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  1. Hey buddy - see you are from Cape Town. I'm from Plettenberg Bay and lived in CT many years ago. Awesome psytrance scene <3 PS smart machines is cool - reminds me of something like Juvenile - A Machine's Dream album.
  2. I just called Dimitri to help me with my acid lines.
  3. Nice track, didn't hear this one before but was listening to Silicon sound back in the day Not my virus in that picture, but I have the same one so sort of haha.
  4. Hey Padmapani thanks man! Yeah I need to also get more tracks to the complete status, finishing tracks is such a b**ch haha. I would like to have also 5-6 solid complete tracks. I had a talk with a friend a couple weeks back, basically I was saying many of the tracks I like actually could be a bit shorter. Some of the full-on morning tracks build up, bring the kind of cheesy part in, do some kind of drop and bring it in again and again. Many tracks I just listen to certain parts, and the other parts seem drawn out a little at times. Of course some artists keep an entire 7-8 mins interesting bu
  5. Haha just keep making what you like I guess and eventually the style will come back to what you're doing? When I listen to that atomic pulse track I guess some people might think after the first min or two like oh this is soo slow and not much is going on. Nowadays the full on has to sound powerful and grab your attention really quickly, almost sounding full on from the start of the track. Maybe it's a good thing, can't get mad at evolution I guess lol
  6. Awesome - when they had the sale I did the upgrade from Elements to Artist Maybe one day I'll go pro. I really like the idea of dual monitoring of audio channels in Pro...
  7. Hello guys, I finished a track recently, posted here already. However, my environment is far from ideal for mixing. I use my monitors and headphones to reach some kind of agreement but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get it nailed in this setup. Anyhow, when I uploaded my track to soundcloud I decided to give a go at their ''mastering'' on the track. The first thing I noted was that the volume was quite reduced on the track after applying this mastering. I tried to compare A/B with my mix from Cubase and sorta thought the soundcloud mastering seems to have added more control on t
  8. Def not bad for a year and a half, keep it up! PS think most of us work full-time unless we won the lotto mate
  9. Reading through this whole thread now and bring back many golden memories. The first thing that got me in to psytrance was Atomic Pulse - De-Toxicated, tracks like Trip to Space... man... this album drew me into the web of psytrance for sure. All of the stuff posted here was a blast down memory lane, Ephedrix, Protoculture and the whole SA scene (I'm from SA) and of course some reference to later on, like Delirious Noon -it seemed that was kinda like the peak of the morning psy scene? Then things went.. well.. kinda ''blah''. As mentioned in the first comments, the morning full-on style
  10. Thanks recursion loop & astralprojection! Nice nostalgia thread, will be digging through it for some gems! Sacred geometry track is cool! With cool people like you around I don't feel too bad if a label will get back or not, thanks for being awesome
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