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  1. Link This is an older one but I'm going to be playing it in my very first set! Have fun. Ni
  2. What about oldschool Space Tribe? Insane sounding stuff.
  3. I would suggest, to learn your scales and stuff, watching an arpeggiator arpeggiate really slowly and just play along (that's how I'm learning bass), and wikipedia is your friend.
  4. SeaWasp

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    ambient, glitch, circuit bending....
  5. I've been kicking around since 2003-ish... my account got booted due to some technical difficulty, so i had to make a new one in 2004.
  6. Dont' forget Meddle . @abasio - But yeah... cool totally forget who it was.. thanks
  7. But isn't that with any music? Ambient music should be listenable as background music, but can be complex when listening "in-depth" (Who am i quoting?) Having said that, as long as there is some weird form of rhythm, I'm all ears, and will try to hear it through to the end... And yes, I do prefer long ambient tracks. They especially need time to build up...
  8. @yerg - I don't think they ever called what they made psy... I heard that they released laughing gas as progressive techno...
  9. SeaWasp

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    I put down the favourite tempos as 100 - 120, 140-160, 160-gabba... etc. who's the other one? I do not however like a solid 60/90/120/180 bpm track... to me, it has to be up or down one point... (i'm not really big on tracks that sound like marches ) As for the 160 bpm thing: 160 bpm is cool because at that tempo, psychedelic trance is fast, but when D'n'B is on that tempo, it's said to be slow... D'n'B mixed with Psy at this tempo makes for a pleasant combination... (ssp warning!) My stuff, nowadays seems to revolve around the 155-165 BPM range....
  10. I honestly hate to one up you here, but I have an uncle who's turned 60 just recently, he played over the summer, among other things , but not a psy head (he plays a mean tabla though :posford: )
  11. I'm seeing more quality psytrance from "underground" releases rather than stuff that comes off of a label. I'm gonna make a guess that some of the smaller labels, if they don't take any risks on new guys, could potentially drop out of business... It would be cool if psy was just a straight community based style of music (ie: no labels, just artists selling records independantly). As for me, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep on doing what I do... woo.
  12. Hey there, just playing with my bass, I'm currently learning how to play, so don't expect anything super innovative... I'm not playing it for the low end though, more for the mid, and high. anyway: link there you go by the way, this is by no means a full track...
  13. I picked this up yesterday for about $10.00. even after not really being sure about their stuff... this is money well spent, really awesome, groovy, proggy sounding stuff. thumbs up all the way!
  14. Cosmosis - Howling at the moon Juno Reactor - Luna-Tic Space Tribe & Electric Universe - The Acid Test Slinky Wizard - Wizard Koxbox - Fuel-On Space Tribe - Out there in the Universe Space Tribe - Beyond the Subatomic Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra Technossomy - Electron Bender Goa Gil - Po Tolo (B Sirius mix) Yes I am a huge old-school Space Tribe fan... Enough squelch?
  15. cosmosis - Howling at the moon :pissed: I think that one needs to go on your list. that one is a mad track driven completely by the bassline. I'd say the 303 is the fundamental keyboard of goa... bleh... to each his own, I guess. My list would be slightly different.
  16. Hey there, anyone familiar with Art of Trance could help me here. I'm asking about the opening sample. The sample is some syllables (maybe in a different language?) and the kick drops in. Anyway the voice sounds a little like Michele Adamson. Is it? or is it someone else? Anyway, thanks.
  17. I hate to necro this thread, but a favourite (certainly not the best) bassline for me was Iron Madness & Sungirl - Buddhist Pyramidi. the bass in that one becomes really groovy, and adds to the kinda chunky sound.
  18. Recently I've picked up my bass before anything, and played some strings to see if I can arrange it into something. Then comes sampling & tweaking what I've made, and I make abassline from what I've played.... I have a bass! :posford:
  19. I heard Space Tribe's Out There in the Universe five years ago, when I was thirteen. Hooked ever since. I've even got his first album in mono, when he used to make tracks freely available .
  20. I'm surprised no one mentioned "Present Moment", that was the one that turned me on to his music .
  21. venetian snares - LIC03 an amazing thirteen-four groove . And very chill too!
  22. Check vOcOv it's a 2 oscillator vocoder VSTi. I just recently found it, and it works fine. Add effects to suit your needs .
  23. Have you even tried it? It's crashed once or twice on my massively old computer, which had problems of its own. It works fine
  24. ^^^^ I've been using buzz lately and most of the plugin sliders increase and decrease in hexadecimal.
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