05) 3 Full Psychedelic (6:51) 4 All Synths Are Possible (7:20) 5 Insanity (6:28) 6 Sinthetic Cell (7:48) 7 Hell In Pain (6:49) 8 Analog Style (8:03) 9 Aliens (6:30) 10 Deamons From Hell (8:06) I cant understand why this album was not reviewed yet, considering its one of the best dark releases since this genre was created. Paste an acid on your forehead and GO :posford: 1-the album starts smoth with this one, just the bassline and synths do the job of creating a dark ambience,some freaky italian samples and nice melodies but nothing outstanding. 2-the atmospheric melody is very good, bassline really pumping hard and the main synth is just to die for, unbelivably hipnotic...twisting synths start floating around creating more and more psychedelia until it explodes with the final synth..trippyness is created and u cant just stop banging your feet on the floor. 3-Bassline starts smoth but quickly changes to a hard pumping bass full of scratching synths swinging around, noises appearing from all sides suddenly a melody made of what it seems to me is a siren creating a really spooky atmosphere inviting the main synth to enter and at 3 thats what happens fucking brilliant you just cant believe it happened, the synth is so trippy i adore it!At 5 it gets even harder and trippy..the title itself describes the track! 4-My favourite track of the album!a nice bass and some nice breaks, the contortive synth is really good ,the track is somewhat soft for the most part of it and you think the track is average but you dont know what will happen in the end, it builds and builds you get a little bored because bpms are low but suddenly out of nowhere the contortive synth appears again and BAM! an unbelivable explosion of psychedelia that smashes all your senses at the same time...the synths bends and twists at a perfect simbiosis...magnificient...at the end of the track you realize you are smaller and thats because you just made a hole on the floor 5-This one is a very good track full of acidic synths on it that i really enjoy and a hard bass, of course.What i like in this album is the trippyness of it, its like space goa but more harder and always at the edge...at 2:40 the climax explodes and the main synth proves my point, trippy is the word to describe this part.Really great track that maintains the groove of the previous track. 6-It starts with what seems something banging, the atmospheric melody does a good job, and the main melody of the first part made by a guitar is really good....at some point another siren appears but this time darkpsy doesnt make a melody out of it but puts it to do the job that a siren usually does alerting people to something bad that is going to happen.The track rises to another level with a great synth full of power and the guitar appears again...really nice building.The end part has a really spooky ambient. 7-The name of the track is really cheesy anyway what matters is the music. This track is like the first one, its nice but nothing out of the ordinary, hard and dark it has at some point a nice building that ends on a good climax ...it builds to a faster rythm...its a track made for the dancefloor like all the others but for homelistening is not advisable. 8-Second best track of the album! The atmospheric melody does a good job...you hear the steps of someone running, maybe running away of something.The bassline gets in, synths swinging around, the ride begins.More synths gets in the way, the breaks gives it a good rythm, the track is getting full of power.You expect a good climax cause you already now what darkpsy is capable of but you dont expect this:Synth explosion bending at the speed of light darkened by an atmospheric noise made by voices of souls from some obscure world ...now you know what the guy was running from, pure power!!The track continues pumping and the hole on the floor gets bigger and bigger 9-This track has a good rythm and melody but is very repetitive...its much less darker than the rest of the tracks, cant even consider this dark anyway its a pleasurable track. 10-Back to darker roads with this one...powerfull bassline...some weirds noise floating around, dont really like the main synth, its a little annoying, reminds me of the ordinary dark trance thats everywhere... but at a dancefloor oubviously this track would work. The name of the track was dispensable. By the way the end is very good, another climax darkpsy style. 10/10 I can only conclude that this album is a dark masterpiece...every darktrance fan should own it, the artist deserve more feedback.Go get the album, even if u cant buy it, download it because its already out of stock unfortunately. By the way, does anyone has it for sale? Samples:http://www.saikosounds.com/japanese/display_release.asp?id=5138
  16. LOOOOL You can convert people to the trance scene very easyally...just show them music all the time and they will be converted even if they dont like electronic music....i converted lots of my friends that were into rock in like a month now they only hear trance, its addictive :clapping: I even converted my brother that only heard rock and mocked psytrance all the time....now he cant stop listening .....its the power of trance
  17. One of the best melodic dark psy i have listened
  18. esctasy aka mdma was the main drug on goa in the 90`s according to goa gil
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