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  1. great news just i saw that at a Psilosiva event ,Ciaran Walsh the great producer of a unique sound ,is back in ''business'' check the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/333276453476062/?ref=3
  2. i dont call u Greek but in strictly scientific term its not clear what u are BELIEVE ME even me its not sure too if im 100% Greek(or a blend of Greek ,Slavic,Latin,Turkish etc ''flavours'') the history of Balkans is a big chapter in world history with lot of episodes years passed ,many ppl transfer took place in Balkans and a blend of races and nationality established till our current time hmmm no interest by me to continue with that ''It doesn`t matter'' u typed above i think we have the end of conversation peace man and sorry if i disturb in any way
  3. sorry i understund now your role
  4. are u serious man u type the word Pirinska which is a slavic word slavs appeared in south at 6th century after Jesus in which way Macedonia state (a state with that name hundrent of years before Jesus) earlier called with a Slavic word
  5. i like the resources u use Pedro lol im sure u know how wiki works my advice Pedro go to your local library and open a book(u know the real word its outside forums etc etc close the pc) second i will create whatever drama i want who are u man who talk to me what to do?? u ?? what is your moral or whatever motivation to talk about, in such conversation?? are u the objective eye here? tell me what role u have in this conversation? the country is called FYROM and not Macedonia or Portugal or whatever (radio,travel agents, WIKI articles,forums,facebook hahah a few Goverments and igno
  6. Slavs have nothing to do with Macedonia(Macedonians was a Hellenic race) in any term (cultural,language etc etc etc) Slavs appeared in South hundrend years after Jesus so they dont have any connection for what Macedonia was for hundrend years before Jesus in any way (cultural,language etc etc) its very sad to change history like Turkish shows ancient Greek buildings(theaters,temples )as a work of their ancenstors lollllllllllllll open a book and stop listen FYROM radios lol
  7. everyone from Balkans are welcomed in Greece we have many common things and nothing to share dont confuse politics-and their aims with simple people simply i dont like the change of history (and of course history is very important for the future ,not for opposition but to bring countries and people closer) end of story
  8. i dont really care what Pedro or a German thinks Balkans is a strange mixture so its no easy for a person who leaves thousands of kilometerers away to understund books and history is here for everyone and yes pls when u talk to me about this coyntry call it as FYROM lets speak about history but no about radio stations hahah sorry end of conversation i stop it here
  9. RADI i dont really care if in German or in Bulgary they call it as Macedonia call it as u want in your country or in their country hahhaha but no when u speak PERSONAL to me Live your myth in Bulgary or Fyrom
  10. aaa u talk about FYROM ooo i'm so sorry so u can freely change the title of your video to FYROM ****and why u refer the country FYROM as Fyrom Macedonia the letter M refers to fucking Macedonia its no necessary EDIT and i think for objective reasons and reasons of good behaviour its not good to change the name of a country so the name of the country is FYROM=Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia anything else is provocative
  11. Radi u have any idea where Macedonia is? or what Macedonia means?? what Macedonia borders u mean ??? tell me if u dont have a idea about open a book and learn something useful
  12. nope '' Profile: "Noom Records" was founded in July 1993 by Joachim Keil (Undercover Music Group (UCMG Germany)). It was distributed via MMS Euro & Intergroove. Since 2004 is Noom a part of Daredo Music labelgroup.''''''''''''''' and there isnt even one realese of Heckman at Noom
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrzc3JZbRrE :ph34r: :ph34r:
  14. back at 1996 i was in holidays in Santorini island here in Greece a friend of a friend has a dozen of tapes he told about about goa sound etc i stuck to listen Etnica's-Alien Protein 1st time my 1st connection with goa sound i was listening this album all night long at the roof of a house at the edges of the volcano,with the company of bottle of whiskey i never had such a warm feeling i lived great parties but never got this feeling of the 1st time
  15. and very good but not the best i think only a group of tracks can called ''best of'' not a single track hmmm if i have to make a top 10 from that sound i dont think Hemostatic will be there its a matters of age etc etc etc
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