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  1. U should listen to it again because it has some powerfull melodic goa tracks and its unique because of its high bpm
  2. Great album filled with goa vibes...acid synths and hipnotic melodies. The only negative point its the repetitiveness of some tracks, but...its from 95 8/10
  3. Great track! i need to get those ptzatzot comps
  4. Good news! I hope it will have also tracks with the intensity of RO.M. and astral flight...2 of my favourite goa tracks :clapping:
  5. Divine


    Unfortunately the guy canceled his account on youtube.
  6. Divine

    Ticon - 2AM

    I really enjoy this album.Minimal and more electro than progressive...well i dont even label this as progressive anyway its a very good album with a synthpop feel, something that i never listened before People that bash the album have to understand that this is not their style, the fact that they dont like a style doesnt make it bad. :drama:
  7. Divine


    The quest continues.... :clapping:
  8. Divine


    Listen to the last part at 1:45, it has a very good climax...someone mus recognize this track.
  9. Funny that a trance artist made this great goa...maybe he has more music on this style who knows
  10. Divine


    Identify pls: http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=dcNPTJTOoRc&...feature=related
  11. Found it!!! Deepsky - Cosmic Dancer :posford:
  12. That track number 10 is this one->http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh7pSeVnSjI&feature=related and i remember somenoe identified it sometime ago in this forum but i forgot the name of the artist
  13. LOOOL i was going to say the same, i restarted listening to astral now maybe its the good weather
  14. Tastes, but maybe what u dont like is the style darktrance and not the artist darkpsy. The tryambaka album is already out http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7039
  15. the example u gave of what u dont like its actually my favourite dark trance album, if u didnt already listened to the entire album u should at least listen to the track all synths are possible :posford: Edit:I only listened now the 2 sample...thats not darktrance thats just night full on
  16. Just heard the longer samples and they sound great, going to order now :clapping:
  17. Check the album fear from darkpsy...yes his artist name is darkpsy, the name is very cheesy but the music is great. Also new albuns from penta and tryambaka will release hsi album soon check his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tryambaka
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