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  1. Good reviews guys... I pretty much agree with your attitudes towards it. This album gets you straight away, but it takes a few listens to truly appreciate what it is doing. Certainly a winner in my books
  2. Absolutely. I fist agreed with a lot of what was said in the initial review, but once I gave this 4 or 5 listens I was completely hooked. It works well as a crusiy chill album at low volume just to get you through the day or relax to at home. Or you can pump it up and it becomes a funkafied masterpeice. Simply cannot get enough of this release. AND I can't get Brushes and Briars out of my head, I don't care if its reused. Golden Cap is a phenomenal song.
  3. As was I... and I was VERY impressed. Phat, funky, melodic, lush choons. I'm not a huge R.D. fan but this album hasn't yet and isn't leaving the CD player for some time. Track 3 is just lushness to the max. Love it
  4. The more a listen, the more I'm actually going back on my first view that this album sucks. It grows on you... I think we have to come to grips with the fact that there with never be another New Kind Of World
  5. This album couldn't be any phatter, even if it sat there and ate lard for 6 months. Favourite surprise of the year!
  6. It is a good album. Just not for E.U. If some newbie had released this you would say "Not bad, not inventive, but on the whole this is good music" I'M SICK OF TALENTED ARTISTS RELEASED ALBUMS WITH "I HAVEN'T REALLY BEEN TRYING" PRINTING ON THE FRONT! 2006: Year of the shit-house followup album (Safi, Vibe Tribe, Protoculture, Fatali, MFG, Infected (i think its a safe assumption), need i go on?)
  7. See i'm a big shift fan too, and this album caught me by surprise, but i simply cannot stop listening to it. It is seriously one of the slickest albums out this year. I love it. There are a few tracks that let this album down but its made up by the sheer tightness of the rest!
  8. really nothing special... struggle to give it above 6/10. It's not bad, but it just feels like none of these guys are trying anymore - it's not hard for them to make good psy and that's what they're doing, but no-one's doing anything different.
  9. Just lisened for the first time. I'm a huge fan of his old-skool stuff so I was VERY hesitant about this album. First impressions: tight, slick, semi-respectable full-on. I think i like it. Not hugely original, but not many artists are being original these days. I think it will go down pretty well if you're not expecting crazy-arse-goa.
  10. You couldn't have summed up how I feel better. I have listened to this a lot more over the last few days and it honestly bores me. Seeing him live is something else, his set at Earthcore '05 was amongst the best morning sets iv heard, but this albums just misses the bar. He has lost that little unique touch you so aptly speak of. It's a shame, it really is. I have no doubt this will be a success, due in part to his name and also to the fact that "cheesy kiddie-trance" will get swallowed up, as that seems to be what people are after. But this will not go down in the books like Refractions (auditory bliss).
  11. First review on here, hope it fits your guidelines (Apologies for the sketchyness of the review, it is sunday morning!) Circadians is without a doubt one of the most anticipated albums of 2006 and promises to push the Protoculture name to even greater heights. After his now classic Refractions debut release in 2003 and Dj compilation Natural Selection released in 2004, Protoculture fans have been eagerly awaiting new sounds from the Protoculture studio. Having added some high-end tech to the Protoculture studio, Nate has been refining his techniques to what his now an even bigger and more powerful sound. Instantly recognisable as the Protoculture sound Circadians showcases some harder techier moments besides the awesome uplifting and melodic moments that he is so famous for. Circadians looks set to be one of the albums of the year and will certainly deliver exactly what his fans love about his music and more! Ok, I don't doubt that this was one of the most anticipated albums, so you have to take into account that there is going to be high expectations (Refractions, in my eyes is amongst the better psychedelic albums ever made). To me Circadians, On first listen comes off as Astrix, remixed by Protoculture. It has lost the cruisy (yet dancy) feel of Refractions, and degenerated into your more systematic full-on that everyone is making these days. Ok don't have time for a particulary indepth review but ill put up my feelings/attitudes about the tracks: 1: Out Of Reality (Nate meets Avi - Love At First Sight) - Iffy intro, but builds into a pretty lush song, nice vocal elements, overused sample ("alright yes, machines are tools..."), build-up is pretty typical Protoculture, break-down is fairly pumping. 2: Sweet Fine Crystaline - Probably the most un-tainted track on the album (maybe). Nothing particulary unique, just a good melodic solid track. 3: Break Out - I dunno, seems like it could've gone somewhere, but degenerates into a pointless full-on cheese track, without even an original bassline. 4: Circadians (Nate and Avi Consumate Their Love) - Seriously, the first minute or two of the title track sounds like the Monster Remix of Infected Astrix from Artcore. It is saved by some rather tasty synth melodies (more like Protoculture) , and not feeling the need for some ridiculous build-up. Still, left me wanting more. 5: Innit (Is it just me or does this album sound a lot like astrix!?) - look i dunno, it goes no-where. skip it. 6: Hitched - Ok, so we finally get a tasty South African bassline. Feels a bit tighter. Again with the broken vocals, but I think it works a bit better than in earlier tracks. Very smooth drop-out, then, at the build-up... ASTRIX AGAIN!!! Did Avi just intercept this album in post-production and change half the tracks. Builds, up, up, up, (you can tell, the drums are getting faster) and drops to... text-book fullon. Come on, something more original. 7: Driven - Now we're getting somewhere. On each listen this one grabs me. Doesnt seem as laboured as the other songs. More like what I would hope Protoculture making cheesier full-on would sound like. Nice broken section before the main build. Sweet lush, rolling melodies. Great morning track. Probably the stand out on the album for me. 8: Terra Tronics - This is an interesting one, I'd say the most interesting track. Following on from Driven, this is more of what I wanted from the album. This is such a good example of cheese, like really really really cheesey. But it really really really good cheese. How it should be done. Predict this will be a BIG dancefloor hit. Tinglingly good melody. At least this track doesn't leave you wanting more. 9: Halo - Well everyone else is doing it, and this album seems to be about doing what everyone else is doing... so lets put a down-beat track at the end. Why not!? Not half bad, would've liked to see where he would've ended up if he had've opted for a less dancefloor friendly album. I am paying out on the album a lot, but don't get me wrong I do really think I like it, about 8 listens so far, there are some freakin great tracks on there. AND despite what anyone says I think Astrix makes ridiculously good music (despite his admiration for Tiesto). I just feel a bit cheated is all. I am REALLY interested in other's opinions on it as I may have just totally missed the point of this album. Overall: 7/10 - To me the greater part of this album was just too samish. Not very original concepts. I think Nate has prove in the past he has fantastic talent, it just seems wasted here. However tracks 6, 7 & 8 are without any doubt great songs. Whether this album will stand the test of time? I'm leaning towards not. As I said, very keen to hear others' take on this. Saiko Sounds Psyshop
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