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  1. You're looking at calculus to figure that one out ... good luck buddy
  2. Radi-ism :drama: . but yeah.... I'm gonna recommend you start with a tracker first... It'll make life easier when you continue on with everything else... But keep in mind, you'll be learning hexadecimal whether you like it or not (it's basically numbers in base 16 rather than base ten). also they usually aren't as flashy as other music programs... A recommendation for tracker? Jeskola Buzz of course good luck buddy I hope to see some cool tracks from you...
  3. oh sorry, the title on that one was called "The antidote - Walk on the moon". Fantastic track :clapping:
  4. Play real arpeggios Fair enough... I've used them, but only after I've written the main lead. As for directions... Up, down, and the one that alternates... never random
  5. that is quite a ride . Very heavy layer usage... very chill... Very cool.... I'll be sipping tea to this for a while... Did you play the didj or tabla, or was it sampled?
  6. ^^^ those aren't vsts bleh... I'll be honest though... I use pretty much only 3x0sc with effects nowadays. favourite vst? Squeekbox
  7. I've been making alot of d'n'b lately. This one's kinda feel-goodish. Time: 5:38 Tempo: 163 link: Choose "dive" Comments are more than welcome thanks, Ni
  8. I was gonna do something like this.... but bleh... you beat me to it... I'll give this a shot later tonight
  9. SeaWasp


    Plus fucking one! on the other hand, I've liked some tracks with guitar (space buddha - nirvana [stop bashing me!])
  10. Alan Parsons By the way ultraviolet catastrophe is a wicked album, "All you Need" is pretty much one of spacetribe's best tracks, also check "Beyond the subatomic". More 3/4 grooves!
  11. Fruityloops is good for that sort of stuff (I do alot in 5/4, and experimented in 3/5 a couple of times.... hard but worth it). As for the intervals in a different time signature, you can play with up to about 16 beats before it goes funny. The shuffler is your friend . With it, you can shift ticks and make it seem like you're in a triplet, or what have you all else fails, you can play with the snap tool which can come in very handy inside the piano roll. bleh... I think you're set
  12. ^^^+1 that nirvana track is pretty cool... very nice psy, and good use of guitar (or synth guitar? )
  13. I've been experimenting with neurofunk. It's really fun stuff. Something like cyberpunk drum'n'bass. Time: 8:39 Tempo: 163 Bitrate: 192kbps Link: here enjoy!
  14. Try looking up Audacity and playing around with that... (software, but it's really good) If you have the drivers to record from the audio mixer, you don't need an mp3 player. It also renders to a couple of different types output files. Good luck, Happy Hunting! :posford:
  15. I was gonna mention the one with alan parsons, michele adamson, and dave gilmour, called "return to tunguska." I thought that one was amazing.
  16. I had a cat on mushroom release on distance to goa 7 or 8, also forget the name. It was awesome. I have that and CV.... meh.
  17. This is right up my alley . I tend to make a lot of stuff in 5/4. I'll send one in later tonight.
  18. Now we're talkin'. thanks a very nice looking tracklist here. I'd like to hear those platipus tracks slowed down alittle .
  19. Use a filter with high resonance, and have the cutoff oscillate. and then distort the output. Oh, and don't forget use only saw, or square, and have it in mono (last one was a bit of a joke ) good luck :posford:
  20. I hate to rain on your parade at such a late time, but that koxbox track was called Re-oscillation
  21. Just so you know, the artist is Prana, not Taiyo. As for hard and driving, try out Space Tribe's "Sonic Mandala"
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