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  1. I really liked your tracks! Certainly the first one! Super original sound!
  2. What is up with this release... is it still available? Or is not even released yet?
  3. Why is it so expensive? I checked at HMV and the total cost with shipping and all would be nearly 5000 yen thats 50 euro!!! For a new cd? I haven't paid that much for any ultra-rare out-of-print cd... I love ubar tmar but this price is killing me... I am just a poor student. Won't it be for sale at saikosounds or some descent shop?
  4. man O man and people were telling me 2012 was going to be an apocalyptic year... all this superduper releases comming out!
  5. hmmm some really nice experimental stuff... really creative darkpsy! Succes with promoting!
  6. wooow great news! Thanks draeke!!!
  7. When is it going to be released? I have been looking forward to it for a while now....
  8. Does anybody know anything about a hallucinogenic horses album? Did I dream they were planning an album, or were there really rumours about that? And I also have been waiting for a new Procs, any news on that one? Mikael told me about a year ago he was hoping to finnish his album in a year... so? lets hope
  9. yeah I have that one.. I like it although some parts make me nervous, like the first part of the first song isn't relaxed enough for me when I am in the ambient mode but there are also some truly magnificent moments on that album! any other recomendations?
  10. Hi there, I am truly in love with the 2 ambient albums of Jochem Paap. And I am looking for more ambient in this minimalistic style. Thing that remind me of this style are Aphex twins ambient works 2 and some stuff from tim hecker, biosphere has also made some song in this direction. I find it hard to pin down what I mean but I will try: I am looking for minimalistic beatless ambient but thats more (or less) than the eternal space ambient. More than loooong streched infinite pads . So if anyone can recomend me some of this kind of ambient, that would be nice. (You can also make other ambient suggestions if you wish) thank you ! Florian
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