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  1. Wow.. I love all you guys I bookmarked this thread. Lots of stuff to check. And yeah, I'm mostly after older stuff. On a sidenote, I'm ashamed to say I heard Technossomy - V.T.O.L. for the first time ever today. The whole song and especially the ending with all that acid... that's exactly what I want! Though I understand it's kinda a huge classic. It moved me to tears Acid is power!
  2. Woot, thanks I'm seriously gonna check EVERYTHING out
  3. Hi, I'm currently going crazy on Hiscore Xor - Identify. I actually loooove this kind of acid/goa(?) trance. I also like Hiscore Xor - True Freedom and Union Jack - Red Herring (though that one is more trancy ofcourse), they give me that same kickass feeling. It just sounds so badass.. so.. could anyone recommend me some more songs like these? Or push me in the right direction so I know where to look :posford: Thanks!
  4. Tessemi

    RA - 9th

    Just "bought" this from the internet It sounded fantastic. I can feel this will grow on me. I'll probably listen to it in the train like I always do when an album needs to gain my full attention And when I have the money I'll buy it again Promise!
  5. Yeah.. I honestly don't like to think about my music this way. It changes always
  6. Etnica - Mystical Appearance In Goa Tied with some others though.
  7. Time to give it another listen during my traintrip today
  8. I actually think that "bad" sound quality sometimes has its charms. It's what I love the oldskool goa trance for! It just gives it this warm edge. And I actually *hate* some overproduced/mastered tracks.. they tend to sound more boring! The more "perfect".. the more boring (*cough* Ott *cough*) I WANT UNDERGROUND SONGS WITH ERRORS IN THEM
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