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  1. I'm checking in peeps. Haven't seen you for ages, sorry my bad.
  2. Hi Pat All good mate. Fianlly moved out of the hotel so now I can set up a stereo and start waking up the neighbours. Hope you well. Hava Bundy for me mate. Soz
  3. Hi Joske Long time mate. Do you still have Asia - Psyka? I've got spare copies of heaps and can access them now as I've finally moved out of the hotel.Unfortunately I don't have Part 2 as I'm looking for it as well (I'm kinda half Polish due to da mrs) Fede was telling when he was over a fair while ago that Mars was looking for Accidental. He's probably found a copy by now but I've got 2 or 3 copies. Take it easy Soren
  4. Hi Pat It might be genuine but he's been left a lot of bad feedback on discogs lately, so not holding my breath. That's life I guess. We're still rockin' London. Went to a few Olympic events, boxing, hockey and football, the poms put on an awesome show. Talk soon mate
  5. Hi All Haven't been on for a while but I hope you're all well. I, along with some other people have been ripped off by Tigas of discogs and he might be known here as Medioti (not sure though) both are from Greece. He won't respond to any messages etc, etc. I'm normally very patient and will never flame someone and give them ample time to get the goods to me but this guy either died or just decided to go the scam. Tigas offered me Trance Experience 4 a few years ago and when I went to pay apparently it had been stolen out of his car, I should have learned from that. Basically you pay but don't receive the cd's. I'm not sure where else I was meant to post this but I wanted to get the word out before anyone else gets done over. Steer Clear !!
  6. What happened, you didn't write to me about trades etc. I got back from holidays and just checked in now and Acid Waves is all over red rover. Never mind, next time. Seno
  7. JAP EXP Hi there mate. Hope you are well. How much would you like for Jap Exp. Are the inserts near mint? Talk soon Soren
  8. Thanks Emil you're a champion !! Always a pleasure to buy from you mate and I wish you happy holidays and a great 2011.
  9. Many thanks !! Cd arrived swiftly, well packaged and in near mint condition as promised. I would definitely buy or trade with Mike again.
  10. Thanks Mars for doing such a great job over the past years. I can only begin to imagine pressure of trying to do this by yourself. If I can be of any help in being part of the team then I'll put my hand up. I can spare an hour or two per day to keep the vibe alive.
  11. Super Nice Guy but needs a few tips on grading. Sorry mate but the conditon of those cd's are a shocker. The only cd of any use to me is the Indian Beats which Fede wanted and I helped you out because he backed out, otherwise the conditon for the rest are not how I expected.
  12. Senobyte


    Hi Folks Hope you're all having a nice summer. I stupidly traded some cd's that I thought I could replace but I haven't been lucky so far. I'm willing to pay top prices or if you would like to trade against some of my doubles then I'm happy to do that. I'm looking for, nice condition please: Trance Mixum - 100 euros Japanese Experience - 100 euros Astral Trance - 130 euros Asia - Psyka - 150 euros Tromesa - Gdyby - 100 euros To trade, LOTS but rarities straight off the top of my head: Blue Planet - Rhino release VG++ Etnica - Juggeling VG++ RTTS - Ambient Med 4 - NM and sealed Quiet Logic - NM Secede - Tryshasla (sealed) Laters S
  13. Okay Mr Delars Can you get me price together inc shipping to London for: Lotus - Recycle Jaia - Blue Dirty Week Biot - Sat Zep Tepi 777 Cheers mate Seno
  14. Sorry for previous post, it's been so long for me that I've forgotten what to do I'd like a second copy of Acid Waves. What are you looking to trade for? Alternatively how much would you like? Laters S
  15. Hi all I've dropped off the radar due to work commitments but I want to let everyone know that I have spare tickets for both main and afterparty 31.10.09, just need to allocate a few for Fede and his bro, so that leaves 7 of each available, so if anyones looking then let me know, first in best dressed. Laters S
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