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  1. hey! what's up. I thought I should make some D'n'B inspired by venetian snares (though it does sounds nothing like him ^^)... this is very fast, some may not be interested in the speed, others may dig it... It is also not too dark, more of a happy mood, without getting too cheesy time: 6:11 tempo: 240 bitrate: 128kbps/streaming link: here choose stellar lounge enjoy
  2. hey!... well known producers really do sign up here thanks For all of that stuff... it helps alot with my mixing as I'm still trying to find my sound
  3. I've tried impulse tracker.... it really was my first music maker i seriously tried to use.... what about scream tracker?? (I'm currently using jeskola buzz, and Loopy Fruits)
  4. hey!, thanks for the reply:) but i think my levels got screwed up before the render, i've re-edited the levels, and i'm going to re-render when I get home
  5. thanks for sharing, i remember hearing you for the first time on distance to goa 9 ("in society"), then on some interesting goa mixes... very cool stuff.
  6. *waits for ale to spam about old school here* check ZOMG!11!SHIFT+1 ISRAELI TARNCE FLUL-NO!! FORRRGH-UM!! no, i don't mind the bassline, the rest of the song has to be good though to answer the topic i prefer old school because the 303 kicks ass , also because thats all i have... ^^^
  7. Hey... I'm done another. I've found a favourite kick synth, from the jeskola buzz tracker, called "monster kick" it features three oscillators plus an overtone generator... i had fun. so... this is typical SeaWasp with an overtone kick the bassline is deep, so deep it can be felt ... (cybernetika, genetisis is proving to be virtually impossible! ) tempo: 150 time: 7:53 bitrate: 128 kbps pluggies/softs: FLstudio5, monster kick, 3osc, fruit kick, ts-404 link: link find the player in the lower right, choose tesselation enjoy
  8. try juno reactor's - lu.cia-na
  9. Thanks alot for sharing... my favourite (from this album) will always be valkyrie very fast glitchy and mindbending (of course my altime fav would have to be genetisis). this is very solid stuff, and it shows that people are still trying hard to make good music... laboratory escapee forgot about valkyrie when describing your album wich falls into all of his categories without screwing up
  10. Stream Here Hey what's up? i made my third full track in jeskola buzz. it's a very dark, somewhat minimal oldschool psy creation... lots of filtered noise synth... the Buzz is starting to set in, i'm slowly finding my old style in buzz... this one will slightly creep you out...The bassline reminds me of some space tribe stuff... in the days of early fullon Time: 5:27 Tempo: 150 Bitrate: 128kbp/streaming Software: Jeskola Buzz Enjoy
  11. Hello... I finished this one this morning. the first track in a long time to dip below 130bpm (129 )... dark, atmospheric, minimal, chaotic, can all describe this track, full of trippy sounds... tempo: 129 bitrate: 128kbps time: 8:48 stream: here (use the player on the right) or here enjoy
  12. i could've sworn you get inspired from me! (maybe thats just my overactive imagination) but this stuff is pretty dark, i love the industrial noise in the background... it always seems to happen (ie: i put out a dnb tune, then you put one out, seemingly better than mine, then i do ambient, then.... you better mine anyway, something oddly in common) anyway, that was a fantastic four minutes of my life, thanks
  13. thanks for the reply, but the bass in the first three minutes couldn't have been missed... it was the triangle soaked in reverb, played in on every 32nd tick, also part 2 is going to be completely ambient.... also i'm going for a soft kick too... pretty much, the whole track was going for a totally different sound than what your used to.... but anyway, thanks for the thorough reply
  14. Hey! Sup everyone? I've made a new track... the atmosphere is set by the ambient introduction... also, if you're wondering "why part 1?" It's because i'm going to delve into an even darker atmosphere... so uh... here are the specs: time: 9:19 tempo: 130 plugins: squeekbox, 3xosc, ts404, and all that good stuff bitrate: 128kbps streaming link: here check my twisted sessions page here: link enjoy!
  15. The first step to making psy trance: Follow nothing that anyone else says. make basslines the way you think they should be, structure the songs according to your own rules... maybe listen to a few dj sets to maybe get an idea of song structures, but it should all be done on your own Your hip hop influence should go into your psytrance... i think it would be a very cool style ... (i suggest using all kinds of breakbeats, and layer them over each other, and screw with their everything) if you copy someone... i think you could be a musical in-breeder (makeing psytrance inspired by psytrance) you have to bring something else to it to give it that extra bit of soul (to make it: psy inspired by <music genre, in your case, hip hop> ) anyway... as for a track.... look for some minimal psy (shiva chandra is a good way to start) besides that, full-on is quite complex.... Good Luck!
  16. lots of people know who they are... no one cares to post I love their music... top notch
  17. in fl studio go: data\projects\tutorials\gate effect.flp
  18. Hey whats up? after mild jealousy at Cybernetika for making such an awesome track on 160 bpm , i was inspired to make one of my own... this ones a little less dark and it doesn't take itself too seriously, wouldn't say its as atmospheric, either. but it has a fairly rich, psychedelic sound: Download: Here time: 6:11 Tempo: 164 Bitrate: 128KBPS enjoy
  19. Trackers ftw!!! latest track is on that... okay... fair enough, I'm a panzerdelay whore...
  20. Check out DI.fm for electronic... stuff (ie: psy, uplifting, melodic, dnb, jungle,gabber, etc)
  21. Non Psy but very psy? check out this guy, shane philip, a local guy link
  22. if you want evil.... go white zombie also... no one mentioned juno reactor (their stuff can be very dark, and atmospheric), check zwara, and conquistador! others: Artifact - reborn Sungirl Vs. Iron madness - Buddhist Pyramidi The nommos all in all, I think dark is a personal opinion, but those ones according to me are dark
  23. oooohhhh.... i feel like im under pressure.... butbecause i wanted to make a vote......... pleiadians FTW!!
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