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  1. hey ! wots happend with ya pm box ? u disabled it ?

  2. Divine


    its this one:
  3. the samples sound great
  4. Its a full on track, very nice btw this one should be easy!
  5. Its not that one also anyway thanks for trying:)
  6. Thank you for your answer but its not that track:)
  7. The track at the end This one should be easy
  8. I already told i listened to it on a tape in 2001 wich is lost anyway i dont think there are so many darktrance tracks with creaking and closing doors thats why i asked... thanks for the help :clapping:
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of3tZ2lM07Y...re=channel_page Also x-dream
  10. http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=NykAzBFztx4&...re=channel_page :o
  11. the funniest movie of the year is bruges http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=9-nHC-6dU0Y&...re=channel_page :lol:
  12. The track as some elements very similar to orion - the source but obviously its not the same
  13. Thanks a lot m8...really cool tracks there!!
  14. I love nitzho, thank you for keeping this great music alive! :posford:
  15. that yahel track is great, are the rest of the tracks from the same album also that good ?
  16. Number 8 is man with no name - low commotion
  17. Yo Im searching for a track i listened in a tape back in 2000/2001 that i never forgot because it was one of the first psytrance tracks i ever listened to and also because it has the peculiar sound of closing and opening doors, it had that typical dark trance bassline and kick and the main sounds are creaking and closing doors. If anyone knows dark tracks with this sounds....
  18. The other CDs are ending in less than an hour.....2 CDs are still with no bids...thats unnaceptable
  19. Yo! today the auctions ends dont forget to make your last bid
  20. Added more stuff on ebay for sale: Trance Brave Heart '98 Vol. 2 California Sunshine "Imperia" + "Trance" Resonance Mood Matsuri Productions CD Shamanic Tribes On Acid - 303 To Infinity CD The Wizardry Of Oz Transient Goa CD Party Outlaw Trance Vol.1 CD Trance Mix 6 CD The Mind Of Goa+Psychedelic Techno Hard Trance Vol.2 CD Tea Chairs - Tea Chairs CD http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdivine604 Good luck
  21. your pocket dictated that logic for you.... you dont know me, neither know my financial situation...i literally ran out of money, and when that happens, 5 euros is a big diference. Plus, i will not make big profit because what i paid for this object was not very different from what im going to make with this sale. Maybe you must learn to be quiet when you should.
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