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  1. unconfirmed gangguru NN =Gangguru - Ultimate unconfirmed tim schuldt nn= B.E.T.H. ‎– Blighty DAT 8 NN 4=etnica -mind altering drugs DAT 9 NN 7=tim schuldt - donuts DAT 9 NN 5 dark goa track =Coneheads - Infatuation DAT 9 NN 1 Voices sample track =synchro(Z To A -White Powder DAT 6 NN 1 Awesome Psytechno track=remix or pitched up of Planet B.E.N. - Pulse????????????????
  2. ambient mystic tribal intro acidic half and Asia's trippy melodic stuff at the end GREAT 8/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9alvq9Wjxfk
  3. DAT 1 Unknown Goa Track 5 =Semsis - Panic
  4. Mr Kristiann you give IM so much value saying that they have copied other ''monster goa'' producers i have to agree with Ormion they didnt copy any other previous goa legend the only track i will remember from them is Realese Me from the Gathering(not bad album) and im wondering how they did it
  5. i dont say that i dont like clasical music,i say that the use of these CERTAIN childish piano melodies are by far out the field of the classical music and propably belongs to the group products of milk such is cheese
  6. hmmm reading the above opinion of Anoebis i decide to give Classical Mushroom album a try again nd listen it after 15 years(back then i havent gave this a proper listen I FOUND it TOO CHEESY) ) hmmm im at 13:23min of this album and still after 15 years SMELLS CHEESY too i hate these FLIPPER sounds with the dose of wannabe inteliigent arrangment(piano,kind of classical melodies)
  7. if u live in the microcosm of the nowdays scene of course u see no limited scene. there are people that still see a evolution in scene there are people who say that today artists continue the spirit of the old scene etc etc im wondering why can follow such a thought(a reason is my age?40years old? my other priorities than music??) propably yes but the main reason is that: come on guys there is no music like the music produced by these old labels in our days (at the best the most suitable label who could realese nu goa would been Hypnotic,the best scenario) ADMIT it and move
  8. i appreciate this sound of Rast's
  9. Of course these tracks cannot pass the standards of now labels.i can't argue on that now days there is a hype about complexity.sound quality mixing skills crystal sound etc etc. THATS THE DIFFERENCE.
  10. :o :o i cant imagine their DAT's played more than 10 sec in Rhino,Matsuri,Blue room .TIP,Transient,Phantasm ,Psy Harmonics headquarters dat players am i wrong?? -_- hmmm 5 sec then
  11. Morphem died ????????? :( :( :( what a great producer his albums are masterpieces thanks Raphael 'This is my world... I´ve been lost. My plan is to stay here - till i die'
  12. a friend of mine played in a festival after a Aphid's Moon dj set back at 2007(Aphid played ,after the Dragonfly's album, stuff) he started his set with X dream-STOP (the track from The Independence Trance Revival cd) i was side by sound engineer console with the intro of the track(from the very first sound effect of the track ) the enginner and his assistant gone FREAK (they were afraid about the speakers lollllll) and at the end they minimise a little the output sound in my opinion back then the sound of X dream's track was more painful(and better ,more heavier) for system than Aph
  13. I know this is a masterpiece album but passed much since the last time I listened it.MANY MANY THANKS
  14. im searching for the title of the MEGA track appeared here at 31:20
  15. 1)mahadeva 2)teleport 3)transmission 4)put lsd at this place just for the hype
  16. i didnt saw or i missed in the above comments the best goa album? im talking about Astral's -Trust in trance album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I6znsU898o and YES its the most spacey alongside(propably even more) with Pleiadians-Etnica's stuff
  17. really?? this track is average mediocre Goa Trance? clean again your ears listening both tracks (surfing the youtube) just before i saw this post the 1st track that came in my mind was Phreaky -Over the moon so Radi u got a point
  18. Empirion - Narcotic Influence (John Askew Remix) search little more and u will find another great remix he did in one MORE great track (hmm maybe 2 more remix tracks )
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