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  1. Hey Lads, well, i'm from Germany and play guitar and bass for about 7 years, thus i got a sense for melody, rhythm and i got many ideas flying around in my head. The problem is... i don't know how to start. I got some samples and some VST's (i'm using Ableton Live). I just created a boring beat...should i first let record that thing for about 2 or 3 minutes and then post arranging some things. I try to make it visual 1. |--------------------------------| 2. |-----------xxXX---|....|--YYY---xxXX!!!!| 3. Intro|----xxXX---XXxx---YY---|....|--YYY--XXX---xxXX!!!!----|Outro etcpp. The letters just stand for any kind of modification Or do you just build up slowly like this: 1. |---| 2. |------X-| 3. |------XyyyX...| etcpp.. Sorry if it is a dumb basic question, but i just don't get it here on myself. By the way...any hint for me, how to create a kinda smooth bassline like 1200microg. on Heroes of imagination? Thank you very much!
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