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  1. Hmm.. very interesting.. maybe I should consider releasing some singles on vinyl. I'm a small upcoming artist but it might be a nice way to break the ice.
  2. Thanks for listening and sharing
  3. EDIT; fixed linked Looking for some feedback on my new project, you can listens here: Thank you very much for all comments and support
  4. Oh sweet, will do What I noticed about the virus over time was it does have a bit of a ''dark'' sound as some people say. Not sure about the TI because I never owned one. I still have my Virus A, the only hardware I have left now. Was thinking of selling it for a ti but not sure really. I think the Virus C was one of my favourites, it also just looks really cool haha... I also had an Indigo B for a while but it was too big and clunky (although beautiful) and I sold it too. The snow looks cool, but I want a synth with more knobs I guess as I probably wouln't even use the TI software.
  5. But there are some sounds the virus makes that I didn't see other synths ever do the same way I sold my virus C on the weekend and kind of regret it now haha
  6. Actually I'm not a huge Abelton user and just been learning a bit more over the last 2 years or so. Think I prefer Cubase, especially for arrangements. Virus are very cool synths but I am starting to realize that probably most of the things I can do in my DAW.
  7. Hey loops! Had some time off and just back to things today I guess it is a bit darker I actually did use the virus for the kind of stabby fm plucks the main FM riff was made using a tweaked FM patch from Trip Machines, the Ableton rack from Futurephonic. Essentially I would believe you can get the same things from native Ableton stuff. Some great little things in those patches regardless , I can recommend them. Btw mate do you use any hardware synths?
  8. Do Alex Jones vocals count as politics? If you can check out this project I'm working on Truth be told, I did wonder if someone would somehow interpret the vocals in the wrong way, you never know these days. Message is NOT intended to be political, in case I need to mention that.. Are we only talking psytrance? I have a great album in mind but it's hip hop.
  9. Haha thanks man! My previous work was always influenced by the 2000-2008 era, more or less. Lately, with my new tracks, such as Arranged Brains [WIP] I am going for a guess what would be called a more 'modern' style? At least that is my aim. Getting more into the FM synth stuff. Mechanical Human is dope btw
  10. Hahaha small world, already following you Awesome music mate
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