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Psytrance mixed with other genres


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Recently I have been listening to mostly other genres.

New music addiction is a bitch and I always want something new to listen to, even though when I revist my old favourites (mostly Psy, Goa, Psychill) I much prefer them. They have a deep psychedelic edge that I miss from a lot of other genres.

Ambient often has it but I can't always find other music that gives the same atmospheres.

Does anyone know of artists or labels that mix psy with other genres like Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock etc.

I'm curious to know if I'd like it or not :lol: 

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I do it quite often. In fact, my new video mix premieres on YouTube this weekend =)

This one is a mix of pop, classic electronica, progressive, goa, suomi, folk, and rock.

I will mix a variety of genres depending on my mood and what I'm after. My entire Good Morning series of mixes are blends of psy n other =)



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Ahem: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/76772-go_a-instead-of-goa-will-be-the-new-hype/

Yes, I would recommend that song on this occasion :D

But other than that, there's more that I could recommend ... @abasio I understand your addiction, it has got me too, I have to find new stuff that has this special something ... unfortunately 99% of what the YouTube algorithm recommends is unusable in this regard, but when you find a gem, the joy is absolutely huge.

I do not have anything that uses real psytrance 1:1, but lots of vibe comes across and I hope that is sufficient:






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thinking again, you might maybe enjoy this more @abasio

I remember this from another thread where I mentioned that...

Akanoid started out as a psytrance group, that's why there's so much of that in there...

Do check out both albums cocktail Pop and Civil Demon ... and the earlier ones are just normal psytrance

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On Extatic Dance I play all psychedelic genres mixed. Tribal, ambient, psy-dub, goa-trance and normal trance :)

On "real" goa events I often mix an Acid trance in between here and there, and during the morning, some regular trance as well :) I love it, dont limit yourself!

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On 6/13/2021 at 6:26 PM, Imba said:

Don't forget this megahit from my country!


LOL I totally forgot about him :lol:

He reminded me of Omar Suleyman ... because it's kind of the same formula, "mixing traditionally rooted elements and traditional singing with this electronics synth stuff":

... and because I find him equally hilarious :lol:

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