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  1. So, Sea wasps are Box jellyfishes? oO

  2. Rue Morgue Radio I just got into this stuff really cool... anything dark and somewhat disturbing... but mostly sleazy horror rock'n'roll... good stuff....
  3. My mom loved the old Space Tribe stuff (it was her cleaning music, she cleaned the house to it ), and she walks to a lot of Shpongle, and dare I say, Infected Mushroom (the "other side" of Convertiang Vegetarians) . My Uncle is the electronically inclined music producer... He loves the stuff I've shown him (mostly Shpongle).
  4. Currently (yes, for the past few weeks) I am listening to white zombie... so... somewhat metal, and various breakcore. not a lot of psy lately... also lots of just local indie rock. also lots of pink floyd . I just got my drivers license, so I will be listening to alot more! I'm currently looking for folk-ish music, from the indie scene (which I found I love) before psy? Rap (Around 12 or 13, also when I first heard Space Tribe) Rap/Rock/Techno (11 & 10) The Beavis and Butthead era of rock I fell in love with when I was 7 (Korn, WZ, AC/DC, etc...) White Zombie was the only one for me that held my interest to this day (I'm 18).
  5. Well... right now: -Prodigy: Smack my Bitch Up -White Zombie: El Phantasmo & the Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama (Yes the White Zombie hype will die down.... eventually ) -Venetian Snares: Hajnal, and Ketsarku Mozgalom Yeah.... Not alot of psy ...
  6. Choose Djalupi That one was something I made a while ago, on 164 BPM... It sounds pretty damn rythmical to me. @Basilisk: dross:tik Those guys do breakcore and such. You might recoginse a couple of artists too . But yeah, I don't quite like a lot of the unimaginative fast stuff unless it's some really cheesy techno or something like that (ie: on Dance Dance Revolution)... But only because it's so silly
  7. Ehm... cool thanks for sharing *sighs* so good to be living a couple hours over seas from there .... of course, it also involves actually going out to see it
  8. Thanks guys, I will be looking for them in a few shops . This is very good stuff. (also forgot to mention that the planet earth compilation album has a duplicate disk written completely in 5.1 :posford: very nice)
  9. link Choose "Creepy Cranial Concept Part 2" Hey! what's up? Finally finished another, this was a sequel to CCCP1 which is also up there. This one's downtempo, like nothing I've ever made before, also has some industrial influence. time: 9:16 tempo: 120 bitrate: 128kbps/streaming anyway, enjoy
  10. Just curious, I picked up LTJ Bukem's "planet earth" and I thought it was fantastic, so.... ehm... I figured I'd ask a psynews forum ( ) about what other stuff is out there similar to that. anyway, thanks. Ni
  11. SeaWasp


    forgot to add that Vangelis track is fantastic (I love blade runner so I had to check this out )
  12. :wank: wow... like oldschool posford much? For me, either Koxbox or Space Tribe (ian & olli are my heroes )
  13. SeaWasp


    ehm.... yeah I was outside and it started raining... ... It works though , nice set (ps: what happened to the pretty girls?)
  14. Fantastic set! thanks for sharing
  15. Lauryn- nice! way to be! anyway, I wanted to check out karma & allumvium chris makes pretty wicked music, and Goa pete is totally awesome! Jikkenteki- Ok my bad *smacks self*, but you know what I mean? (Also would you be interested?)
  16. I thought it'd be cool if we made them, though . Lauryn- I assume your interested, By the way, i'm on vancouver island
  17. Hey! What's up? I just thought it would be kind of cool to do a psynews mix (ie: artists on psynews) but with all the tracks on triplets (IE: none of this morphing back to 4/4 timing crap!). Would there be any interest? If so, we'd need a DJ, (i can't DJ worth shit ) Anyway, maybe I've sparked an interest... maybe not edit: meant to write 4/4 instead of 4/3 >
  18. I'm gonna give this a +1 I started on IT also, And I do use fl, But more recently, I've gotten into songs made in Jeskola Buzz, Which I think is probably one of the best programs out there . I can run it on my p1
  19. Hey! what's up? I started a somewhat experimental track, (a) because I decided to see if I could make a bassline out of a kick drum and ( it turned out to sound a lot like darkpsy. I'm definately not switching to this sound. It was fun though. time: 8:25 tempo: 153 encoding: 128kbps/streaming link: here (choose Event horizon) enjoy
  20. mfg all the way ftw!!! I prefer them to astral projection, I'll be honest, i respect them, and their music, but I find AP boring (ouch! stop bsahing me!)
  21. i liked that zik- completely moronz fan freakin tastic! don't quite think ive heard fast stuff like that though
  22. Funny if it was a creepy 62 year old trance fetishist (yes I'm skeptical) but if said member (SP) is indeed the real deal, awesome, welcome Si! pioneers.... I would add Space tribe to that list, his sound was so different (based on what I've heard) in that time (ie: 1996), also i would agree that Juno Reactor were pioneers, but also koxbox, though maybe later on when "the great unknown" came out. probably my very favourite psy album, hands down. mostly because of how it stood out from the doof-a-dang-a that was just starting out
  23. latest automated bot! anyway, nemo, good full-on... I heard a reasonably new track, from a set: sangeet - "cosmic dentrites", it sounded very nice! also from a set, Space Buddha - Nirvana. fantastic track, though maybe a tad cheesy, but overall very happy ... enjoy
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