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  1. I dont know wich style are those tracks but i know 2 nitzhonot tracks from him that are actually very good. Astrix-Afrika sun Astrix-Israeli
  2. Yeah check vimana if u already didnt listened to it ,its one of their best tracks...anyway the most emotional etnica tracks are on the juggeling alchemists under the black light album...all tracks on that album are full of good vibes..goa vibes! U said alien protein is too soft what about party droid or starship101?psychedelic madness
  3. This is great quality neogoa for free, way better than most of the recent releases ,all tracks have top quality melodies, but i have to say something for infinite dimensions track...far beyond the stars is one of the best neogoa tracks made so far..perfect track structure, an awesome melody with a final beautifull climax! All tracks are five starts except for infinite dimensions...its far beyond the stars:D. Thats what we goaheads need people like you guys that make music for what it is and not with second intetions!
  4. hey dont need to get all upset...for me this is one of the most brilliant and deepest melodical achivement in electronic music..space techno goa trance at their best,i just cant admit this hardcore/speedcore/terror fags voting music when they dont have the capacities to avaliate music,they can only avaliate noise, this morons just makes me sick PS:cynos u should get the nobel prize in the category of....."PREDICTABLE NERD"
  5. http://www.discogs.com/release/145286 Transdimensional scored 3 on discogs by a complete jerk!!!!how can anyone score 3 transdimensional??does this guy knows what music is??why does this cunts can score on discogs and i dont?dont let this bastard commite this crime and left unpunished send him insulting messages on discogs i already did that do it too ------->http://www.discogs.com/user/xybo
  6. that track owns THANKS A LOT M8
  7. i can`t recognize any of the tracks..but track 2 looks like something from asia 2001..maybe
  8. WOW the track is even better than what i thought, the main melody blown me away pure psychadelia thanks a lot bro u made my day
  9. yeah man i would be very apreciatted if u do that since the track is not identified its better to hear it in bad quality than dont hear it at all hehe
  10. I really liked the second track can u send me the whole track monte?
  11. track nÂș8 is cherouvim-light from transistrance 3 awesome track by the way!
  12. i agree in general is more cheaper production because its more underground music..there are also many goa projects with cheaper productions ..the first i remember is asia 2001 anyway i dont care i like it a lot. Maybe it is more simpler music but i prefer simpler music with deep melodies instead of pseudo psychedelic music with lots of weird sounds completely desorganized with no melodies like neo psytrance
  13. Nitzhonot/uplifting its the most similar genre to goa in trance scene,deep spacey melodies and powerfull basslines just like real goa Nitzhonot-----Goa--------------------------------------------------------neopsytrance http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...BCD18003B0BF814 this track is from a nitzho compilation but it if u ask someone that doesnt know what nitzho is, he will classify this track as goa..this proves nitzho/uplifting is goa with much more power and sometimes with some happy(cheesy if u want)melodies
  14. actually im a newbie at this genre ... Sorry i already download it and cant identify the other tracks
  15. track 9- vetim- macedonia 2000and its form this uplifting compilation--->http://www.discogs.com/release/523837 the track star children- nasty is from melodic morning 2 and is not on discogs
  16. track 7- star children-nasty
  17. I downloaded the track let there be light from the orange compilation and now i noticed that the track suposed to be let there be light i have here on spiritual trance vol.1 isnt the right one , the track is here->http://www.sendspace.com/file/u0lx7w..its a really great track anyone knows the author?
  18. LOL Well i have that track let there be light on the compilation spiritual trance vol.1 and the melody isnt the same...strange tks anyway
  19. it starts at 00:57 does anyone knows the track?
  20. On garageband goa syndrome and imperial project are 2 distinct groups,http://www.garageband.com/artist/GOASYNDROME...http://www.garageband.com/artist/ImperialProject , even so i think they are the same. well they promote themselves with mp3s and since there isn`t any place where u can buy their albuns, i can give what i have to you,do u have soulseek?
  21. LOL! kareta devias ter posto isto nos anuncios de festas,isto e a zona de reviews...
  22. Dimension 5-transdimensional Pleiadians-IFO Etnica-Alien protein Astral projection-trust in trance Etnica-the juggeling alchemist Get this albums or u failed at life
  23. I love Goa Syndrome/Imperial project!!true psychedelic goa...pity its an almost unknown band,the only thing i found was their profile on garageband http://www.garageband.com/artist/GOASYNDROME there are 2 tracks available there...enjoy
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