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  1. Shit i couldnt get on the net 4 ages!!! well if ur still around nemo...i was thinking if a sort of dark bassline that still has harmonics... the vb-1 is not working 4 me..i eq'd it and still had this annoying tape sound that was present wen i used 3-bar basslines! I tried to kill it with the eq but then the bass is to flat and shit! I really like the basslines that arnt fully hich pitched and have a really "Bassy" feel to them but arnt void of harmonics aswell...i tried vanguard and had sum success but i still cant get basslines like the pros... any other hints or programs?
  2. i fidled around with vb-1 but it didnt make what i wanted---ok ill search the forum...didnt think of that thnxs NEMO
  3. hey people...just got a copy of cubasesx3 and am finding it hard to create a decent bassline with the onboard synths available...is it just me or do i need to get sum new plugins?? any one know any decent sites where i could download a sick bassline synth for psytrance production?? any help would be appreciated
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